Choosing The Best Acne Scar Treatment Laser Available Today


Laser Acne Scar RemovalThere are many benefits to using modern technology when it comes to dealing with acne on your face. Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people, and there is no actual cure.

There are many things that you can do to make your acne better such as choosing to consume healthier foods, including a high fiber diet, and there are many medications as well.

You can use certain remedies such as salicylic acid to keep the dead skin cells to a minimum on your face, skin cells that can effectively block your pores causing acne to occur. However, once you have acne, and you have popped several zits, there is the possibility that you could have acne scarring.

When this occurs, you might be looking for a treatment that can actually help reduce or eliminate their appearance on your face, helping you to look better than ever. Let’s look at the best acne scar treatment laser available today, one that can most certainly help with your acne scarring.

Why Does Acne Occur?

acneIf you have acne, the reason that the pimples appear has to do with several different factors. First of all, your face, as well as most of your skin, have pores. These pores, also known as hair follicles, have hair growing out of them.

At the base of the root are the sebaceous glands which produce what is called sebum. Sebum is the oil on your face and skin that is naturally produced by the body.

It has a twofold purpose, one of which is to keep your skin youthful by moisturizing it, and the other is to push out dead skin cells that will appear in the hair follicle itself. Also inside of each pore are bacteria called P. acnes which, in most cases, do not cause problems related to acne.

However, if the pores on your skin become blocked due to excessive amounts of sebum production, and the overproduction of dead skin cells, this can mix together blocking your pores. Once the hair follicles are blocked, oxygen cannot get in, and the P. acnes bacteria will begin to thrive.

They will feed off of the sebum, growing in great numbers, leading to the zits, and also the cystic acne, that so many people have. In order to prevent this from happening, you have to use one of several acne treatment options that are available today.

How To Prevent Acne From Occurring

acneThere are three specific ways that you can prevent acne outbreaks which will lead to potentially developing scars.

The first is to have a regimen by which you keep the outside of your skin as clean as possible using mild cleansers and solutions to exfoliate your skin. By removing the excess oil and dead skin cells, the potential of blocking your pores diminishes rapidly.

However, if the products that you are using are too strong, it can actually put sebum production into overdrive, thus effectively making the problem worse. The second way to prevent acne is to have a great diet, one that is rich in fiber. The fiber will prevent excessive amounts of sugar from being dispersed into your bloodstream which will limit stress hormones from occurring.

Stress hormones can actually tighten the pores of your skin which can cause acne to occur. The third way to prevent acne is to avoid certain beverages such as sodas and drinks with lots of caffeine which can also increase stress hormones in the body.

Unfortunately, not all of us are going to wash our face with the appropriate products, or eat and drink consumables that are the best for our skin. As a result, we can develop acne scars from popping the zits that appear, which means, at some point, you may have to use certain treatments to have them removed.

Best Treatments For Acne Scars

acne scarsOne of the easiest ways to remove acne scars is to use something called dermabrasion. This will remove the upper layer of your skin where the scar resides, allowing it to grow back to a lighter color.

If you have ice pick or boxcar scars, ones that have left deep divots in your skin, you may have to use a surgical procedure to sew them together, or get injections which can increase collagen production, effectively pushing them up to proper levels.

In regard to keloid scars, scars that appear above the skin due to excessive collagen production, the best way to treat these is with a laser where the laser will burn off the keloid scarring, and once it heals, it will look much more level.

The best laser treatment for acne actually happens with what is called a fraxel laser. There are two settings, one that will repair, and one that will restore, your skin to a better appearance. Because it is aggressive, you will have to wait a week in between each treatment. This is a vast improvement over invasive lasers, such as CO2 lasers, that literally burned through the skin and could cause additional scarring.


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