How To Get Rid Of A Scar After A Mole Removal


skin cancerUnsightly moles often need to be removed, either for cosmetic reasons or because they might cause skin cancer or another condition to appear.

Mole removal is a very simple procedure and usually does not take more than a few minutes.

In most cases, local anesthesia is required and your dermatologist can perform the procedure in their office. Larger or deeper moles might require a more complex extraction procedure but are still very easy to remove. Mole removal can leave a small scar behind, especially if the mole was large or deep.

Remember that a small scar is always better than a potentially cancerous mole and that there are ways of making scars disappear or at least to reduce them. Here is how you can get rid of a scar left by a mole removal procedure.

Proper wound care directly after the mold removal procedure can reduce your chances of developing a scar. If you do get a scar, properly caring for the wound should reduce its appearance.

 surgical tapeThe best way to care for your small wound is to cover it with surgical tape. This will reduce the pressure on the area and protect the wound while it heals.

It is important to keep the wound or scar as clean as possible since an infection would make scarring even worse. Change the surgical tape regularly and clean the area with an antibacterial soap.

Protecting the affected area from the sun will help with the healing process. Wear protective clothing or keep using surgical tape to reduce exposure to UV rays.

Exposing your skin to sun rays could cause hyper pigmentation of the scar and make it even more noticeable. You should protect the scar with special clothing or with sunscreen for at least a year after the mole removal procedure.

There are topical creams you can use to help with the healing process. These creams usually contain active ingredients such as Vitamin E, aloe vera or cocoa butter. These topical creams are designed to help your skin produce just enough scar tissue for the wound to heal and will keep the area smooth and hydrated to prevent too much scar tissue from forming.

doctorYour dermatologist or doctor should be able to recommend a good topical cream for you. You can find some scarring creams available over the counter but you might need a prescription cream. Keep the area hydrated is very important.

If the topical cream you use does not properly hydrate your skin, use a second product. Select a quality moisturizer and avoid products filled with water content since they will do very little for your skin. Take the time to massage the moisturizer in small circles so that the deeper layers of your skin can benefit from it.

If the wound healed and you can see a noticeable scar, there are other products you can use. If the scar is slightly raised, your best option is to apply silicone sheets over the affected area to help eliminate scar tissue.

You can also use other topical creams designed to reduce the appearance of scars, either by reducing the amount of scar tissue or by bleaching the area to make a hyper pigmented scar less noticeable. It is best to meet with a dermatologist if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your skin after a mole was removed so that you can get a recommendation.

mole removalRemember that a small scar is not a serious problem, especially if you needed to have a mole removed.

You can reduce your chances of scarring by choosing a dermatologist who has plenty of experience with mole removal and who knows how to prevent your skin from scarring.

Properly caring for the wound after the procedure should help your skin heal faster and prevent a scar from appearing. Even if a small scar appears, properly caring for the wound should make it far less noticeable.

It is possible to get rid of a scar long after you had a mole removed if you use topical creams or silicone sheets on the area. Remember to always protect your scar from the sun to prevent hyper pigmentation and to hydrate your skin to help with the healing process.


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