How To Get Rid of Scars Using a Scar Reduction Cream

Everyone wants to have a blemish-free skin. A flawless skin can boost one’s self-esteem. But what happens when you get scars on your skin? One thing you probably have in mind is to buy a scar reduction cream to get rid of your worries. However, you might be wondering what’s the best scar reduction treatment that will work for you. Read on and find out more on how you can get rid of ugly scars.

How Does Scar Formation Happen?

Scar formation is normal. It is the skin’s natural way of dealing with the natural process of healing itself. There are various reasons why scars form on the skin. A scar can be formed due to a wound caused by a pointed object, skin disease or condition, medical procedure, etc. Its size and depth may vary as well.

The Different Types of Scars

1. Keloid Scars – Keloid scars form when an injury starts to heal. These scars can be dark brown, flesh-colored, or red. In order to treat keloid scars, the use of silicone sheets or steroid injections is recommended. Gel pads which have silicone are also used. In other cases, surgical removal is used to treat severe cases of keloid scars.

2. Contracture Scars – A skin which has been burned may suffer from contracture scars. These scars may affect both nerves and muscles.

3. Hypertropic Scars – These scars are pretty similar to keloids. Steroid injections are commonly used to reduce inflammation. Some use silicone sheets to address the problem.

4. Acne Scars – As the name implies, these scars are formed if someone had severe acne problem.

Natural Remedies for Scars

1. Lavender Oil – Since the late Middle Ages, lavender oil has been used in reducing the appearance of scars. Lavender has the ability to smoothen the skin’s surface. In addition, it possesses cell-rejuvenating properties to reduce scar appearance. However, it must be noted that pregnant women must not use this oil. Lavender oil is for external use alone.

2. Aloe Vera Gel – Another famous natural remedy to treat scars is the aloe vera gel. It is an effective anti-inflammatory remedy for various skin problems including scars. Nowadays, aloe vera can be in a form of ointment, gels, lotion, and salve. Various people use aloe vera to treat burns, scars, and other skin problems.

3. Onion – Onion is not useful for cooking; it is also known to treat scars. In fact, some beauty products contain onion extract to make them more effective to treat skin problems. All you need to do is crush the onion. The juice of an onion can be applied to your scar to minimize its appearance.

4. Rose water and Sandalwood – Another remedy is the combination of rose water and sandalwood. All you need to do is mix sandalwood with rose water to create a paste. This paste can be applied to the skin and help in skin exfoliation.

5. Silicone – One of the famous remedies to reduce scars is the use of silicone. This can be in a form of gel, what is known as silicone gel. Others use silicon scar sheets to lighten and flatten their scars.

6. Vitamin E Cream – One of the main ingredients of most beauty products is vitamin E. With this, it’s not surprising to know that vitamin E is also useful in treating and getting rid of scars. Vitamin E serves as an antioxidant, it can also help in protecting your skin from free radicals. You can use vitamin E creams to answer your scar problems.

7. Mederma – Another remedy you can do is the use of mederma. This is a topical gel which is effective due to its allantoin and onion content. After few weeks of use, mederma can lighten the color of the scars and improve the appearance of your skin.

8. Rose Hip Seed Oil – Another natural and effective remedy to minimize scar appearance is the use of rose hip seed oil. This amazing oil promotes cell regeneration. It contains powerful antioxidants to correct damaged tissues. Rose hip seed oil can also promote skin conditioning due to its high content of essential fatty acids. It also promotes tissue restoration. With this, rose hip seed oil is popularly known as one of the main ingredients of some beauty products.

10. Thiosinaminum 5c – In some cases, people use Thiosinaminum 5c in order to get rid of scars. Thiosinaminum 5c is effective to treat swelling and inflammation of scars.

Is Scar Reduction Cream Effective?

Indeed, there are natural ways which you can do at home to get rid of ugly scars. You can follow any of them and see which works best for you. However, if you do not want to opt for home remedies, you can also purchase an effective scar reduction cream in your nearest drug store. You may wonder how a scar reduction cream is effective to minimize scar appearance. The answer to this is simple. The thing is, scar creams contain ingredients that are known to effectively reduce scars.

Nowadays, there are scar reduction lotion and creams that contain silicone or onion extract. Most products contain AHA’s or known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These acids have been proven to reduce redness of scars and the dead skin cells.

If you opt to visit your dermatologist to solve your skin problems, your dermatologist may prescribe the use of skin bleaching to get rid of scars. A combination of glycolic acid and hydroquinone is used in skin bleaching. Glycolic acis can exfoliate the skin cells, on the other hand, hydroquinone is effective in bleaching the skin to make the scar appear lighter. To make sure that you are getting the best solution, you can ask your dermatologist on how to find the best scar reduction cream that’s best for you.

Scars can affect you and that is the truth. It can affect your self-esteem since you won’t be confident enough to flaunt your skin. With this, it is important to get rid of ugly scars and use the best solution such as a scar reduction cream in order to solve your skin problems. If you got scars on your skin, it is never too late to find the best remedy.