Best And Inexpensive Acne Scar Treatment Remedies For Dark Skin


facial-acneDark skin tends to amplify scars and acne rashes, making them visible from afar. This condition may be a stressing factor for many people, especially if you have tried many remedies to clear the same with no good result.

Handling a scar or acne blemish from your skin, especially your face may be a delicate procedure, but with the right ingredients, this condition can be dealt with for good. O

nly specific creams and hand lotions can help you with this, meaning you need to be very careful with whatever product you decide to use.

There are two ways you can use to treat acne scars from a dark skin. You can choose to use Lasik surgery to take care of these acne bumps and scars, or use beauty creams capable of handling as much. Laser surgery for dark skin gives almost instant results, but is an expensive way to deal with these for many people.

This is the reason why we recommend the use of highly effective creams specially made to cure spots, scars, acne and other skin conditions. Discussed below are the main ingredients that will make these skin blemishes fade away for good.

1. Retinol: This is a compound found in vitamin A that helps in healing injured skin cells, as well as inducing cell reproduction. Vitamin A can be found in animal meat and in fish meal too. Its extract is used in facial creams to deal with skin conditions and infections too.

Retinol helps clear out these toxic materials from the cells facilitating faster healing. The compound also helps even out ones skin, thus making scars left by the same invisible.

scar reducing creams2. Antioxidants: Most acne conditions are caused by toxic materials under the skin, which tend to kill cells. Antioxidants fight these toxins and free radical from skin cells which flushes them out leaving the cells healthy.
It takes a matter of time before you can start noticing results on your skin. These antioxidants are extracted from fruits and green tea.

3. Niacin: Niacin is an acid that helps maintain well hydrated skin cells. The acid also helps make the skin hydrated, which helps in exfoliation of dead skin on injured epidermis cells.

This Acid is catalyzed by coenzyme Q10 to work faster thus making skin cells turgid and elastic. Elasticity in skin cells helps drive away acne wounds and scars on the skin.

4. Peptides: Peptides are highly needed by the body for skin cells’ well-being. Presence of peptides promotes cell regrowth especially on injured skin tissues. Peptides are mostly amino acids that give these cells the power to reproduce for a healthier skin, making one have an even smooth youthful face.

5. Collagen: Collagen is a hormone used to induce cell growth and healing of wounds on the skin. This can be done artificially through collagen induction. Collagen is an active ingredient in many beauty products to enhance skin cell growth which helps keep the cells turgid and elastic.
Collagen can penetrate the skin easily through pores to induce a healing process hence the reason why it is effective when used in lotions and creams.

6. AHas: These are useful acids (Also known as Hydroxy acids) used by dermatologist for dead skin exfoliation. These hydroxyl acids facilitate easy removal of dead skin from scars and acne wounds, and this facilitates skin permeability effective for other ingredients.
It is after the dead skin has been exfoliated that new skin cells grow to cover the wound, thus aiding in faster acne healing process.

Rejuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream7. Moisturizers and Sunscreen: Most of the skin infections today are caused by harmful UV sunrays that penetrate the skin through the melanin.

Although dark skinned persons have a higher melanin intensity, sunscreen is needed to protect healing cells from the direct sunlight.

Skin cells within a scar are mostly dry, and the only way to get rid of the dead skin is by hydrating it. Hydrants such as olive oil and glycerin are effective enough on dead and dry skin.

As long as these 7 ingredients are present in the beauty cream you use, you can be assured of a youthful skin, free from acne scars after some time.

It is however advisable that you apply this cream early in the morning, and in the evening when you retire to bed. This will make it possible for the ingredients to work on the scars and acne, making it possible for them to heal and disappear faster.


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