Acne Scar Treatments Can Help Your Confidence


Acne is a condition that affects not only teens, but many adults as well, creating a need for acne scar treatments. While the condition is traditionally associated with adolescents, many more mature people find themselves having to cope with the sometimes-disfiguring skin condition. It can be an embarrassing affliction that can have serious repercussions on ones self-confidence. Acne scar treatments are not limited to the face, since acne scars can be found on the shoulders, back and sometimes chest.

Perhaps even more difficult to deal with than acne are the scars that the skin condition can leave behind. While some people manage to get rid of the condition with very little evidence, others may have markings that are more or less permanent. These marks can range from bumps and pockmarks to long strips of acne scars. Fortunately, there are several acne scar treatments available that can reduce the impact and get rid of scars that are the result of acne.

What Causes Acne? 

There are many old wives’ tales about what causes acne (including eating too much pizza and chocolate or consuming too much cola) and how to get rid of scars that are the result of acne. Doctors, however, say there are several other factors that play a bigger role in development and treatment of acne than what a person eats. Many of these causes are created by the body itself, rather than created by external sources.

Increased production of sebum oil by the body (most commonly found in adolescent males)

Pressure on certain areas of the face or body, such as football helmet chinstraps, tight

Collars or even suspenders

Certain types of medication

Exposure to industrial products

Make-up and other cosmetic products

There are both natural and man-made causes of acne, some of which are not entirely preventable, prompting the need for various types of scar treatments. After determining which of these the sources of the scars are, the scars treatment of acne can begin.

How Do Doctors Address Acne Scar Treatments?

In the most severe cases, a physicians’ help may be needed to provide scar treatments to help remove scars that are caused by acne. Over-the-counter medications may not be strong enough to reduce the severity of persistent cases of acne and in a few instances may make the situation worse. The physician will take steps to determine the cause of the acne and then prescribe one of several chemical scar treatments.

Orally-taken medication such as tetracycline or amoxicillin

External medications such as azelaic acid or other antibiotics/antibacterials

Retinoids such as Retin-A

Cortisone injections

Modern doctors are prescribing many other new medications with some encouraging results in the area of scar treatments. A physician will most likely gauge your skin’s reaction to the medication before prescribing it as a cure for your acne problem. The cause of your acne will determine the treatment method that works best for you.

What Home Acne Scar Treatments Are Available?

The key to at-home treatment of scars is reducing the amount of oil that accumulates on the skin, keeping your skin’s pores clear and lowering the amount of bacteria that exists on the skin. In some cases, the solution may be as simple as using soap and water to clean the pores on a regular basis. Some soap, however, may not be effective or too harsh for use more than once a day. For those situations, there are some basic steps one can take to accomplish these tasks.

Use a mild cleanser or soap at least twice a day to cleans the pores of bacteria and oil

Use an exfoliant that can help remove dead skin and open up the pores

Use an antibacterial cleanser such as benzoyl peroxide to kill the acne-causing bacteria

Use an astringent to wipe away excess oil

Keeping the skin clean and the pores open are two of the major steps a person can take to reduce the extent of their bacteria. Many over-the-counter products exist, such as scar gel, which are specifically designed to treat some of the milder cases of acne. In some cases, a doctor may simply prescribe increasing the number of times a person washes their face per day.

Acne doesn’t have to limit your enjoyment of life. By understanding the causes of acne, you can begin to apply acne and acne scar treatments that can help reduce or greatly eliminate the extent of the condition.


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