Details On Costs Of Acne Scar Removal Using Laser Treatments


acne scarsIf you are one of the many people that have suffered from acne which has left you with scars that you now wish to have removed.

There are many treatments available on the market today; one of these scar removal methods comes in the form of laser therapy.

However, before you decide to make your consultation at a medical spa, it is important to find out the cost factors to determine if you are able to afford such a treatment.

One of the best ways for you to find out about the costs involved is to find out about someone who has had the treatment done. There are researchers that have tested the effectiveness of the Fraxel (1,550-nm erbium-doped fiber) laser. The tests involved a number of patients and how effective the laser acted on removing acne scars.

Out of the patients that underwent the laser treatment the skin tones varied in shades from fair onto darker types. Other factors on the patients were mild scarring to patients that presented severe acne scarring. All of these patients had the Fraxel treatment administered once in a month over a period of three months.

Examiners then accessed each patient and the improvements after each and every treatment; the final assessment on the patients was done after the last Fraxel treatment six months later.

In 90% of the patients between 51-75 percent showed improvements in their skin tones laser treatmentand a reduction in scarring.

Typical side effects in the patients included redness and swelling straight after the treatment.

However, none of the patients experienced any usual side effects relating to laser therapy such as additional scarring, wounds or skin discolorations.

These trials may encourage you to try out the laser treatment that offers very little side effects. The cost of treatment will depend on a few other variables besides the normal three consecutive types of treatment that you require.

Depending on the size of the area for your acne scarring will relate to the final cost you will be charged. Additionally, you may require more than the normal three laser treatments.

The bigger the area that requires treatment the more time and treatments will be needed to effectively cover your acne scarring. The time and the size of the area will cause the price to increase.

If you only have a small area to treat with minor types of acne scarring the average cost of the treatments will range between 600-1500 dollars.

If you have extensive scarring that may cover your entire facial area you may be looking at paying between 2,500-6,000 dollars. Additionally, depending on your location as well as the physicians credentials will be an added factor to the cost of laser treatments.

Important Questions to Ask

scar treatmentThere are a number of manufacturers that supply and sell lasers to various medical spas.

The laser that was discussed in this article was manufactured by a company known as Reliant Technologies (Incorporated).

In order for you to obtain the best knowledge on laser treatments available, be sure to ask your doctor to produce studies on the effectiveness of the laser he or she uses.

These studies will help you to make an informed decision on the laser treatment that will suit your acne scarring. The treatments are considered to be costly so you will want to ensure that you invest your money wisely.

The most important question that you should always ask is how many treatments you will need to obtain the results you may be looking for. With this knowledge you will be able to know exactly how much the treatment will cost you.


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