Medical Info: Understanding Creams for Scar Healing

Skin is regarded as a seamless organ. It seems to be a piece cloth which has responsibility to protect valuable assets. As a protector, any harmful things will be faced by the skin in order not to damage organs beneath the skin. In this case, scars usually occur for several causes such as injury. After getting injury, the skin automatically forms the scar. Besides, patients who have gotten surgical operation will find the scar in their skin. Regardless the causes, scar healing treatments need to be held to get rid of the scar. Even though it is painful, it is quite annoying if the scar is located in certain parts of the body in which everyone can see it.

Different Types of Scar

Generally, dermatologists have differentiated the scar into four types. Understanding each type of the scar is as important as deciding the treatment. By knowing different types of scar, people will notice the best treatment as scar healing medicine. The first type is keloid scar. This scar occurs as the result of aggressive healing process. Frequently, this type of scar extends beyond the injury. The second type is contracture scar. People will find the skin get tightening when their skin has been burned. It makes them difficult to move. Even, it possibly affects nerves and muscles. The third type is hypertropic scar. This scar looks similar to keloid scar. The skin turns to be red. However, it doesn’t breach the injury site boundaries.

Surgical removal and steroid injection are two kinds of scar healing treatments for someone who has a serious scar. Nevertheless, it is much wiser to get a safe treatment. Applying cream with certain ingredients is considered as a better choice rather than getting surgical removal.

Typical Ingredients in Scar Creams

In order to make sure that the cream is beneficial for scar healing, people need to know different ingredients which are usually included in the scar creams.


This is the most frequent ingredient found in a lot of creams to heal the scar. Its benefit has been proven scientifically. It is able to moisturize the skin. Therefore, the scar becomes softer. Silicon is a kind of a helper for skin. Medically, this ingredient will attract static electricity which makes collagen fibers rearrange themselves. Dermatologists from American College argue that the cream containing silicon is good for patients with keloid scar. However, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be used to cure other types of scar. Applying this kind of cream frequently will make scar healing more effective.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

This ingredient is quite different with the previous one. When silicon is moisturizing and the skin get softer, Alpha Hydroxy Acid is reducing the cell of dead skin. This is how this ingredient giving treatment to the scar. By applying the cream containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid, dead skin cells will be raised and these cells will not adhere to healthy cells. This process is carried out when this ingredient penetrates the skin successful for holding a chemical reaction.

– Hydroquinone
Sometimes, scar makes the skin turn to be red. It is the most usual appearance of the scar. From this fact, dermatologists have an opinion in which this redness can be cured by applying bleaching cream. Creams with hydroquinone are very effective to bleach the area. These creams will make the scar fade away. As the result, the color of the scar turns to be like the natural skin. In order to get a better result, people have to make sure that the scar cream contains combination of hydroquinone and glycolic acid. When hydroquinone is in charge of bleaching the scar, glycolic acid has a responsibility in exfoliating the skin cells. It is a perfect combination to get the best scar healing treatment.

– Onion Extract
Similar to hydroquinone, onion extract has a power to reduce redness in the scar. Effective scar healing can be obtained by applying cream containing onion extract. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties which are useful in reducing the redness. According to dermatologists, this kind of cream is very effective as a medicine for new scars. By applying this cream, the scar tissue will get softer and the redness will turn to be the skin’s natural tone. The most important thing is that the production of collagen is enhanced.

Aloe Vera

Another option is Aloe Vera. It is a natural remedy to make the healing process fast and also stimulate cellular growth. In addition, it is able to hinder the formation of the scar tissue. Actually, 99% of Aloe Vera is water. Polysaccharides and glycoprotein are only 1%. However, it is very helpful in term of diminishing the pain and inflammation. Moreover, it will encourage the skin to grow as well. Therefore, cream with Aloe Vera as its ingredient deserves to try as a scar healing treatment.

The Procedures in Applying Scar Creams

Having known several scar healing creams, people also have to provide information about how to apply the creams. Similar to other types of medicines, applying these creams has certain procedures. The first procedure is cleaning the scar tissue area. It is highly important to make sure that the cream can penetrate the skin properly. Therefore, cleaning the area using gentle soap is needed to remove dirt or oil attached in the skin. For women who want to treat the scar on their face area, they have to ensure that the makeup has been cleaned perfectly.

The next procedure is massaging. After putting the cream into the hand, people have to apply it and massage the scar area. It will help the blood flow freely into the scar. Besides, it helps the cream to penetrate the skin as well. These are procedures to apply the scar cream. In this case, people will not find the result as fast as surgical removal. This cream needs process to heal and fade away and get rid of the scar. Generally, eight weeks are period in which they will get the result. It is highly-recommended that the cream is applied daily. Applying the scar cream three till five times everyday will make scar healing process faster.