Best Scar Treatment For Our Veterans

As the United States draws ever closer to ending a dark chapter of conflict in the Middle East, many brave men and women who served honorably in our armed forces are left to deal with scars from the conflict, both mental and physical. These young men and women who entered the military to serve overseas in harm’s way often return home with painful wounds which leave their bodies scarred. Fortunately, with many scar treatments on the market today, there is hope to give them their lives back. With so many choices to choose from, which is the best scar treatment optionon the market today?

Working with disabled veterans has been an extremely rewarding experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, seeing these young people return home mentally exhausted and broken takes an emotional toll on those of us who spend our days helping them. It often surprises me how few Americans realize we are still engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan. As of today, we still have nearly 100,000 US military personnel serving in harm’s way across the globe.

When these veterans return home and try to start what to you or I would constitute a normal life, they are faced with an uphill battle on multiple fronts. One of the most visually noticeable struggles they go through is dealing with their physical wounds. I cannot begin to tell you the number of young men and women I see on a daily basis that have significant scars across their arms and legs, chest, neck, and face from enemy attacks and improvised explosive device attacks they experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only do the visible scars cause them significant embarrassment, they can actually be a hindrance to landing a good job in today’s highly competitive job market. When a prospective employer sees scars across an applicant’s face or neck, they often assume that the individual has been involved in some sort of violent activity in the past or perhaps was a gang member. This will definitely impact their decision on hiring this individual and, quite often, leads to our veterans being passed over for jobs which they are otherwise highly qualified for.

To give these brave veterans the best chance of pursuing a normal life, I am always on the lookout for new products and methods for treating scars to help them reduce the appearance and severity of their scarring. Also, due to the fact that most veterans lack significant financial resources, I try to find methods for them to use common household items or inexpensive treatments.

Affordable Home Remedies – Best Scar Treatment

With just a basic online search for home remedies to help heal scarring, you are bombarded with thousands of anecdotal stories of concoctions which some people believe can help this process. Since I have known veterans who have tried almost every one of these, I am in the unique position to recommend some to you that actually have produced results in real people that I know. These home remedies run the full spectrum from foods, vitamins, herbs, lotions, and many others. Here are a few of the most popular products to promote the safe and affordable healing of unsightly scars.

The first category of treatments consists of things that you can probably find in your home today. Although most people don’t realize it, the foods we consume can have a huge effect on the appearance of our skin and our body’s ability to heal and regenerate. In addition to eating a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables, some of the following foods, when applied directly to scars, can help lighten them or otherwise shrink them. These include lemon juice, cucumbers, onions, and olive oil. In addition to these, a veteran I know routinely used ice to lighten his scars.

In addition to foods, many people have used vitamins to aid in the healing of scar tissue on their bodies. The most popular vitamins to promote the healing of scars are vitamin C and vitamin E. Vitamin C, specifically, has been used throughout the world for centuries to promote skin rejuvenation and lightening. Vitamin E is another popular choice for skin repair and many people take it as a supplement to promote healthy hair and nail growth. Both of these vitamins can be found cheaply at a local supermarket or health food store.

Currently, there is a body of research that suggests that herbal supplements can be an effective treatment for scarring as well. When choosing herbal extracts for this use, it is important to buy high quality products that are free of harmful pesticides. Some of the most popular herbs on the market today for this use include lavender oil, tea tree oil, and Aloe Vera extract. Just like the vitamins listed above, these herbal extracts are known throughout the world to promote healthy skin growth and can be found at a very affordable price in most local health food stores.

The last category I want to cover here is lotion. Many lotions which contain vitamin E or collagen are well worth the small investment for use as an anti-scarring treatment. Frequent use of these moisturizers has shown amazing results for treating a number of skin conditions. As with all of the treatments above, you must be consistent and use them frequently in order to see any positive results.

Get Your Life Back on Track – Best Scar Treatment

As you can see, there are a number of common products which are easily acquired to help you treat scarring. Do yourself a favor and get your life back on track and improve your appearance and your chance of leading a normal life by using this best scar treatment option on the market today. These home remedies are not just suitable for the veterans I work with but can be used by anyone who is seeking a cheap, safe, and easy way to reduce the appearance of their scars.

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