15 Modern Ways to Fight the Age-Old Problem of Blackheads


Blackheads are common and have been around in the hygiene department for a long time. Women and men alike despise these little buggers because they are a hindrance to getting a fully radiant and flawless face. They are called blackheads because they look like little heads that pop up on your face and covers up the pores.

blackheadsWhat are blackheads anyway? Blackheads, or medically known as open comedo, is a wide pore that opens and contains a mass of dead skin cells and skin debris. This skin debris often hardens and covers up the pores. Despite its name, blackheads are not entirely black. There are blackheads that may sometimes be yellowish, or even white.

Basically, blackheads are just a bunch of dead skin cells that were not removed from your face and therefore formed a home there in your pores. Because they have taken root inside your pores, taking them out may not be as easy. Still, there are ways to remove them. Here are 15 modern ways and easy home remedies to fight the age-old problem of blackheads:

1. Know What You Are Dealing With

keep your skin cleanAlthough blackheads look much the same, how they are formed and what they are made of may sometimes be different. We’re talking about the components that they are made of. Mostly, blackheads are dead skin cells that take root inside the pores, blocking them and forming into small specks. There are also types of blackheads that are caused by too much skin oiliness. Then, there’s the case of hygiene when the face is often exposed to bacteria and dirt.

Knowing that is causing your blackheads is a big help to nix these little facial disturbances. For instance, if you have oily skin, then you would know that you should get a treatment for oily skin. If you get exposed to the sun and bacteria for most of the day, washing your face before going to bed is one way to keep your skin clean and prevent blackheads.

2. Not Everything Works

medicationAs you go out and look for blackhead removing treatments, here’s one thing that you should keep in mind: not everything works. Just because this treatment worked on your friend, does not mean it would work on you. Again, having blackheads can spring from many different causes and if the cause of your blackheads is different from the treatment you buy, then you can expect it not to fully work.

Also, you should consider that there are some products that are too strong especially if you have a sensitive skin. The best way to know which one works? See a dermatologist and have he/she prescribe the appropriate medication for the type of blackheads that you have.

3. Egg Whites Are a Blackhead Remover

If you want natural ways and home remedies to get those little blackheads off your face, then listen up. There are actually many ways and home remedies that you can do. Forget about chemicals and facial care products. Start within your home.

egg whiteOne natural remedy for blackheads is to use egg white as a facial mask. Egg whites contain minerals that work to tighten your pores. This will prevent getting blackheads in the future and this will also remove the blackheads that you already have. In addition, egg whites are rich in nutrients that keep the skin smooth and moisturized. You’re hitting two birds with one stone.

To use, separate the yolk and pat the egg white on your face – especially on the troubled part. Place a tissue or paper on the area that you covered with egg white and press gently. Wait for it to dry, then wet the paper with egg white and add another layer of paper. You can continue up to five layers and if it is hard enough, you can slowly remove the paper and see the magic of removing blackheads.

4. Milk and Honey Work As Pore Strips

honeyFirst off, both milk and honey have always been known to be good for the skin. Milk is used for milk baths and has vitamins and minerals to keep the skin soft and radiant. Honey, on the other hand, has natural antioxidants that can keep the skin clean and glowing. Put them together and you have a skin-care duo that will make your skin healthy and strong.

You can use milk and honey as blackhead remover in the form of pore strips. Mix the same ratio of milk and honey and heat them until the temperature is just acceptable for the skin. Lather the mixture on your face or on the blackhead infested area and put cotton on top. After about 20 minutes, remove the strip of cotton and see your blackheads attached to the cotton. Do this regularly until your face is cleared from blackheads.

5. Water to Clean Your Face

Washing your faceIt all starts with cleanliness and hygiene. Whatever type of blackhead or skin problem you have, the basic ingredient to keep the skin clean is water. Water can clean off the dead skin cells or bacteria that are threatening to form into blackheads. It also keeps the skin moisturized.

Washing your face regularly with water can be a great help in preventing and removing blackheads. As long as you maintain a clean face, there is no room for bacteria and other blackhead-causing particles to take root on your face.

6. Lemon Juice to Tighten The Pores

LemonBlackheads form inside the pores and they commonly black and closed down these pores. Therefore, preventing blackheads can be as easy as tightening the pores, so that bacteria and dead skin cells do not form blackheads in them. Lemon juice can help you with that.

Lemon juice contains an astringent substance that can help to tighten the pores and prevent blackheads from multiplying. Using a cotton ball, wipe lemon juice on your face and leave the substance for about five minutes. Gently rinse off with water afterwards.

