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Most of us will pick up a scar at some stage in our life. Whether it is due to an accident, surgery, or some other way, in most cases they are only small, or they do not bother us. However, there are times when a scar can become unsightly, especially when it is on the head or neck.

Women do not like them as they think it ruins their beauty, and it can, in certain cases make them feel depressed. Most guys on the other hand, like a scar in this area, however if it is large, then it will usually bother them as well, as it can limit job opportunities. So is it possible to treat scars? What is the best scar removal treatment laser? These questions will all be answered in this article.

What will cause a scar?

There are many causes of scar tissue on our bodies. In most cases they can be caused by minor accidents, such as cutting ourselves with a knife, maybe burning the back of the hand on a clothes press, or falling off a bike and splitting your head open.

The scarring that results from these incidents is usually small. Also medical conditions such as acne and chicken pox, can cause minor scarring, this type of scarring is usually indented. The biggest scars can come from surgery, infections and burns.

These scars can in some cases be raised, red, and itchy. The scar tissue may be wide, and has a rubbery feeling. Another type of scarring that effects mainly women is stretch marks, these can occur on the stomach area during pregnancy, while weight gain can see it on hips, thigh, buttocks, breasts, and the stomach.

How long does a scar take to settle down?

As soon as a wound is formed, the body will start to repair it. This is all automatic, and almost instant, as the body is very efficient. If it wasn’t, then a wound would never stop bleeding. Once a scab appears over a wound, the body starts repairing the blood vessels and skin.

Depending on the width and depth of the wound will depend on whether scar tissue forms or not. The bigger the wound, the more scar tissue will likely form. Wounds of all kinds will heal pretty quickly, although things like infections and burns will take the longest.

Once scar tissue has formed though, it can still take many months before it has settled down. For really serious scarring, it can take a few years to settle down. If wounds are red, or do not feel right to the touch, then they are either still settling down, or may need to be looked at by a doctor.

Is it possible to make a scar go away?

These days, there are numerous treatments and techniques available for scar tissue, the main ones are listed below.

Laser treatment

So what is the best scar removal treatment laser? There are two main treatments by laser, one of them will try and change the skin pigmentation in the scar area, and this is suitable for flat scars. While, the other best scar removal treatment laser will try and spark the growth of normal skin tissue in the area of the scarring.

How effective these are will depend on the type and size of the scar, and the color of your skin. Skin type can also be a variable, as humans have many types; thin and floppy, tough with high elasticity, hairy, smooth and rough. Your medical doctor or dermatologist will be able to offer the best advice.


By far the cheapest way of covering up scars is to use makeup, or a tanning agent, so you can make the tissue match the color of the surrounding skin. This works well on small to medium scars, and is one of the most favored options, as it is easy to do. Some people will have a tattoo on the scarred area to hide it.


There are a lot of creams available for scarring; chemical, natural and steroidal. Which one is best depends on the type of scar that needs treating, although the chemical creams are the most popular. For things like stretch marks, it is much better to be proactive, and use the creams and moisturizer before they appear.


Steroid and Botox injections can be used on certain scar type. Botox can help with certain raised scars, but it is not a permanent solution, and injections will be required every few months. Steroid injections into the scar area can help with normal cell regeneration.


For large scars that are causing mobility issues with joints and muscles, as well as those caused by burns, they can be improved with surgery. In some cases a skin flap with its own muscle and blood supply can be used, although in most cases a skin graft from your hip or back will be used.


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