Mederma Scar


Mederma ScarMederma Scar is a skin care product that improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks on your skin. It can be used on any part of the body. There are a number of Mederma products that can be used to deal with scars and stretch marks. These include Mederma scar gel or a cream that are used to treat scars and stretch marks and Mederma advanced scar gel that is used on old and new scars, Mederma for kids that can be safely used by children of all ages including toddlers and Mederma stretch marks therapy that will work on stretch marks so that they can fade.

Mederma scar gel has active onion extract which works to help soften the scar, both old and new, and it helps to improve the appearance of scars by making them fade. Onion extract promotes the production of collagen which is responsible for making the skin appear young and smooth. The gel and the cream will work on scars that are as a result of acne, accidents and injury, burns and surgical incisions.

Mederma scar gel and cream also evens out skin tone so that if you have patches, your color looks more even. To see the results of the cream and gel on the scars or stretch marks, it is recommended that you apply the product on the site of the scar or stretch marks for eight to twelve weeks at least three times a day. The benefits of using Mederma scar gel and cream are numerous. These include that the gel and the cream can be used by children so if they get scars from injury or surgery then they can use the product and it will fade the scars so they do not have to be self conscious about their scars.

It also works well for people with sensitive skin and there will not be any adverse reactions or any irritations. When used on new scars, Mederma scar gel and cream will cause the scar to improve so that the healing does not leave an obvious scar. Studies have shown that injuries and scars that heal in moist conditions will leave small and less obvious scars. Using the product on fresh scars will ensure that the scars will not develop and they will fade much faster than old scars.

The cream and the gel are not greasy and they are light so that you can rarely feel it on your skin when you apply it. For people with active acne, you can use Mederma scar gel with no reactions and to help fade the scarring that is caused by acne. The Mederma products are somewhat pricey but because they deliver the promised results, then they are a good investment. It is important that you apply the product three or four times a day so that you can be able to see the improvements on your skin. If you do not do it, then the results may take longer to be seen.


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