Effective Keloids Treatment Options

keloidOne of the best treatments of keloids options is using the keloid removal cream. If you want to be conversant with more techniques that can assist you in effectively getting rid of keloid, then it is ideal that you keep on reading this article.

Keloid scars basically can be defined as a mass of collagen that are usually formed on a person’s skin, each time the healing process of a wound happens to be interrupted. The interruptions could be as a result of too little collagen or the formation of too much collagen.

Individuals, who develop these keloid scars, usually resort to using various home treatment remedies. However, some of these techniques usually turn out to be ineffective. Let us now have a look at some of the most effective and essential keloids treatment techniques that can prove to be of great beneficial.

Keloids Treatment Techniques

keloid removal creamsThe following are some of the most effective and essential keloids treatment methods. They include;

  • Laser Treatment

Laser treatment option is normally considered as one of the most effective technique that can be used in eradication of keloid scars. In this treatment method, the laser is usually made in such a way that it can move above the patients’ scars. This procedure normally vaporizes the skins’ top layer thus revealing the underneath layer that in appearance it is mare natural.

Laser treatment option has got the ability to penetrate and destroy the lower layers of the patients’ skin thus stimulating the growth of new collagen. This treatment method takes about half an hour. When you resort to this treatment option, it is ideal that you ensure that it is conducted by a qualified local anesthesia so as to avoid the occurrence of any complications.

  • Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy also known as cold therapy is also another effective keloid treatment option. Basically, it involves the flattening f the keloid scars by freezing them. One of the most commonly known freezing options of the keloid scars is use of liquid nitrogen.

  • Surgery

Surgery sometimes could be a little bit risky. This is because it can end up causing the formation of a large keloid. However, when conducted properly, the keloid scars are usually eliminated completely and permanently.

To avoid complications while using the surgery option, a few surgeons normally inject steroids, offer radiation or dress the patients’ wound with pressure dressing after chopping the scar.

  • Silicone Sheets

With this method of keloid treatment, there is no any guarantee of success offered. A patient is normally made to wear a silicone gel on his or her scar daily for a substantial number of days, which is
usually difficult to carry out. However, other than silicone sheets doctors have discovered other materials that can also be used for dressing the scars, which are equally effective.

  • Cortisone Injections

Also known as intralesional steroids, cortisone injections are normally offered to the keloid patient once a month, until when the doctor will feel that the purpose has been served. The good thing with cortisone injections is that they do not usually cause any pain and that they are very safe.

The injections normally work by flattening the patients’ keloids so that his or her scar vanishes.

  • Interferon

A persons’ body immune system may produce some various proteins to counter the harmful bacteria and viruses. Interferon is one such protein that can be used to serve such purpose. Studies have shown that this type of proteins have the capability of reducing the keloids very first.

Applying aldara could be an alternative to this keloid treatment technique. Aldara basically is medicines that normally cure various skin disorders. It usually works by stimulating the production of interferon in the patients’ body.

  • Steroids

Administering the steroid injections on the patients’ damaged area can also prove to be very essential in reducing the scar appearances. With this technique, doctors normally inject hydrocortisone on the affected area after every two weeks or once a month depending upon on the area damaged.

This technique of eliminating the keloid scars is less painful and needs to be continued as long as there isn’t substantial improvement.

  • Iodine

Topical application of the iodine also has proved to be very effective in getting rid of various skin problems such as keloid scar. Research has shown that using the liquid iodine such as ‘Lugol’s iodine’ flattens the scars as well as promotes the regeneration of the new skin cells. This method is mostly preffered by many individuals since it normally get rid of the keloid scars without forming any wound.

  • Keloid Removal Creams

One of the many reasons why most individuals opt for the keloid removal creams is due to the fact that the possibility of side effects occurring is very minimal. Most of the keloid removal creams usually have got limited or doubtful amount of effect on an individuals’ scar. The cream normally works best on the scars, which are fresh and very small in nature.

Keloid removal creams have got very many agents which are skin lightening in nature and that also help to reduce appearance of the scars. Normally, the keloid removal cream that is considered to be very effective in eradicating the keloid scars involves the cream that has got multiple ingredients that act on the scars, such as vitamin E and the other like active ingredients.

Some health practitioners normally recommend the creams that have got imiquimod . Imuquimod refers to a substance that is used to treat serious skin diseases such as warts and skin cancer. Most individuals believe that such cream works wonders when applied on the keloid scars. However, before you resort to this keloid removal cream, it is ideal that it is first prescribed by a qualified dermatologist.

When compared to the various keloid treatment options, keloid removal creams tend to be somehow far cheaper option for individuals that are in search of various keloid treatment techniques.

Last but not the least; you should note that there is no any treatment that will guarantee an ideal and healthy glowing skin devoid of such unpleasant marks. Before you resort to any of the above keloid treatment options, it is ideal that you seek medical advice first.