What Is The Best Scar Cream For Acne Scars Available Today


acne treatmentAcne is a condition that millions of people are afflicted by as a result of lifestyle, diet, or genetics.

It does not actually have a particular causative factor, and for that reason, many different treatment options are available in order to help people get relief from this condition.

One of the side effects to having acne is that acne scars may develop. People that are unable to keep their face clear, and end up popping zits on their face, and up with situations where scarring can be long-term, or even permanent.

It depends how deep the scarring is, and the type of scarring that has occurred, in regard to the treatment options that are available. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of acne scars that there are, and what the best acne scar cream is that is currently available.

Why People Get Acne Scars

cystic acneWhen a person develops scars as a result of having acne, it’s often because of picking at, or popping, then many pimples that will show up on their face. Even worse, if people have cystic acne, which is an infection caused by P.

Acnes deep in the skin, they can actually rupture cellular walls, causing the infection to spread throughout their face, creating an almost epidemic situation.

The only way to stop this type of acne breakout is to use antibiotics that can control the spread of the bacteria. Even then, it takes weeks, even months, for a person to heal as a result of having a very bad case of acne.

Once a person becomes so frustrated, and begins to push on the lesions, trying to get them to pop, this is where damage to the skin is going to occur and these scars can manifest in a number of different ways.

Different Types Of Acne Scars That People Get

keloid scarsAlthough you may believe that there are not really that many different types of acne scars, there are quite a few that you may have on your face right now.

They come in different sizes, shapes and even colors, each with their own unique features and characteristics.

The differences really come down to whether or not they are simply discolorations, keloid scars which are raised up, or pitted scars which go into the skin itself.

The treatment option for each of the different types of scars is going to vary depending upon how many you have, and the severity. For pitted or depressed acne scars, rolling scars, boxcar scars, and I spake scars are the most common. These will have sloping or defined edges, going into the skin itself, which means that only dermabrasion or some type of surgical treatment can suture the holes back together.

hypertrophic scarHypertrophic or keloid scars are going to be raised about the skin, and you can sometimes use dermabrasion to remove the.

Laser treatments can also be effective, burning off the upper layer of skin, allowing it to grow back more normally.

For those that are only trying to fix hyperpigmentation, dark blotches on the skin which can result from having acne in the past, the same treatment or solution can be used which is utilized by those that are trying to get rid of scars that are dark due to excessive pigmentation.

Acne Cream Scars That Work

The key to making these scars diminished in appearance is to reduce the amount of melanin that is produced in these areas where the scars of forms. By removing that which causes pigmentation, a.k.a. melanin, by forcing the melanocytes to go into a lower production mode, it is possible to lighten up the scars that you have right now.

acne scarsAn excellent choice for those that have both acne scars, or scars that have been formed as a result of injuries that you have sustained over time.

Is to use either tretinoin or hydroquinone, both of which can effectively stop the production of melanin where it is applied on the skin.

This is a treatment option also use by those that have vitiligo, attempting to blend the darker skinned with the lighter skinned that has now appeared in blotches on their hands, arms or even face.

These two creams can effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars that are the result of extra pigmentation, but cannot help people with keloid scars or pitted scars, both of which will require something other than a treatment for pigmentation.

laser treatmentsNow that you have a better idea of what is available in order to treat the different scars that you have as a result of having acne at some point in time.

You can feel confident that you will be able to have your dark scars caused by acne breakouts in the past be less visible once you have used these proven topical creams.

If you have other scars, you will have to seek dermatological help in regard to treatments such as laser treatments and dermabrasion. Either way, there is always some way to deal with acne scars that have developed, helping you to have more confidence when going out in public.


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