Home Treatment: Techniques on How to Heal Scars


how to heal scarsScars are considered as a visible end result of injuries and wounds for instance burn. In addition, they are also defined as areas of skin which are getting thick. It is the body that cures the wounds or injuries. However, this healing process leaves the something behind that is called scars. In this case, people don’t have worry about the scars. Treatments on how to heal scars have been invented. Basically, this treatment is held to fade away the scars. For long time treatment, it is possible that they feel that they don’t ever have any scar on their body.

Applying certain cream designed for healing the scar is the first thing that needs to try. It is a home treatment in which everyone can do. The cream contains of particular ingredients for removing the scar. The cream with vitamin K in good grade is very helpful as effective home treatment. Medical science has reported that vitamin K cream works in term of removing any scars. However, it has to be understood that the scar is not old. Applying this cream twice a day is sufficient to see the result.

For some cases, scar is painful. Therefore, aloe vera gel is very effective to relieve the pain due to scars. Even, aloe vera is also called “Burn Plant”. This name refers to its function as healing ingredient for burn scars. Besides relieving the pain, it functions to hasten the healing process as well. Applying this aloe vera will make the skin soft and the process of healing becomes can be accelerated. It would be better if it is pure aloe vera used. Therefore, 100% natural aloe vera convinces that the treatment on how to heal scars is purely safe for the skin.

Rubbing the scar using honey can be another kind of pleasure treatments. The technique in this treatment is quite similar with masking. People need to cover the area with pure honey. They don’t need to apply thick layer of honey. A thin honey is sufficient. A towel is required to cover the area which has been applied with honey. The function is to avoid any contact with the clothes or other objects. When the area has been covered with a towel, they need to leave it for about 6-7 hours. It is a treatment which requires a long time. Therefore, it is good that people do this treatment at night. They can wait while sleeping.

For those who have scars on the face, massage treatment using hydroxy acid cleanser can be the best option on how to heal scars. Besides it is relaxing, it is very helpful to remove the scar. Massage means helping the skin to break up the scar tissue. It can be said that it is an external or complement technique to accelerate the healing process. By messaging, the blood can easily reach the area. As the result, it aids the process of healing. Nevertheless, while messaging, it is not allowed to push or pressure too hard. They have to rub their face slowly and gently based on the circular movement.


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