Acne Scars Treatments

Acne scars can be very difficult to remove and hide. This is because once you have the marks on your face; you just cannot get rid of them entirely. However, by using some things you can lighten the marks. Acne scars treatments are of different types. Some of these treatments are rather expensive and need to be repeatedly put to use so as to obtain the results.

We will discuss here some of the best and popular acne scars treatments that are available.

Chemical Peels

This treatment is also referred to as acid peels. It usually includes the use of salicylic glycolic, or lactic acid for a special treatment of the skin to remove acne scars. Superficial layer of the skin surface is removed. Superficial peeling is a painless treatment when performed correctly. In normal cases, anesthesia is required for undertaking the process.

Effective peeling treatments via a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgery clinic come under two types. Shedding of the outer skin layer and clearing trapped dirt and sebum is what Salicylic Peels do. This peel is very good for unblocking clogged pores and works best if your skin is very oily. This type of peel leaves a little redness for a day or two, and then it may be necessary to stay within your home for a day or two. Glycolic peels generally treat acne scarring as well as fine lines and wrinkles of aging on the skin. These peels are available at a fair price around beauty clinics. They have a soothing effect and eradicate excess oil to leave the skin soft and smooth.
This procedure takes several weeks or months and the peeling process is performed several times. It is even more useful for treating active acne. The majority of cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend this treatment.

Derma Fillers

Severe acne scars on the face of people who are suffering with this condition can be treated with the help of Derma fillers. Fillers not only straighten out wrinkles and other skin depressions but are also available for acne removal. Fillers can be either made from natural materials or man-made fillers. These standards are available in different substances based on the intensity of use. To remove acne scars derma fillers involve a procedure which is very fast and takes 30 minutes or less to bring about the healing process. This treatment has minimal side effects and is painless. Derma fillers are available with several trade names.

Various other treatments are used to eliminate acne scars. Some of these treatments include the following.

Subcision – In this treatment, deep tissue scars are detached. Connective tissues are formed due to pooling of blood which brings the scar in level to the actual skin surface.

Punch Excision – In this treatment, a punch tool is used to excise marks and stains which are then sutured together.

Laser treatment

Another popular treatment for acne scar removal is the laser treatment. The laser works by removing the top layer of the skin by burning it. Removal of acne scars with laser resurfacing treatment is the most recommended

Laser treatment is among very effective acne scars treatments and helps greatly in reducing acne scarring, although a brand new laser treatment called pixels is what works even better. Pixel laser results start to show from the very first session. Scar become less visible i.e. 40 – 50% less after the first treatment is undertaken. You can radically reduce excessive pigmentation. Each time the laser is used you will find a notable difference and this is what you are paying for.


The best treatment for acne across expert beauty salons is Microdermabrasion. Home kits of this process are also available for purchase, but the results are not that good. Microdermabrasion is a simple and painless procedure where the crystal face blasted onto and then vacuumed away using special tools. Equipment used in the treatment is flexible so that the technician can pay proper attention to the scarred areas. This tailor made application gives excellent results and causes acne to fade after a course of 6-8 sessions. Microdermabrasion can reduce scarring by upto 70%. Microdermabrasion is among acne scars treatments that are suitable for all kinds of adult skin.


Physician can prescribe retinoid creams which come in various varieties. You will need to lower their dose or increase them as per the affected area. These creams are widely used, but may have side effects which include flaking, reddening and peeling of skin. So you should check everything carefully.

It is always vital to keep skin clean and to prevent further outbreaks. Natural mouth washes comprising of tea tree oil can keep your skin clean and free from bacteria. These mouthwashes can also be used to treat acne breakouts.

Some of the best and natural acne scars treatments

Egg white: next time you boil an egg, leave out the egg white. You can use the egg white as a face mask to remove acne scars and treat pimples in a perfect manner.

Wheat Germ: This is a sweet natural food nutrient which is needed to nourish the skin. Acne and acne scars can be treated with this to restore the skin back to its normal state.

Baking soda: You can exfoliate scarred tissues of the skin with baking soda.

Lime- lemon juice has acidic elements which exfoliate the skin hence removing scars. Healthy skin tissues can grow in the place of exfoliated skin.

Treatment of acne scars sometimes require a dermatologist.

Consulting with your doctor is very essential. In addition, this takes a few months for an optimal development of the skin. Medical or cosmetic experts can be contacted for more details on the best acne scar removal methods.
Final Words

Once you have a condition that requires acne treatment, your skin will need a routine skincare regimen. The right scar treatment will really boost your confidence levels and will induce a new zest to your life. These acne scars treatments can be tried and tested by you for better skin which brings out the confident new you.