7. Sweat the Blackheads Out

Sweating can clean out your pores. But be careful because it can also do the opposite. When you sweat out, the liquid flows naturally on the pores and cleans out any debris or bacteria that are in there. However, you need to be strict with this method.

When you use this method to remove blackheads, be sure to have a clean face before and after. If your face is dirty before you start, the sweat will just insert the bacteria inside your pores and add your blackheads. After you work out, clean your face with water immediately to remove the blackhead-causing bacteria that were wiped out by sweat.

8. Steam Softens Blackheads

boiling waterSteaming does not exactly open your pores, as what you might have thought. However, steaming can still help with blackhead removal by softening the blackheads, which makes it easier to take them out of your pores. You can do your own steaming at home by filling a bowl with boiling water. Allow it to cool down for a few minutes until it releases hot mist. Cover your face with a towel and move it closer to the steam.

When you face is moisturized with the mist, wipe it with the towel the remove dead skin. After that, wash your face with a facial scrub to scrub out the blackheads from the pores. Do this once every week to clean out your face regularly and prevent blackheads.

9. Sugar as a Facial Scrub

After steaming your face, the dead skin cells are softened up and your next step is to scrub them out, especially those that are still inside the pores. Since we’re talking natural and home remedies, it is only right that you also use home ingredients to be your facial scrub. Sugar can help you with that.

To use sugar as a facial scrub, mix one cup of sugar with five spoons of jojoba oil. Mix thoroughly until it forms like a facial scrub. Wet your face and apply the mixture on the blackheads area. Scrub for a few minutes or until you think it is necessary, then wash out with lukewarm water. This is a good way to clean the face from dead skin cells and keep the radiance going.

10. Always Exfoliate

To exfoliate means to clean the face through scrubbing and washing. Blackheads are mostly dead skin cells and dirt that have formed in your open pores. Therefore, exfoliating can help taking them out. Remove the dead skin cells so they do not stay in your face and form as blackheads.

The good thing about artificial facial scrubs is that they are mostly focused on taking the blackheads out that there are not too much chemicals that can be harmful for the skin. Facial scrubs with jojoba oil are neutral and can be best for all types of skin.

11. Remove Your Make Up

Make-upMake up is not bad, especially if you use it to look presentable and pretty. Make-up only becomes a problem if you do not wash it off from your face or if you let it sit there for longer periods of time. Think about this: make-up is made of chemicals that, although tested to be harmless for the skin, are still chemical-based. It would be best to just keep your face chemical free.

Wearing make-up all day can make you prone to blackheads. This is because the particles in the make-up might harden up, block the pores and form into blackheads. Not removing make-up is even worse. It can make your face oily which can lead to acne and the spread of blackheads.

12. Only Use Make-Up When Necessary

For ladies, putting make-up on is part of the basic necessities when you go out to work or with friends. It’s part of the overall package. If you are pretty, make-up can make you even prettier. However, if you want to save your face from acne, blackheads and early aging, it would be best to avoid wearing make-up all the time.

Only use make-up when it is absolutely necessary. On other regular days, just put a dab of lip gloss and let your natural beauty show. It will keep your face healthy and blackhead-free.

13. Moisturize Your Skin

Oiliness and dryness of the skin are major causes of blackheads. When your skin is oily, dirt and bacteria easily attach to the skin which hardens and form into these small beads of blackheads. Dryness also make your skin brittle and lead to more dead skin cells.

Always moisturize your skin to prevent oiliness and dryness. Keeping the skin moisturized is simple and you don’t have to use expensive products. Wash your face with water regularly (just water and no other chemicals) to keep the skin clean and moisturized.

14. Use Pore Strips, Too

Since they were invented, pore strips have been in demand in the beauty department to aid in blackhead removal. By far, they have also been effective and quick in removing these little black buggers from your face. If your home remedies don’t work, time to take it up a notch and use pore strips to remove those blackheads.

15. If DIY Doesn’t Work

home remediesIf you’ve tried most of the treatments, above, to no avail, then it may be a case of a serious skin problem that should be addressed by a specialist. There are cases of severe blackheads and acne that cannot be wiped out by natural ways and home remedies alone. If you suspect that this is the case, it is time to see your dermatologist so that you are medicated properly.

If blackheads are not removed, can lead to acne, which is an even bigger problem. Treat them while their easy, like while they are small. Blackheads are easy to remove and deal with if you have the patience to do so. Patience is the secret. You see, and as you may know, blackheads form in clusters most of the time, so there can be a lot of them.

Don’t worry. As long as you know how to take care of your face and you do your facial care religiously, you will have those stubborn blackheads out of sight, out of mind in no time. You can have a flawless and radiant face after all.



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