Removing Scar Marks with Cream

Everybody faces difficulty while dealing with scar marks. These marks are caused due to various reasons and may either be scary in appearance or may have a minimal effect on the skin. When the scar marks appear on the less exposed areas of the skin like underarms, chest or stomach, which can be covered easily with clothes, it does not affect a person very much. The main problem arises when these marks appear on the face, hands or other revealed areas that cannot generally be covered up and are quite scary in appearance. At such a point of time, the people suffering these marks have to go through a lot of mental turmoil and disturbance.

One must remember that it is not impossible to get rid of these acne marks. There are various treatments available in the market which claims to remove these marks entirely. It is better to understand the causes of these scars before choosing the treatment. Scars are generally caused by various reasons. Scars may be caused due to over aggressive healing process. At such a time, even if the actual injury recedes, the scar mark marks remain. These kinds of scars are commonly called Keloid Scars and they tend to exceed the injury mark thereby deepening the scar marks. Keloid Scars appear in dark red color and gets developed from Collagen that is produced by the wound. Keloid Scar can happen up to one year from the period of the injury and hence their effects cannot be seen instantly. These scars are quite difficult to remove and one needs to undergo treatments like surgery and injections to get rid of it.

Contractures scars take place when the skin is lost or damaged in an accident. Skin burning causes contracture scars that do not only look scary, but also affect the skin tissues and nerves inside the human body. Another kind of scar is the Hypertrophic scar. This scar is not as harmful as keloids and affects only the area that is injured. But unlike Keloid, that can occur in a span of a year; these scars will start surfacing within some weeks. One another kind of scar is the acne scar. This is one of the most common kinds of scar that is caused due to the eruption of acne and therefore based on the kind of acne one is suffering from, the treatment should be done.

As already mentioned, there are many treatments that can help to get rid of scars. Treatments like steroid injections, cryotherapy, pressure therapy, skin graft, skin flap, Z-plasty or tissue expansions are just some of the listed treatments out of many. The positive side of these treatments is that they give guaranteed results and are quite helpful in reducing the pain and inflammation quickly, but the flip side is that there is a huge cost involved in all these processes and therefore not everybody can use them. It is, therefore recommended by doctors and skin specialists to first use prescription drugs and creams to see whether the scars can be removed or not any only when they fail, one should go with the other treatments.

Face is the most exposed area of the human body, and no matter what you do, it is not possible to hide the scar marks from this area. The area around the skin is quite sensitive and requires treatments that are not too harsh for the skin. The best treatment for this area therefore is to use scar creams. Scar creams for faces are quite in demand nowadays and are being used by millions of people around the world. These creams can either be bought over the counter of drug stores or can be bought when recommended by doctors. While buying these creams one must remember certain facts. If the creams have been recommended by doctors or surgeons post surgery, then these precautions are not required to be taken, but if you are buying them just on an experimentation basis, first ensure that the following list of precautions are taken and then go for it:· Make sure to buy a cream from a reputable brand. There are various companies coming up with cheap products in order to lure the customers. But those creams do not undergo medical examination and therefore no doctor’s approval is taken before placing them in the market. Since the product is going to be applied on the face, a very sensitive area, there can be more damage than benefit. It is, therefore always recommended to go look for a quality product rather that a cheap but harmful cream.· Sometimes, creams are recommended by doctors for some specific problems. It means a cream recommended by doctor for your acne scar should never be used by you for treating other scar marks, say Contractures scars or otherwise it can severely affect the skin.

One can look for certain ingredients while looking for a proper and useful scar removing cream for face. Silicone in gel form is recommended by major number of doctors as an effective treatment against scars. The silicone helps to soften the area with scar thereby reducing its impact and is also very effective for Keloid scars. Cream that contains pure onion extracts can also be used to remove the scar marks,. Onion has natural anti-inflammatory property that makes it a popular ingredient to remove the red marks. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, derived from fruits like sugar cane and oranges is also quite effective in removing the scar marks.

Hydroquinone combined with glycolic acid can also reduce the scar marks and help to exfoliate the skin eroding the dead cells away and bleaching the skin. One should look for these ingredients while looking for a proper and effective Scar creams for face.

Scar creams for face are the best possible method to get rid of the scary scars that have been there on your face for long and had been haunting you all this while. With these creams, you will slowly and gradually be able to remove the scar marks and get your lost face back. Do remember to follow all the instructions of the doctors before applying it and see the difference in a couple of months.