How to Find the Best Scar Cream On a Budget

Beauty products can be pricey, and sometimes it’s hard to rationalize spending a large amount on something can be considered frivolous. But if you have noticeable scars on your arms, legs, face, neck, or chest, it can be equally as difficult to put a price on your self confidence and getting back a little bit of beauty that was taken away. Some of the best scar creams can be purchased on a budget, allowing you to get the most out of the product without feeling guilty.

There are three categories of scar creams that you can try – natural and homemade creams; store-bought creams; and prescription creams. Because our bodies are all different, and our scars are different, finding the best scar cream that reacts well with you body may involve trying out a few of the options.

Best scar creams that use natural ingredients

A natural or homemade alternative is always worth a try, unless you’re allergic to the ingredients. These are thrifty, easy-to-use options that are generally safe and gentle on sensitive skin. The best scar cream doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most expensive, so give one of these options a try.

Egg whites: Whip up a few egg whites (2-4) until they are fluffy and can be spread like a cream. Then, apply the fluffy egg white directly to the scar and leave on for 5 minutes after it has dried. The egg whites lighten the color of the scars; can help prevent acne and rosacea breakouts; and even strengthens your pores to prevent scarring from future breakouts, making it the best scar cream you can make in 5 minutes. Total price: Going rate for a half-carton of eggs.

Baking soda: For scars that are raised above the skin (hypertrophic scarring), exfoliants are effective. Baking soda is a cheap exfoliant that removes dead skin and the top layer of scar tissue. Make a thick paste with the baking soda by adding small amounts of water, then apply the mixture to the scar. Wash with warm water after 1 minute, and you may want to moisturize the area as baking soda can leave skin feeling overly dry. Total price: $1 from most grocery stores.

Cocoa butter: OK, so you have to buy cocoa butter in the store, but this is the best scar cream with natural ingredients. This thick, moisturizing body butter can be used at the first sight of scars and stretch marks. Apply at least twice a day to the area to reduce red or purple discoloration and smooth the lines of the scar or stretch mark. Cocoa butter can even help prevent stretch marks if used frequently to keep the skin moisturized and elastic before the baby bump forms. This is considered the best scar cream because it has worked for so many people over the years, so it’s “tried and true.” Total price: $4-$12, depending on the brand and store.

Best scar creams to buy at the store

The best scar cream that you can buy at the store is hotly debated as several products have given users results.

Bio-Oil Scar Treatment: Like cocoa butter, Bio-Oil can be used all over your body to regulate skin tone, lessen the appearance of stretch marks, heal dry skin, and smooth out scarring. Bio-Oil isn’t as effective on severe scarring as other brands, but this best scar cream is safe for young children. Total price: $10+.

Mederma: OK, so this is technically not the best scar cream but rather the best scar gel. Mederma can be used on new or old scars, and it is clinically-proven to work on acne scars, stretch marks, burn scars, and scars from injuries or surgery. Total price: Available for as little as $12 online or up to $25 from any store that sells first aid supplies.

Scar Zone: The best scar cream uses green tea for its antioxidant properties to heal and repair damaged skin. Scar Zone is safe to use on any scarring, and it marketed towards those with acne scars as it works to heal and prevent breakouts while reducing the appearance of scars. It is considered the best scar cream for acne because it also reduces redness. Total price: $10-$17, available at most pharmacies.

Revitol: Pricier than other creams, Revitol has several products available to diminish scarring. The three big products to be aware of are the stretch mark, skin brightener, and scar creams. Revitol brightens skin to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks while smoothing the lines of the scars. Total price: Each type of Revitol’s best scar cream goes for about $40.

Best scar cream you can get with a prescription

The cost of the best scar cream via prescription can be greatly reduced if you have health coverage or a prescription plan. The prices on these prescriptions are going to vary depending on your insurance or plan coverage, the pharmacy at which you get the prescription filled, and whether you receive the brand name or a generic version (if applicable).

Mederma: A more powerful version of Mederma is available with a prescription from your doctor. Mederma contains an SPF 30 formula to help protect your skin, and your scar, from the sun. This helps you maintain even skin tone.

Hydroquinone: Fade scars, freckles, and age spots with the best scar cream used for its lightening purposes. A lesser formula of hydroquinone is available over the counter, but the strong stuff requires a prescription. This product can cause some sensitivity to the sun (photosensitivity), so take precaution when you’re going to be outdoors.

While all of these products have given users great results, some of the best scar creams available are those that prevent noticeable scars from forming. Antibacterial ointments such as Neosporin and the likes can significantly reduce the appearance of a scar when used on a wound or burn. Keep wounds clean and bandaged for additional protection. Of course, this method doesn’t work for acne scars to stretch marks, so pick one of the best scar creams to try as soon as you notice a scar or stretch mark to help minimize its appearance more quickly. What exactly is the best scar cream? It’s the one that works for you, despite price, brand name, or ingredients.

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