Is There an Effective Scar Cream for Herpes?


Herpes scarHerpes scars are probably one of the most stubborn and challenging dermatological problems to deal with. Many individuals that have gone through dozens of possibilities will still find themselves incapable of having the scars sufficiently faded.

Though herpes scars are a challenge, it’s still possible to come up with a viable solution. The cosmetics market is truly diversified and there are dozens of innovative solutions.

Doing research and comparing the active ingredients is the best option for the selection of the ultimate scar removal cream.

Herpes Scarring Overview

Herpes Simplex VirusHerpes is a really common condition, which is why so many people are in need of an efficient herpes scar removal method. It affects both men and women and the viruses causing herpes are of two types.

These viruses are Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and 2. Once an infection occurs, the virus will be capable of remaining inside the body for a long period of time. Sometimes, it’s presence is going to be asymptomatic. On other occasions, the infection will cause a flare-up.

There are several common areas on the body that can be affected by a herpes infection. The mouth cavity and the genital area happen to be most susceptible ones. Blisters will appear there, causing itchiness and irritation Many people will feel tempted to pick on these blisters, which will easily result in the formation of scar tissue.

Herpes Scar Removal Options

herpes scar removal creamsIf the herpes scars are too bothersome, people will look for scar removal methods.

Dermatologists suggest several possibilities as viable options. Topical creams are the most common and popular remedy.

They are non-invasive and the effectiveness of such products will depend on the active ingredients and their concentration. Some herpes scar removal creams will be incredibly beneficial while others will produce no results.

Injections may also be recommended by a dermatologist. The injections are usually cortisone-based and will need to be administered by a medic for a period ranging between four and five weeks. Surgery and laser treatments are the more invasive options for herpes scar removal.

Though the results of these procedures are usually excellent, there’s always a risk of complications. A surgery may cause an infection, which is why it’s considered a somewhat risky procedure.

Using Creams to Get Rid of Herpes Scars

Larger scarsThe first and the most important rule you need to follow if you suffer from herpes is to refrain from picking on the blisters. The more you touch the area, the bigger the scar is going to be. Larger scars will be much more difficult to treat, so try to restrain yourself even if the blister is very itchy.

The market has a vast range of scar creams and gels to offer. Some of these are very effective – you can lead online reviews and testimonials to figure out what herpes sufferers have benefited the most from.

Look at the active ingredients. Allantoin is one of the best possibilities for quick and sustainable scar removal. Make sure that the concentration is sufficiently high – approximately 0.5 percent.

Silicone ingredients are also great for the removal of herpes scars. The silicone compounds soften and smooth out the skin. In order to get good results, however, you will need to be consistent with your use of the cream. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and continue applying on a daily basis until you see results.

This rule applies to all creams for herpes treatment. Surgeries and other invasive procedures deliver fast results. OTC remedies like creams, ointments and gels are usually mild in their action, which is why they require some time to start delivering herpes scar fading results.

A Few Additional Tips

creamIt’s important to never start the treatment of herpes scars before the blisters heal fully. If you apply a cream or give any other procedure a try too early, you will simply be doing additional damage.

Don’t pick on the scars themselves or try to do something about their appearance without professional assistance. The more you attempt to mess with the scar, the worse its appearance is going to get.

Finally, remember that even the deepest of scars will fade with time. If you don’t know what to do or you’re wondering how to select a good cream, it’s a good idea to talk to a dermatologist. A doctor will examine the condition of your skin and suggest a topical remedy that will be both safe and efficient.


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