Do Any Scar Creams Actually Work On Acne Scars?


doctorSome people think that the only thing worse than a bad case of acne is the possibility of developing acne scars later. Of course, the best tactic is to prevent these scars in the first place as much as possible.

Make sure you keep your face clean and use a topical astringent gel or lotion while you are suffering from a breakout. If possible, visit the doctor to make sure you know how to treat your acne to prevent or reduce the appearance of scars.

Scars are actually formed during the healing process. Try to avoid ever picking at acne no matter how tempting it is. Also make sure to keep your face clean and treated during the healing process just like you would during a breakout.

However, you may be able to reduce acne scars even after they have already appeared. These scars may appear as either small raised or sunken marks, and they are especially bothersome on the face. Additionally, you may find that these scars become even darker when your skin gets a lot of sun exposure.

How Do Scar Creams Work?

There are a few different scar creams that help reduce or even totally eliminate the appearance of acne scars. The best one for you really depends upon the type of condition that you suffer from and your skin type.  Alpha Hydroxy Acids, also called AHAs, are actually naturally derived from fruit.

acne scarsIf you ever smell a product containing this ingredient, it might even smell like fruit. These acids work on the surface of your skin to help remove and exfoliate old skin. This, in turn, encourages your body to produce new and fresh skin which should speed up the removal of acne scars.

Some people have dark discolorations around their acne scars. This discoloration may be red or brown and also may need another treatment. One solution is something called Kojic Acid.

This acid comes from Japan, and it is a byproduct of the process that ferments rice to make Sake or rice wine. This acid works to reduce skin discoloration by inhibiting pigment formation inside of skin cells.

Another natural ingredient may surprise you. It is vitamin C. In fact, fruit that contains vitamin C has been used as a natural skin lightening ingredient by many cultures for many years. However, this vitamin has also been a prime ingredient in many commercial products.

Besides being a powerful antioxidant that helps your body flush out toxins, vitamin C has also been scientifically studies as a skin lightener. The results are in and vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, does help lighten skin.

You might be interested that many cultures have used everything from tomato juice to lemon juice on their skin as a lightener. If you would rather not have your face smell like a salad, it might be a better idea to simply apply a commercial preparation that includes vitamin C to your face.

Should Everybody Use Acne Scar Creams?

Acne Scar CreamsMost of the time, commercial scar creams for acne are safe and effective if used according to the instructions on the label.

There are people who suffer from allergies, very sensitive skin, or even skin conditions like eczema. These people should be careful about applying any topical treatments to their face.

In this case, the best course of action would be to ask a doctor before buying a product. It would be helpful if you can give your doctor the list of ingredients.

He or she may tell you to try the product on a small spot of your skin first. Alternatively, your doctor may have another over-the-counter or prescription that he or she suggests instead.

How Long Do Acne Scar Creams Take To Work?

You cannot expect these treatments to work right away. The only real way to get rid of acne scars instantly would be to apply makeup to cover them. You should expect to use an acne scar treatment for two to six weeks before you really see a big difference.

Don’t get impatient and use any cream more often than directed on the label because you can cause aggravation even on healthy skin, and then you will have a worse problem than you began with.

Are There Alternatives To Over-The-Counter Acne Scar Creams?

Acne Scar CreamYour doctor can prescribe creams, lotions, and gels with stronger concentrations of active ingredients than you can purchase in a store.

These products may work faster and more effectively, but they also need to be used under a doctor’s supervision to make certain they are not misused.

Your doctor might also suggest laser therapy. This might even work after the first visit, but some people need multiple treatments for the best result. They are also likely to be fairly expensive, and they are probably not covered by insurance.


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