Cream For Scars That Are Unsightly

When you want to reduce the appearance of scars, there are many different approaches you can take. You can go with surgery or other medical procedures; take oral steroids; or opt to use cream for scars in order to minimize the size and alter the coloring of the scarred tissue. Of course, surgical procedures are the most costly, and there is recovery time and possible side effects to consider.

A safe, cost-effective choice is to try a cream for scars that will have a noticeable difference. There are many creams available with prescriptions, as over-the-counter products, in beauty supply stores, and that you can make at home. Choose a cream for scars based on your skin type so that you can find a product that won’t irritate your skin or cause the scar to discolor any further. To start with, avoid products that use harsh chemicals or additives that you are unfamiliar with until you can find out how your skin will react. Any cream for scars that causes redness, swelling, or itchiness should be immediately washed off and discontinued.

Homemade cream for scars

The all-natural approach to just about any situation is always a popular approach. It’s hard to argue to tried and true resources, be it a method you found online or one that you overheard from a friend. Try out a homemade cream for scars for an easy way to get results. Homemade creams may take a little longer for desired effects to show, but it can be worth it to avoid abrasive chemicals and peels. If the creams don’t have the desired results, try an over-the-counter or store-bought solution.

Egg white homemade cream for scars: In a bowl, whip at least three egg whites until they are fluffy. Apply the egg whites to the scars and allow them to dry. Wait three to five minutes after the egg white have dried, then, gently wash the area with warm water. This cream can be used up to five times a week as it strengthens your pores, prevents breakouts, and lightens the color of scars.

Baking soda cream for scars: Baking soda can exfoliate the top layer of skin and remove some scar tissue without causing irritation to the surrounding areas. Mix the baking powder with just enough water to create a paste, then gently massage the paste onto the scar. Leave the paste on the scar for one minute, then wash the area with warm water. Baking soda paste can leave your skin dry, so it’s recommended to moisturize after you wash off the paste. Use a mild moisturizer that won’t cause irritation or clog pores (look for the word noncomedogenic). Olive oil can also be used as a moisturizer, and it is safe for sensitive skin.

Store-bought cream for scars 

Store shelves are stocked full of miracle treatments and cream for scars, or at least that’s what is touted on the boxes. In reality, the effectiveness of any solution or cream can be affected by your body. And some creams just don’t work. So, when you’re shopping for a cream for scars, choose brands that you have used before or that you trust. And don’t forget about natural creams that can improve the look of scars without harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients. Drug stores and beauty supply aisles at larger retail stores often carry scar-reducing creams, patches, and treatments. Over-the-counter treatments can take several months before any improvement is noticeable.

Rose hip oil or cream for scars: Rose hip is a lesser known oil that is used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, scars, burns, and marks on the skin. Rose hip promotes cell regeneration and quickens a wound’s healing, minimizing scar tissue. When used directly on a scar, it can reshape damaged skin while reversing discoloration and increasing the skin’s elasticity.

Cocoa butter cream for scars: Cocoa butter is widely known for it’s effectiveness on reducing the appearance of stretch marks. However, it is equally effective on all other types of scars. Cocoa butter can lighten red or purple scars while smoothing the skin. It also moisturizes, so it is safe to use even on sensitive skin. Apply at least twice a day to the scar to notice results within a few months.

Neosporin and other triple antibiotic ointments: The use of triple antibiotic ointments can have a profound effect on wounds in preventing scarring. The cream for scars can help skin heal so well that a scar is not visible when the wound is fully repaired. The downside to this is once a scar has form, whether it’s noticeable or not, it may be too late to apply the ointment. Some people still use the ointment on discolored scarring, but benefits are undocumented. So, it’s worth a shot to see if it works for you.

Hydroquinone: The bleaching agent in this cream for scars will lighten scar tissue and is available over the counter for the use on scars, freckles, and age spots. Allergic reactions can occur for those who are allergic to sodium metabisulphite, and hydrogen peroxide and benzoyl peroxide should be avoided while using hydroquinone. Photosensitivity, or sensitivity to the sun, may occur. Stronger potency of hydroquinone is available with a prescription.

Prescription cream for scars

Prescription topical medication can be used to help reduce the appearance of scarring. Prescription cream for scars should be used under a physician’s supervision only, as unauthorized use can result in serious allergic or other types of reactions. As with any prescription, alert your doctor immediately to any irritation or side effects you experience from the cream for scars.

Tretinoin: The main ingredient in tretinoin is Vitamin A, which promotes growth and healing of the skin. It works by triggering the collagen production of your body for healthier scar tissue. This cream for scars can also be prescribed for wrinkles, age sots, and liver spots. Use of tretinoin can cause photosensitivity.

Maderma: The active ingredient in Maderma is onion juice, which is often used to reduce the appearance of scarring. Maderma is manufactured with SPF 30, meaning it protects the skin from harmful sun rays, and the cream for scars makes skin smooth and soft.



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