Now And Then – 18 New And Old Treatments For Removing Scars


scarMost people have scars on their body that they have simply learned to live with, a problem that most of us have.

Fortunately, many of them are in locations that do not make us self-conscious.

But for the ones that are on our face, or on our legs when we wear shorts, these are the ones that we would like to take care of.

Some people will go to a tattoo parlor in order to cover the scars that they have because they don’t know of any other way to hide them on their skin. There are, however, many old and new treatments that are available that have been used for decades that can easily get rid of the scars that you have.

This article will present the different types of scars that a person can have, the treatment options that are available, and identify the ones that were created years ago that still work as well as the brand new techniques that are becoming the most prominently used today.

What Happens When You Get A Scar?

children scarsIf you have a scar on your body, it is usually the result of some type of injury or accident that you have experienced. For instance, when children are growing up, they will often fall many times, causing injuries and scars to form.

The benefit of being younger is that your cells are growing at an alarming rate, keeping up with your ability to grow larger every day.

The only scars that may remain are those that heal wear joints happen to be, usually forming a keloid scar with access skin to compensate for the bending.

These are scars that may remain for many years or decades, and can easily be removed with many modern techniques. Let’s look at scars that you may have right now, different types that could have formed on your body, and how you can get rid of them using strategies and equipment that is available from your dermatologist.

Different Scars That You May Have

Before we can identify what treatment will work best on the scars that you have on your body, we must first identify the scars that you have right now. For the most part, any scarring that has occurred has healed over many months or years ago, and has left a darker area. Dark scars are the result of scar tissue growing with excess amounts of melanin.

The pigmentation that we all have is the result of our cells producing melanin using the melanocytes in our skin, something that can go into overdrive during the healing process. The easiest way to get rid of these is to use some type of cream or gel that is able to slow down or even stop the production of pigmentation.

surgery It is also possible to remove the upper layer of skin that has regrown, allowing it to come back after it has been gradually removed, allowing the new skin to grow back with a lighter color.

Other scars will be deep scars which are called atrophic scars which can be very deep into the upper and middle layer of the skin.

These may be there for many years unless a surgery is done to bring the two ends together, or using something called a punch hole incision. Other scars that are above the surface level are called keloid or hypertrophic scars, something that is the result of too much collagen that is utilized by the body during the healing process.

When these occur, the only way to eliminate them, like the scars that form on the elbows or knees of a small child, is to remove the excess skin with some form of laser or dermabrasion. We have mentioned a few of the possible techniques that can be used to get rid of scars. Let’s now look at 18 new and old treatments for scars that work very well.

18 New and Old Treatments for Scars

Beginning with nine of the older ways of eliminating scars from your body, you will notice that many of these are natural. Before modern science was able to create creams and procedures using scientific equipment to eliminate the scars, people had to rely upon what was naturally available. One of the best ways to eliminate dark scars was to use some type of acid and vitamin C or lemon juice was often used.

aloe veraDue to its acidic nature, it could gradually remove the upper layer of skin allowing the skin to regrow much lighter than before, a process that could take several months or longer to see results.

Another possible choice is the use of honey which does not have any acid, but it does have the ability to help your skin heal. It is actually very good to use right after the injured area has started to heal, that and also aloe vera.

Other techniques were the use of all the oil which contains a number of different vitamins including vitamin a, vitamin D and some be vitamins. This can exponentiation the regrowth of skin, and also minimize the amount of melanin that is used, helping it to look as normal as possible once the healing process is complete.

Going many decades back, raw potatoes were actually used quite regularly because they do have acidic value. By leaving the potato juice on the scar, or applying it using a piece of potato and leaving it on top for as long as 15 to 20 minutes, you could gradually see a change in an existing dark scar.

Tomatoes are also acidic, and if you were living in Australia, you likely used tea tree oil in order to help not only heal the wounds that occurred, but also help scars heal in the most appropriate way. Finally, the ninth way of healing scars using old fashioned natural remedies was Apple cider vinegar which would be applied using a cotton swab, usually for 5 to 10 minutes, one of the most effective natural ways to eliminate scars that was used decades ago.

Nine Modern Strategies For Eliminating Scars

topical creamFast-forward to modern times where modern science has made great advancements in the treatment of scars that people have today.

There are several that are topical creams, others that use different types of machinery, even as advanced as lasers.

The creams that are used are for scars that are fully healed and dark in color and their main approach is to go after the excess amounts of pigmentation in the skin that is causing the problem to occur.

Hydroquinone will always be the top recommendation for those that have used the prescription strength, and that which is over-the-counter, because it is one of the strongest melanin production inhibitors that is made today. For those that would like to avoid some of the possible side effects associated with this product, especially women that are pregnant, using azelaic acid, kojic acid and arbutin are going to be among your top choices.

dermatologistThese are products that are derived from barley, rice, and different types of berries, respectively, all of which have the ability to limit melanin production. The remaining 5 methods for eliminating scars must be done by a professional dermatologist.

If you have had acne, and you have several boxcar or ice pick scars which are atrophic scars, a punch hole incision procedure can bring everything together, elevating the depressed skin to the surface.

You can also use a similar procedure to surgically so the skin back together if the scar is large enough. If you are going to approach keloid or hypertrophic scars, dermabrasion procedures are beneficial, as well as the use of lasers that can also burn off or remove the top layer of skin on a gradual basis, allowing it to re-heal as it once was.

Finally, there is always the ability to inject collagen into an atrophic scar to boost it up and you can use chemical peels to remove hypertrophic scars over time. Radiotherapy is also something that can affect severe keloid and hypertrophic scarring, but very few modern treatments can compete with lasers, specifically carbon dioxide lasers and pulsed dye lasers, both of which can affect positive changes with just a handful of treatments.

Which Treatment Should You Use?

laser scar treatmentThe treatment that you should use is going to be based upon the type of skin that you have, the type of scarring that you have, and whether or not you have an aversion to pain.

If you would like to use something subtle that is not going to be very painful, yet will take several months or years in order to see positive effects, you should consider using the 9 old scar removal treatments that were first mentioned.

If you would prefer having almost instantaneous results, sometimes taking up to several weeks, then you should consider using dermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser treatments for hypertrophic scars, and punch hole incisions or collagen injections for atrophic scars that are recessed into the skin. The most painful ones tend to be the chemical peels or laser treatments, depending upon how much of the top layer of the skin is removed with each session.

Some of the more modern lasers are so effective that there is very little pain involved at all, yet they are the most expensive treatments to use. If you are not able to afford treatments that can produce results so quickly, then avoid the 9 modern treatments and use the ones that have been utilized for centuries by people all over the world.

By assessing the type of scarring that you have, your pain tolerance, and also what you can afford, it’s very easy to use treatments that were available then and now for the elimination of the scars that you are dealing with on your skin.

old scar treatmentThis is an overview of the different types of scar treatment that have been available for centuries, as well as the most effective ones that are being used today.

When looking at these 18 new and old treatments for scars that are available now, and were available way back then, you can see that you have plenty of options.

Your ability to eliminate your scars is only limited by the choices that you make which are based on the amount of money you can spend and how much time you have to get results.

Getting rid of scars is much easier than ever before, and by using a combination of older treatments, and modern ones, you will likely be able to have the confidence to where your shorts out in public again, or not worry about any of the scars that are on your skin, by using these treatments that work.


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