How to Remove Scars at Home

Scars can cause embarrassment, a decline in self confidence, and have a negative effect on our overall well-being. But you shouldn’t let scarring control how you feel about yourself, no matter the cause of the scars or the level of scarring (mild, moderately-severe, or severe). Find out how to remove scars at home so that you can get back your self confidence and start enjoying social activities again.

If your scarring is a result of rosacea or acne, then knowing how to remove scars is as important as knowing how to prevent scars. Although there are no cures for acne or rosacea, there are plenty of treatments and prevention methods to minimize outbreaks and scarring. First, identify whether you have rosacea or acne (yes, they are two different skin conditions), and then seek a treatment that is catered to your skin type. Not all treatments are the same, and some topical medications can cause severe skin irritation. In addition to implementing a treatment routine, keep your face clean and free of pollutants. Change you pillow case often, and take plenty of Vitamin C to boost your body’s antioxidants, and stop smoking. Once you begin to minimize the cause of your scarring, you can go on to learn how to remove scars.

How to remove scars naturally

People with sensitive skin should learn how to remove scars naturally as natural treatments are often less irritating than chemical-based or manufactured treatments. Homemade remedies also cost less than store-bought creams, and when you make your own scar treatment, you know exactly what the ingredients are so there’s no guessing about allergic reactions.

There are ingredients used in how to remove scars right in your own kitchen.

  • Honey: Honey is a natural antibiotic, and many manufacturers of beauty products tout honey as how to remove scars by including the sweet additive in beauty regimens, face masks, and creams. Massage raw honey directly onto the scar and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. It is most effective is reducing the appearance of white scars.
  • Onion extract: Find out how to remove scars with onions. Simply chop up the onions and press the bits to release the juice. Then, dab the juice on the your scars a few times a day. Onion extract is used as a common active ingredient in some expensive store-bought scar treatments, so making your own will not only save money, but you’ll also avoid the extra ingredients manufacturers include in their products.
  • Diluted vinegar: Many people know how to remove scars with diluted vinegar. Mix apple cider vinegar and water (1:1 or one part to one part) and massage the mixture onto your scar for 15-20 minutes, then wash off the vinegar. Apple cider vinegar acts as an exfoliant, and it may irritate the skin. If it does, dilute the mixture further before reapplying.
  • Diluted lemon juice: Diluted lemon juice still contains enough citric acid to lighten the discoloration of scars. Mix lemon juice with water and dab onto the scar a few times a day. This natural exfoliant is how to remove scars by reducing the redness of scars.

How to remove scars by yourself

Learn how to remove scars that stand out when the skin around them is irritated. If you notice any irritation such as redness, swelling, or itching, identify the cause of the irritation and discontinue contact or use of the cause to reduce the appearance of the nearby scar. Suntans can draw attention to scars, since scar tissue doesn’t tan, so know how to remove scars by finding a mild foundation that matches your sun-kissed color and dab a little bit on the scar. Facial scars can be more noticeable when people work out as their faces often turn red. Take a frozen bottle of water with you to the gym and use it as a compress to the back of your neck to help control the redness or other flushing.

There are additional products you can use when finding out how to remove scars by yourself. Many of the include all-natural ingredients.

  • Vitamins: Vitamins are good for your body, and you should take them daily whether you have scars or not. But some vitamins are more useful in how to remove scars than others. Vitamin A strengthens blood vessels, which can reduce red discoloration from broken capillaries or vessels. Vitamin B, specifically B3 niacin, is an excellent vitamin to take for healthy skin. It can help clear up acne, treat rosacea outbreaks, and give you strong, smooth skin that is more resilient. Vitamin C has natural antioxidants in it, which protect your skin from pollutants, minimizing outbreaks.
  • Aloe vera: Aloe vera is used in thousands of products because it is gentle on skin and has healing properties. Most people use it when they have a sunburn because it cools the skin, but aloe vera can be used for other reasons, including other types of burns that may result in scarring. How to remove scars with aloe vera is easy – simply apply the product to the scar at least twice a day. Aloe vera works best on newer scars than older scars.
  • Cocoa butter: Realize how to remove scars, new scars or old scars, with cocoa butter. Any scar can be minimized, just slather some on to reduce discoloration; smooth the scar and the surrounding skin; and reduce the size of hypertrophic scarring. Cocoa butter also works well as a moisturizer and is safe to use on all types of skin.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can experiment with how to remove scars in the comfort of your own home. Natural scar-removing treatments are safe and relatively inexpensive, which means there’s little disadvantage to trying them out. If they don’t work, which can be true for more severe scarring, talk to a dermatologist to discuss other treatment options and medical procedures that may show you how to remove scars in a more effective manner.

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