How to Get Rid of Scar Tissue from Mole Removal


MoleMany people have moles in different parts of their body. Some of them have moles in their faces. Most of the time, people will consider these moles as beauty marks or birth marks.

However, they cannot say the same for bigger moles. Most people don’t like to have a huge mole on their face, which is why they have them removed. There are several types of mole removal.

But they all have one thing in common – scars. In fact, all surgical procedures will always end up in scars. It will only depend on the person, the surgeon, and the procedure on how the scars will look. Because of this, many people want to know how to get rid of scar tissue from mole removal. Getting rid of them is possible, and it is important that you know the various ways to do so.

Know The Mole Removal Methods

Moles are the result of skin cells growing closely together instead of spreading across the skin surface. Moles can be random in location, but there are some parts of the body where they grow on most people. Some of them are flat, but some of them are too large. There are also cases that these moles will become cancerous, which require treatment as soon as possible.

doctorPeople can choose between two types of mole removal – excision with cauterization and excision with stitches.

These two are not the only options today, but experts say that these two are the best ones. In excision with cauterization, doctors will slice the mole to skin level and then cauterize the wound to get rid of the mole.

For the other method, doctors will slice deeper around the mole to remove it and then stitch the skin afterwards to close the wound. These two procedures are painful, so patients will be under anesthesia.

All About Scars From Mole Removal

Like any other surgery, mole removal will result to scars. However, doctors and patients can do measures to reduce the size of the scar, as well as improve its appearance. The location of the mole will also matter. Moles located near skin folds are often not that visible. The skills of the surgeon will have a big role, as well.

Some doctors even have training to remove moles leaving only the smallest scars. Most of all, the patient will have to do his or her part in reducing the size of the scars. This includes proper wound care and protecting the area from infection and trauma.

How To Get Rid Of Scar Tissue From Mole Removal

scareMeasures to get rid of the scars should start right after the procedure. The first thing that you have to do is provide proper protection to the site.

You need to put dressings on regularly, and avoid doing tasks that will cause the skin in that area to move too much. This will cause the stitches to pull apart and cause many problems. Most of all, you need to keep the wound clean and free from infection.

When the wound is dry, you can moisturize the skin in the area. You can use moisturizing creams or ointments that have vitamins and fruit extracts.

You also need to drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet. To increase the chance of preventing scar tissue from mole removal, you can use silicone gels or sheets. These gels or sheets provide a good environment for the wounds to heal, leaving only a small scar.

You should also monitor your scar to see if it is healing properly. You can ask your doctor to check to see if the wound is healing as it should. Some doctors will also decide to give their patients drugs to avoid inflammation. This includes steroid creams and injections, which reduce the chance of forming large scars.

If these methods fail, you can still take other methods. One of the methods to remove scar tissue from mole removal is going through another surgery. In this type of surgery, a plastic surgeon will slice the area of the scar and manipulate its position or close it. Of course, it will result in another scar, but this scar will be significantly smaller than the one from the original mole removal.

moleSome methods on how to get rid of mole removal scars are only available once the scar is dry or old. You can still go through these procedures even when the scar is fresh, but most doctors will not allow it.

This includes laser therapy, bleaching, and peeling with the use of chemicals. Some people will also choose Dermabrasion or Microdermabrasion to get rid of the scars. If you want to go through mole removal, you need to find a reliable clinic or medical facility.

You need to be sure that they have skilled surgeons that know how to remove moles with less damage. You can also ask them to recommend the method that is best for you. The surgeon will advise you on how to get rid of scar tissue from mole removal following your surgery. After the procedure, be sure to follow your surgeon’s instruction in taking care of the wound.


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