Finding an Effective Scar Removal Cream


The scars found on the body are patches of fibrous tissues that formed in place of the injured tissues during the process of healing. Injuries to the tissues of the skin due to surgery, accidents or health diseases like acne. The scar tissue layers are inferior in terms of quality and it does not function just like the normal tissue. Mild scars will normally disappear overtime and this does not require any form of creams or ointments for removal. However, in case the scar is severe and it forms in visible areas of the body, this can be quiet uncomfortable and unsightly.

Because of this, some people are trying hard to find methods that could help them get rid of these scars and the safest, most recommended method for dealing with scars is the use of a cream designed for scar removal. These scar removal creams are cheaper compared to surgical procedures and they are almost as effective as these surgeries, although they normally take a while to show full results. Apart from that, these creams are helpful in eliminating both major and minor scars on skin tissues.

How do these Scar Removal Creams work?

There are various types of scars that can be found on the skin. There are some new scars and old scars as well. Some scars are left behind by the presence of acne or it could have existed after a surgical procedure. The primary aim of these scar removal creams is to minimize the size, height, thickness and color of the scars in order to make them less visible. These creams can also flatten the scarred tissues, thus making them look smoother and softer and for it to blend well with the neighboring tissues so that it becomes less noticeable.

The use of these creams can also help prevent the growth of scarring tissues and helps reduce the redness on the marks, which is normally accompanied by itching sensation. Choosing the right cream can also help maintain the balance of the skin and its elastic. Apart from that, these are effective both on old and new scars. However, prior to the application of these scar creams, it would be best to determine that the wound has completely healed in order to prevent any complications or side effects.

Scar Removal Creams for Different Parts of the Body

For the Face

Choosing the type of cream depends on the location of the scar. In case the scar is on the face then make sure that you opt for the one that is meant for the face, as these creams have different compositions depending on the part of the body where it will be used. Most scars left on the face are due to acne. Generally, a cream for removing scars on the face contains ingredients that are not as strong as the ones contained in other creams for other body parts.

Creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids act as abrasives that help peel the outer layer of the skin to expose smoother layers. The aim of the cream is to lighten the marks due to acne. Most scar removal creams for acne scars normally contain antibacterial ingredients that is also helpful in eradicating the root cause for the development of acne, thus preventing it from recurring in the future.

The application of the cream should be done as lightly as possible and it should be applied over the entire area so that the skin can absorb it properly. For faster removal of acne scars, the cream should be applied twice daily, once in the morning and another one before going to bed at night. Apart from that, you have to make sure that you avoid getting exposed to too much sunlight while using the cream, as this could delay the healing process of the scars, thus delaying its removal.

For the Body

The scars found on the body can be treated using creams with stronger ingredients. This is basically due to the fact that body scars are often bigger and are usually more resilient. Two of the most essential ingredients that should be contained in scar removal creams for the body are therapeutic essential oils and Shea butter. Such types of creams can be used after a surgery in case scars or marks are left behind. Such creams are also effective against old scars. However, make sure that you check on the available product reviews online or read the labels before deciding which body cream to opt for to remove scars on the body.

For Dark Skin

The scars on dark skins normally appear blotchy with irregular surface, thus making people more embarrassed and want to get rid of it. One of the most recommend creams for dark skin surfaces is Azelaic acid cream, which can only be obtained by prescription. This cream promotes the production of skin collagen that diffuses well on the skin and promotes faster growth of newer cells.

Choosing the Best Scar Removal Creams

As mentioned, there are various types of scar removal creams available in the market and most of these are formulated to deal with particular types of scars. Hence, it is necessary to consider what causes the scarring before making a purchase. The part where the cream will be used should also be considered. Lastly, the ingredient should also be considered to determine the best cream for removing scars. As much as possible, make sure that you opt for scar creams that contain natural ingredients instead of the ones with chemically synthesized ingredients.

Vitamin A and E, and onion extracts are some of the important ingredients that you should look for in scar removal creams. Another ingredient that you should check out is hydroquinone, as this is one of the most effective ingredients against scars. However, take note that high concentration of hydroquinone should be avoided, as its bleaching properly can be hazardous on the skin. So when opting for products containing hydroquinone, make sure that its concentration do not exceed 20% of the cream’s composition.

Scar removal creams are considered as great alternatives for individuals who do not want to opt for surgical procedures. However, take note that the use of these creams may require a long period of time in order to achieve your desired results, which means you have to be very patient and use the cream continuously. In case the application of the cream results to any sensitivity or allergic reactions, make sure to stop the usage and consult your physician for help.