Pediatric Skincare: What is the Best Scar Treatment for Kids?


playful childrenMost children are playful and active. They love running around and simply having fun.

Sometimes, they lose focus on what is around them. As a result, they trip over or bump on objects, which often result in small wounds.

The body can heal these wounds and of course, leave scars. However, scars in children are not the same as adults.

Children’s skin is far better in healing, compared to adults. They have the ability to heal wounds without even leaving a mark as they grow up. The thing is that it is not always the same for every child. There are those that form scars that will only fade, but not disappear, especially from deep wounds. In this case, the use of methods to help in treating scars would be a good option.

Parents do not want to see scars in their children, so most of them are on the lookout for products and treatments. Parents can choose from many options, but not all of them might help. Because of this, it is important to know the best scar treatment for kids.

Understanding Scar Formation in Children

child skin woundAs mentioned, children’s skin heals better than adult’s skin does. Since children are still in the process of growing up, their skin is getting plenty of nutrition.

Moreover, their skin needs to keep up with the growth of other body parts, which means the skin is creating healthy skin cells faster.

This is why when they get a wound, their body can easily heal the wound and the scar formation will not stay forever.

However, they may have fast healing, but their skin is not that strong. Their skin is sensitive, which is why infants and toddlers often have rashes. Most of all, they cannot stay long under direct sunlight. Sunlight also causes problems in scar formation, which results in slower or poor healing.

What is the Best Scar Treatment for Kids?

For infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, experts often say to let time take its course. If you still want to use products to speed up the healing process, you may do so, but you should be careful on what treatment you choose. After all, their skin is sensitive and choosing the wrong one might cause problems.

scar creamAn affordable option would be using scar creams for children. Mederma for Kids is a good example for today’s best treatment for children’s scars.

This cream has components that treat a child’s scars effectively, yet in a delicate way. This product is best for children ages two to twelve years of age. With regular use for eight weeks, the scar will no longer be visible without close inspection.

However, you should remember that it might not work for all. Some people’s skin does not react the same way as others. Because of this, there is a chance that the scars of your child might not disappear. In this case, you can always return the product and receive a refund.

Vitamin E Oil and cocoa butter are also effective treatment for kid’s scars. They are affordable and they are safe to use. You can apply the oil or butter directly in your child’s scar two times a day. It will take several days to a few weeks before you see an improvement.

You can buy products that have these as ingredients. However, be sure that they do not have other components that are harsh for children. Moreover, it is best to choose products that serve as sunscreens. As mentioned, sunlight affects the wound’s healing. If the wound or scar tissue has protection against the sun, the healing process will go smoothly.

 silicone gelsUsing silicone gels or sheets is also safe for children. These sheets and gels serve as domes above the scar to allow it heal faster and better.

It simply provides an optimal environment for the scar to heal without adding chemicals to your child’s skin.

Other Methods for Treating Children’s Scars

You can still help in proper scar formation even without buying products. One way of doing so is keeping the skin around the scar moisturized. You should also avoid picking off scabs, since this can slow down the healing process and injure the skin more, which will result to a scar that is far harder to treat. Lastly, be sure that your child has a healthy diet because good nutrition enhances the body’s ability to heal.

Laser surgery and other scar revision treatments are also options even for children. However, you should consider this as a last resort because of the risks. It is also better to let the scar heal and fade first, and only have the surgery when the child is a teenager.

scarIn treating your child’s scars, you can count on the best scar treatment for kids. Nevertheless, it is better to prevent scars from forming in the first place, rather than dealing with them.

This is why as a parent or guardian, you need to keep an eye on your children to keep them safe and secure from any harm or injuries. Through that, you and your children will have nothing to worry about when it comes to injuries and scarring.


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