Best Mole Removal Methods Without Scarring


moleMost everyone has at least a mole or two. There are different sizes, shapes and colors of moles, and they can be in any location on the body.

You hear horror stories of cancerous moles, and many people just want them to be removed for appearance purposes.

However, when you remove a mole, there is a chance of scar tissue developing. You can get around this chance by examining the different ways that moles can be removed. Also realize that the type of mole has everything to do with this as well.

For example, did you know that when epidermal moles are removed, there is generally no scar? Furthermore, surely you’ve heard of moles being removed by laser right? Well, there is one thing you need to understand before you ever consider this option.

Mole removal without scarring is an art. The moles generally are excised or shaved off, and this way they can be tested. You want the mole tested to ensure it’s benign and not cancerous right? Laser mole removal complicates this process in more ways than one.

If you talk tsurgery o a, he or she is going to tell you that there is actually always a chance of a scar. It will largely depend on circumstances surrounding the mole removal.

For example, were they able to close up the wound? Did any complications arise, such as an infection or any thickened scarring?

Whether you get a scar or not also depends on where on your body the mole is located, as well as how you treat the wound post-surgery. The first step to take considering all the factors is to locate a surgeon you know you can trust. The surgeon you choose will effectively remove the mole as if it were an art form, close the wound, test the mole and have you on your way out the door with proper instructions.

Now, time for some good news. There is a scarless technique that can be used when it comes to certain types of moles. There is a shaving technique that has been modified so that it is almost impossible if not completely impossible to even know there was a mole there in the first place.

surgeonYou can opt for scapel sculpting for certain moles, which means there is no cutting into the skin to eliminate the mole. This procedure only takes but a few minutes and you’re on your way.

If you have people tell you horror stories about scars from past procedures understand something else as well. Mole removal technology is advancing. Surgeons used to always cut a mole out by going down past the epidermis and taking out the root of the mole.

Nowadays, you have many different techniques to choose from. Plus, with the new techniques, you are right back to work or whatever you were doing. And, healing comes quickly, and you will see new skin grow over the wound. This means that skin color and tone will be evenly matched.

scarThis is especially important when it comes to the removal of certain moles, such as those on the face.

You don’t want unsightly blemishes and scars after one of these surgical procedures, or you’re stuck with the same problem you had before, only different in nature, perhaps even worse.

It is always best to have a mole removed without some type of destructive procedure. In other words, you don’t want to have it burned off, cauterized, removed with acids or anything of that nature. Opt with a procedure that can help get rid of the mole without compromising the appearance of your skin.


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