Best Scar Treatment For Tummy Tuck You Should Follow


tummy tuckThere are many individuals who are ready to take the tummy tuck procedure also known as abdominoplasty. This process is usually for aesthetic purposes.

The most common reason to take this procedure is typically to improve overall body shape by eliminating excess fat on the stomach.

The shortcoming of this procedure which is the reason most people get reluctant to take the procedure is the scars that come after the procedure. With the right treatment though, the scar that forms after the operation can be managed such it will be in the end almost invisible.

Care for Wound

For best results, treatment of wound should start immediately after the operation. There are some things that can be done to the wound during this time that can assist much in its healing process. The biggest challenge with treating tummy tuck are the drains that are normally inserted in the wound to drain fluids forming inside.

Because of this, there are garments available that compress the wound. There are also tummy tuck scar creams available in the market. Some of the scar management products that can be of great help include:

Healing Creams


revitol scar removal creamThis is among the best tummy tuck creams. It is manufactured by the premier manufacturer- Revitol.

Proper use of Revitol can give results within as less as two months. By the fourth or fifth months, the scars should be all gone.

Some of the ingredients contained in Revitol are Hydroquinone, Retinol, Copper Peptide and Dimethylaminoethanol.

These are 100 percent natural and are known for their effectiveness in healing wounds. There are no adverse side effects brought by its use. This is because it does not contain any chemicals harsh to the skin.


Mederma CreamMerdema cream is also among the best options for healing tummy tuck scars. The price of Merdema is pretty low.

This cream contains ingredients that can help improve the healing process of your wound. It is less efficient though when compared to Revitol.

Medical Honey

Medical honey cannot fit to be known as a cream but its application is almost same. This is a FDA approved treatment method are known to have unique properties for healing wounds. Medical honey protects the wound from infections.

It creates an ideal environment for healing of wounds. Medical honey has been known to cure ‘untreatable’ wounds that are antibiotic-resistant. This can therefore be applied to tummy tuck wounds to assist in healing process.

Compression Garments

silicon tapeThere are special garments that are formulated to apply pressure in the wound.

This assists to take the tension off the wound thereby stimulating the process of healing. It is also best for reducing the inevitable bruises and swelling that comes as wounds are healing.

The pressure applied stimulates the flow of blood to affected area which is key to wound healing process. Some of the available compression garments include C-section belt, Silicon tape and sheets.

Medical Tape

An example is the Rejuveness medical tape. This tape is a hypoallergenic cloth that is designed to be used with the silicone sheeting. The Rejuveness medical tape is different from other tapes in that it is made with gentle adhesives that allow for easy removal and application. The Rejuveness tape can be worn when showering. It is engineered to last and does not cause any discomfort when worn.

Silicone Sheeting

silicone scar sheetSilicone scar sheeting is a type of treatment that reduces the formation of scars. It is made up of a sheet in which one side is lined with silicone gel and the other side lined with a smooth fabric.

Silicone sheeting is a clinically approved method for managing tummy tuck scars. A product example is the Rejuveness silicone sheeting which is has been proved to give best results for scar therapy in over 100 studies.

C-Section Belt

This is a soft belt that assists keep the silicone sheeting in place. It allows you to move comfortably while keeping your incision safe. C-Section Belt can be worn immediately after the surgery. C-Section Belts contain Velcro that ensures a tight grip.

While following these treatment programs, it is best that you be patient with the healing. Always use moisturizers to avoid scabbing of wound. You can use moisturizers such as Vaseline petroleum jelly. Finally, do not expose the scar to direct sunlight.


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