Best Scar Treatment for Breast Augmentation: What is Best for You?


 breast augmentationBreast augmentation is the leading cosmetic surgical procedure in the U.S. In fact, around 300,000 women undergo the procedure in the hope of enhancing their physical appearance.

The procedure is one of the best ways to correct uneven breasts. The procedure involves surgically placing breast implants in the skin of a woman’s breast to make it bigger and look fuller.

After enduring the discomfort and pain of breast augmentation procedure, the last thing that you need to deal with are scars. Healing will take a few weeks and it will surely leave a scar.

However, there is nothing to worry about since best scar treatment breast augmentation is available. You can go for surgical method, creams, gels, or the natural ones. However, make sure to choose the right one for you, and follow it religiously for faster healing of your scars.

What is The Best Scar Treatment Breast Augmentation to Take?

scar creamScar treatments for your breast augmentation surgery come in different methods. You can opt to use gels, creams or even a natural method.

However, make sure to talk to your surgeon first before choosing any method. They are the right person to tell you what is best for you. This is because some methods may work for others, but may not be effective for you.

Many surgeons recommend silicon sheets for scar treatment for breast augmentation. They come in different sizes and shapes. It helps heal the scars around your breasts effectively. It also prevents the development of keloids and hypertrophic scars. Medical professionals and patients are in favor of this method, as it is effective in fading the scars.

Silicone gel is also one of the treatments for reducing scars from breast augmentation surgery. Applying it is similar to applying a nail polish. This kind of treatment will dry itself. Application of this treatment will be one or two times a day. Silicone gel is effective in improving the appearance of your scars.

scar guardHowever, there are many products available in the market when it comes to silicone gels. This is the reason why it is important to be careful with your choice.

Some products may not be as effective as the leading silicone gel products, such as ScarGuard and Kelocote.

These leading brands are excellent in healing scars caused by breast augmentation surgery, as well as other surgical procedures.

Thus, it would be better to read product reviews available over the web first to assure you are purchasing the effective product. Another treatment for breast augmentation scars is by using cortisone creams.

Creams with cortisone are best in healing scars. Cortisone helps in softening your scar, which will then make it smaller. Just remember to avoid applying the creams when the wounds are still fresh. Allow it to heal first before you start applying the medication.

Incorporating vitamin E in your diet is also a good move. Vitamin E is effective in healing the scars after your surgery. However, make sure to talk to your doctor first before taking any supplement. He will be able to instruct you about the right dosage you will need. If these treatments will not work on you, opting for another surgery will be your next option.

vegetablesThe surgery will involve removing the implant. Replacement of the implant will follow the removal of scar tissue from the breast.

This treatment is suggested if you are experiencing severe scarring. However, there are also natural ways for scar treatment available.

These methods are best in promoting the healing of your wounds and scar faster. Proper diet is also important. Make sure to eat vegetables and foods rich in antioxidants. These foods will help for a quicker recovery of your wound. You should also consider supplementing your diet with Vitamin C.

Another thing you need to remember is to avoid overexposure to the sun. This can cause redness and inflammation to your scar. You should also start wearing well-fitted bra. Doing so will accelerate the healing process of your wounds. Bras that are tight fitting will cause your scar to become red and can cause swelling.

Giving your breasts a massage after 14 days of the surgery is also ideal. Massage your breasts in a circular pattern using moisturizers or creams that contain aloe vera or vitamin e. You can do this two times a day. However, you need to ensure you are doing it gently. Continue doing it from 6 to 12 weeks to make the scar smooth.

surgery After removal of stitches in your surgery, performing exercises becomes more possible. However, make sure that these exercises are low impact. Walking and hiking will do.

Keep in mind to avoid carrying heavy objects. As much as possible, do not raise your arms. Wait for the go ahead signal from your surgeon before doing anything strenuous.

These are just some of the treatments for your scars from breast augmentation surgery. However, make sure to talk to your surgeon first. He can guide you properly as to the best scar treatment breast augmentation that will work best for you.


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