How to Remove Face Scars

A scar is a skin patch which appears after a cut or an injury. It is basically a result of damage within the tissue. They do appear on the skin when the skin’s deep dermis layer gets damaged. If skin tissues or a section of the skin gets damaged, the body tries healing that affected area but as that happens, the normal skin tissues get replaced by fibrous tissues and this makes the scars to develop. Of all kinds of facial scars, the acne scars stand out to be the most common ones. It is possible to remove face scars if there is an appropriate treatment. However, there are few scars which could turn to be permanent. Nevertheless, you could reduce their visibility using any proper treatment method.

Types of Scar

Scars can belong to three categories: atrophic scars, keloid scars and hypertrophic scars. The hypertrophic scar is mostly thick and results whenever the human body produces collagen. Atrophic scars make the skin appear as if it’s pitted. The keloid scars could resemble the hypertrophic scars with the only difference that their growth is continuous. Other than the mentioned scar types, a person can get the ice pick scars that are often left after acne or pimples. The looks of such scars on a skin surface is similar to the tiny deep pits. The other two categories of the acne scars that are quite common are rolling cars that make the skin look like a wave and the box scars which resemble the chicken pox caused scars.

How to Remove Face Scars

Treatment of Facial Scars

Facial scar treatment is dependent on the specific type because what works for a given type of scar will not necessarily work for another. Dermabrasion can be a solution for the minor and small scars that are left behind by surgical procedures and acne. The procedure involves the elimination of the skin’s top layer with the intention of smoothening the affected area. This procedure mostly utilizes specialized instruments, such as the spinning blade, which has a diamond surface and a metal brush for the accomplishment of this purpose. Another similar procedure is microdermabrasion. As compared to dermabrasion, microdermabrasion is milder treatment method used to remove face scars. It only gets rid of the skin’s superficial layer to remove the acne scars.

Alongside these, the other options to remove the scars include laser surgery, steroid injections, resurfacing, skin grafting and chemical peeling. Surgery can significantly make a scar less noticeable even though it might not be possible to fully remove face scars through the surgical procedure. Laser skin resurfacing utilizes laser beams in removal of the scar’s top layer. The heat generated during this process will be useful in tightening the inner layer of the skin. The area that was scarred will therefore have a smoother look as compared to the previous appearance.

Steroid injections are often used to treat hypertrophic and keloid scars. Such injections have the capability of flattening these categories of scars then make them hard to notice. Chemical peels use strong chemicals in the exfoliation of the skin layers from whichever area that is scarred. The scarred part will look smoother later on when the skin undergoes regeneration.

In skin grafting, skin is moved from a given body part to an area which has scars with the aim of reducing the scar’s appearance. These options are the usual treatment strategies for the removal of the scars that appear on the face.

On the other hand, there are many scar removal creams available within the market and most of them can be found to be quite effective in lowering the appearance of all minor scars.

Home Remedies for Facial Scars

Facial scars can always be eliminated using specific home remedies particularly if they are few in number or minor in size. Mentioned here are some examples of home remedies that you could employ to remove face scars.

– Try using lemon juice for the removal of the acne scars. A lemon juice naturally features bleaching properties which can enable it lower scar visibility. The citric acid contained within this fruit promotes the process of shedding both dead and old skin cells so as to reveal a smooth and soft skin.

– Get an aloe Vera gel and apply it on the scarred part, acne and fresh wounds so as to prevent the scar from developing.

– Make a paste consisting of rose water and sandalwood powder. Apply the paste on your scars then leave it overnight. On the following day, wash it off using clean water.

– The tomato juice is quite rich in vitamin A. The juice is effective in repairing a damaged skin. A regular application of the tomato juice on the scars significantly reduces the visibility of the scars. It is possible to use oils such as lavender oil, rosehip oil, almond oil and olive oil.

– Make a paste through mixing rose water with multani mitti and lemon juice. Have this paste applied on the skin’s affected area. Leave it for around 15-20 minutes then have it washed off using clean water.

– Message the scarred part many times in a day using honey. It will make the skin radiant alongside removing the scars.

– Make a paste consisting of black gram and sandalwood then apply it on the affected part. Keep it overnight then have it washed off the next day using water.

Although most of the aforementioned facial scar removal methods have been proven quite effective in getting rid of scars, there is need to consult a dermatologist to establish which method would be appropriate for you. The dermatologist is able to properly evaluate a given scar and then determine their types. Based on this through examination, she or he would recommend a specific treatment option for removing the facial scars. Depending on the specific treatment type that the dermatologist recommends and the scars’ severity, treatment cost could vary significantly. It is therefore important to hold a discussion with the dermatologist to have knowledge on various aspects of the scar removal procedures.