Best Scar Treatment Before and After


best scar treatmentMany people are unsure of what to expect with the best scar treatment. However, with proper research and a trip to the doctor, you can be well prepared for what is to come. It is important to know what to do before, during and after treatment.

Essentially, the more information you have before undergoing the best scar treatment, the more likely it will become that you will achieve the results you are after. This information can be gleaned from your doctor, independent websites, product websites, and review websites. Doing your research is an important first step in the before stages of scar treatment.

Wound Care Before Treatment

Before you ever undergo the best scar treatment, you will want to make sure that you take care of the wound properly. You do not want to undergo any treatment for the scar before the wound is completely healed. However, how you care for the wound during the healing process will make a big difference in the extensiveness of the initial scarring. The less scarring you have initially, the easier it will be to treat the scar and end up with a barely visible result.

While the wound is healing, you should be making sure to keep it clean and dry. This will reduce the risk of infection, which can cause more extensive scarring and longer healing times. You should also protect the wound from the sun and the elements whenever you venture outside, even for a short time. While it is important for most wounds to have air flow for proper healing, you can cover the wound for short periods of time while outside to reduce the risk of extensive scarring.

Choosing the Best Scar Treatment

The best place to begin looking for the best scar treatment is at your doctor’s office. Your doctor can give recommendations as to the best treatment for your type of scar. He or she can also give you valuable advice on how to use these treatments for the best results.

Of course, you can always research your own treatments online as well. There are dozens of treatments to choose from, all using different active ingredients to achieve the end goal. Because the treatments are all so very different, it can be difficult to compare them. However, you can be certain that the best scar treatment will use clinically proven ingredients, be cost effective, and provide consistent results.

One of the ways you can compare products and find the best scar cream is to check out reviews sites. It is important to check out sites that review more than one product so that you can be certain you are getting unbiased, genuine reviews. Scar cream reviews can give you a lot of information, such as what to expect during treatment, the typical duration of treatment, and the typical results achieved with the product. Using this information you can determine the best product for you. However, it is always best to check with your doctor to make sure your choice is a good one.

During Treatment

Scar healing is an arduous and long process, but you can speed things up and achieve better results if you go along with the following advice.

  • Use the product as directed
  •  Use the product frequently, at least once per day as directed
  •  When not using the product, keep the area clean and moisturized
  •  When not using the product and going outside apply sun block to the area
  •  If using a cream or gel rather than strips, protect the area with a bandage while outside

Most importantly, you have to use the product as it was intended to be used if you expect to get the results you desire the most. You also have to use precautionary measures while you are using the product to ensure that you are doing everything you can to minimize the scarring.

For example, if you are using the product as directed but not protecting the area from the sun, you may not see results because at the same time that you are treating the scar you are doing it a disservice.

It is also important to remember during treatment you must have extreme patience. They say that patience is a virtue, but that cliché is so true when it comes to scar treatment. Treatment may go on for weeks or months before it is complete and you begin to see results.

Typical Results of the Best Scar Treatment

Regardless of the scar remover you choose, there are typical results that occur. The best scar treatment will relieve any symptoms you may be having such as itching or sensitivity. In keloid scars some pain may even be present even though the wound is healed. All of these symptoms should vanish fairly early on in the treatment process.

Next, you will notice a difference in the color of the scar. While it may have been red or pink before, it will lighten and become more the color of the skin around it. If you treat the scar with sun block, it will not become lighter than the skin around the scar. As the color begins to change, the scar will be less noticeable.

Finally, after weeks or months of use, you will notice that the skin around the scar is becoming more elastic, and is shrinking around the scar making it effectively smaller. The scar will always be there, but it will not be as noticeable as it was before the treatment.

The earlier you start treatment the better your results will be. However, results will vary depending on the type of scar and how extensive the scarring is before treatment. If you are battling keloid scars, you could still have a quite visible scar when treatment is over, although the scar will no longer be raised and will not provide the painful symptoms that go with them. If the scar is very large, such as a knee replacement scar, the visibility may only be slightly reduced. Burn scars are the hardest to treat, but can also be reduced with the best scar treatment.


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