Best Natural Ingredients In Scar Removal Creams For Dark Skin


scarringScars and other spots on the skin can be a major concern to many people. These scars may have been as a result of an injury, accident, skin infections and acne. Although you may have undergone a successful treatment on these infections or skin afflictions, memories are still recorded on the body in the form of scars.

It takes years, or even a lifetime for a scar to fade away, hence the reason why scars are a major concern to many people. Scars can be glaring or faded depending on one’s skin tone. Scars on persons with a lighter skin tones are more visible than those with an African American, or dark skin.

Having a scar on your body does not necessarily mean you have to live with it for the rest of your life. There are several proven ways that can be used to clear these scars, thus make it possible for you to have an even toned skin again. There are natural, physiological and surgical ways of dealing with scars and other dark spots left on the skin as discussed below.

To take care of these stars and remove them completely, creams have proven to be most effective. The following are some of the ingredients you ought to look out for when buying creams for scar removal.

1. Vitamin E:

brown_eye_girl_applying_lotion_in_handVitamin E is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetic beauty products and anti-aging products. Vitamin E aids in faster healing of the skin, and also aids to skin Re-growth where there was an injury. Creams with Vitamin E as part of the main ingredients to help remove Scars are highly effective in persons with dark skin.

The reason why Vitamin E is effective for scar removal in dark skinned persons is because it has a moisturizing effect, and acts as an anti-oxidant too. Damaged skin due to accidents or infections tends to get darker due to toxins within the cells. Vitamin E however flushes these toxins and harmful chemicals from the skin cells, thus paving way for new skin growth.

2. Cocoa Butter formula

Cocoa butter is an active natural ingredient in creams used to fight aging and in removal of fresh scars. Cocoa butter is effective because it has a nourishing effect, which is absorbed directly into the skin cells, providing the cells with nutrition for growth and multiplication. Scars tend to have a dry skin, which repels water or any form of moisture. Cocoa butter cream however rests and permeates through the scar, into living cells, that start growing and gradually replace the dry and dark skin cells.

3. Aloe Vera Supplements

Aloe Vera can be used to treat various ailments. Did you know that the Aloe Vera juice alone can help heal acne as well as remove scars from accidents and acne? The medicinal effect in Aloe Vera makes it a great ingredient in creams used to fight scars and acne.

aloe veraSome companies even make these creams with greater volumes of Aloe Vera to aid faster scar healing, thus evening out the skin tone. The other benefit of having Aloe Vera as an ingredient to fight scars in black skin is its moisturizing effect. The thick juice rests comfortably on the scars, making them tender, and eventually eroding the dead skin away, hence paving way for a clear skin.

4. Olive Oil

Olive Oil has many benefits both in and out of the body. Olive oil helps make the skin look younger, and full of live due to its richness in vitamins K and E. These vitamins make the skin soft to the touch. The oil slackens the scar tissues, thus causing them to become loose. Applying a cream with Olive oil for some time also creates a mild acidity on the scar, which exfoliates the dead skin, thus making the scar or dark spot to disappear with time.

5. Collagen and Peptides

Peptides are protein chemical compounds that stimulate skin cell growth. Collagen on the other hand is a compound that catalyzes peptide production on the skin, thus aiding new skin growth from time to time. These compounds come in handy where the skin has been broken due to an accident or under an infection attack.

zenmed skin eraserIt is through collagen production that the skin can heal faster, and new skin cells produced to replace the already damaged ones. Although collagen may be produced naturally inside the body, this declines with age. This means aging persons have low to zero levels of collagen production as compared to youngsters. Using creams with Collagen and peptides however rejuvenates the skin’s growth and repair mechanism, thus aiding to scar removal permanently.

A lot of research has been conducted on the above named ingredients to ascertain their effectiveness on a dark skin. One overwhelming fact about this is that, these ingredients do not react with most people, and are safe and approved by foods and poisons boards across the world. This however does not mean they are the only ingredients used in scar removal creams. Individual company may choose to use other ingredients such as silicone dressing among others to aid scar removal.

If you have been battling with scars for a long time, you can then find scar removal creams with these ingredients and many more to heal the blemish. You however need to be very careful with whatever cream you use, just to be sure they do not react with your skin and create more problems instead of healing you.


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