A Scar Gel Can Reduce Your Scarring

Severe scarring of the skin is a problem that humans have faced since the beginning of time. From being savaged by wild beasts to fighting off an attacking enemy in battle, humans have had to fight for their lives throughout history and we all have the scars to prove it. My grandfather, for instance, proudly displays his wounds on his forearm he took from an exploding German artillery shell in World War II. However, scars can be a source of embarrassment and shame or a daily reminder of painful experiences that can haunt us. Fortunately, the invention of scar gel has made it possible for many people to lead normal lives and be able to interact in public without fear of embarrassment or shame. No matter what the source of your scarring is, rest assured that there are treatment options available to you.

One of the most commonly experienced scars in teenagers, for instance, stems from the experience of severe acne and the scarring that sometimes accompanies it. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to see a young teenager’s face covered in red, painful pimples and blisters. Not only are the teenage years difficult under the best of circumstances, throw unsightly acne into the mix and you will typically see a depressed, shy young person with few friends or social opportunities. In a school environment where children are increasingly cruel to one another, this can cause severe impacts on a child’s life and can, in extreme cases, lead to suicide. However, most young adults eventually grow out of this phase and can have normal, healthy skin but, for a few, the scars caused by severe acne persist throughout their lives.

Fortunately, today there is no shortage of products on the market to assist with the treatment of unsightly scars no matter what caused them. From topical solutions, to steroid injections and herbal remedies, there are literally a hundred techniques to try. The downside to the huge array of products on the market is that it may be difficult to wade through the hype and find one that will deliver the results it promises. One such treatment that is achieving rave reviews online, especially for the treatment of acne scars or any other scarring specifically on the face is known as scar gel.

New Treatment Option – Scar Gel

Overall, your skin is made up of three distinct layers the deepest of which is known as the dermis. When the dermis is penetrated by a deep wound from an injury, it creates a scar which binds the sides of the wound together to aid in the healing process. Unfortunately, this natural process can sometimes leave marks which may fade over time but will never go away.

Throughout the past decade, many treatments have emerged to assist with lightening or reducing the size and appearance of scars. One of most effective initial treatments was known as silicone sheeting. This sheeting was sold in strips which were applied directly to the scar via an adhesive backing and left in place for a long duration to promote the regeneration of the skin tissue underneath. One of the major drawbacks to using this type of therapy was the fact that it was largely impractical for facial scars. Who would want to wear a large strip of silicone on their facial scars in public, after all? Scars draw enough attention by themselves without highlighting them for the world to see. Fortunately, this treatment evolved into a more practical form.

The next step in the evolution of this treatment came in the form of the development of scar gel. This gel functions in a very similar fashion to the sheeting method described above but, instead, contains a liquid-like silicone based substance that can be directly applied onto the affected skin. This allows the gel to be applied to the face conveniently and without drawing undue attention to the treatment method. Most gels currently sold on the market today dry quickly and provide a water-tight seal which promotes the moistening of the scar tissue underneath to aid in healing. Another added benefit is that it can be worn by children who are experiencing symptoms of acne and, in many cases, will help prevent the appearance of scarring later in life. Lastly, these gels wash off easily in a bath or shower and can be reapplied throughout the day.

It is important to note though that use of these gels can be dangerous or hazardous to your health in certain circumstances. Never attempt to use these gels on an open wound or cut. Doing so will severely increase your risk for developing an infection which may require medical attention. The best advice I can give is, if in doubt, consult with a physician or licensed medical professional before using any of the products used to treat scars.

Get Started Today with Scar Gel

Today, these gels are widely distributed by a variety of pharmaceutical companies and are usually available over the counter without a prescription both online and in most major drug stores. With so many different gels on the market it can be extremely difficult determining which one to trust and which one is worth your money. I’d recommend consulting online forums for scarring support groups or reading objective product reviews for some of the leading gel brands. As a last resort, visit your dermatologist who may be able to provide you with some recommendations for products that they believe are effective and worth you investment in time and money.

Overall though, most consumers would agree that using scar gel can help promote the healthy texture and color of skin affected by scarring. With a minimal investment in terms of time and money spent, I recommend you do the research, find a product you trust and get started today. If you are experiencing painful scarring or are afraid to go out in public, do yourself a favor and try this new treatment option.

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