Locating The Best Scar Removal Surgeon In Your Immediate Area


 topical creamIf you have ever had bad skin in high school, or even college, there is the possibility that it was related to acne.

Although people can have other conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, acne is the most common skin condition.

Effective millions of people throughout the world, it is one of the easiest to treat depending upon how early you are able to use certain topical creams, antibiotics, and other natural remedies that can stop it before it gets out of hand.

However, if you are suffering from what is called cystic acne, were actual cysts form under the skin, you could end up with substantial acne scarring which may actually need a surgeon to help you with removing the scars from your face.

We will now examine what causes acne scars that are worthy of surgery, as well as how to find a surgeon that is skilled with dermatology and operations that can help people with these types of acne scars.

What Causes Scars?

hypertrophic scarThese are scars that can be caused for a variety of different reasons. There are several different types including discolorations in the skin due to excessive amounts of pigmentation.

Atrophic scars that go into the face, and keloid scars, also called hypertrophic scars, which are set above the skin itself.

When you first get acne, starting with your very first pimple, you will probably try to pop it right away. It is always best to wait for a white head on top so that the pus inside can be evacuated with a simple push.

But most people become impatient, and when they do, they begin to rupture the very structure of the cells within their pores. The pores can crack, spreading the bacteria need your skin, leading to what is called cystic acne. The more that you press, the more damage you will do, and this is how most acne scars come about.

If you are able to get control of your acne using antibiotics, changing your lifestyle or the foods that you eat, or use some of the many remedies that are out there that can prevent acne from getting out of control, acne scarring is something that you can probably avoid very easily.

Common Scars That Need Surgery

acne scarsAll three types of acne scars can actually be surgically improved, or removed. If you have a discoloration on your skin as a result of acne scarring where excess amounts of melanin is being produced.

You can have dermabrasion treatments where the top layer is removed, and the skin will grow back, typically a much lighter color.

Of course, you can use other treatments that directly affect melanin production of the melanocytes such as hydroquinone which is used by those that have conditions such as vitiligo.

However, if you have deep acne scars, atrophic scarring that goes into the epidermal layer itself, these can appear as rolling scars, boxcar scars, or ice pick scars, all of which require some type of treatment to bring the two sides together, or using collagen injections which can increase the amount of apparent skin tissue in these recessed areas, leveling everything out.

If you have hypertrophic scars, these are the ones that are set above the skin which can also be caused by acne but are less frequent. Dermabrasion can also be used to flatten everything out, allowing the skin to grow back much more level.

Acne Scar Surgery Options

There are four specific types of surgery that can be administered by a trained surgeon of dermatology. One is called punch excision which is where the scar is actually removed using what looks like a round cookie-cutter device. Punch elevation is something else that works by removing the remaining tissue so that it heals to a more normal state.

Punchacne scar surgery draft procedures can fill the opening, and subcutaneous incisions can repair the scar, raise the skin, and flatten the overall surface.

It just depends on what type of scar you actually have, how much work needs to be done, and how quickly you want to see results when choosing acne scar surgery options that are available in your area.

Many people will live with acne scars most of their life, believing that there is not too much that they can do. They might have regrets, but they will never think about trying to repair the condition of their face. The problem that most people have is that they have too many, but there are many options such as dermabrasion which can affect large areas.

Talk to your dermatologist, find out what they can do in regard to surgery, and perhaps you will find the best scar removal surgeon in your immediate area that can help you with your acne scars, or scars that you have as a result of injuries you have sustained.


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