Repair your Skin with Scar Cream

The scars are the most unpleasant reminder for someone who had suffered from injuries. When skin is injured, a self healing technique produces a permanent patch of skin over the wounds. Special cells known as fibroplasts produces a natural protein called collagen which helps our skin to heal the wound. Collagen also exists in normal skin but in a scarred skin they are numerous and unorganized. This causes the scars to look discolored and ugly.

Scars are the biggest regret for the acne sufferers. They are like double punishment for those who had gone through acne problems in the past. Although the scars fades over time but it may take years for it to disappear from your skin. Fading of scars is a slow process in which the scars gradually change their color and shape. But it is possible for us to fasten up the process with the help of a scar cream. It is validated by science that scar creams often act as an anti-inflammatory substance that can combat with the over-production of collagen in a scarred skin. They need to be applied consistently over several months to produce their effect. These sacrs cream contains silicon which helps us to get rid of the scars. According to reports, silicon covering over scars produces a static electricity which helps to reorganize the collagen fibres and thereby reducing its size to a considerable extent. Silicon is also proved to be a moisture trapping agent which causes the scars to fade. The scar creams also contain alpha hydroxy acids which helps us to remove the unwanted dead skin cells over the scars. They minimizes the appearance of scars and also helps to remove aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.
Now that you know all about scars, I would be answering some frequently asked question inorder to provide you with the appropriate information about scars-

1. Will it work for both old and new scars?

Most of scar creams are clinically tested to work in any type of scars irrespective of its age, size and shape. But for new scars the creams should be applied after the healing process is completed. The skin should not have any open area before the application of these creams. Although the old scars are tough to combat with, some scar creams are effective enough to deal with them. This requires consistent application of the cream to the scarrred area. Old scars can be very annoying. So patience is required for the scars to disappear from the skin.

2. What are the benefits of using scar creams?

There are a large list of benefits. They are as follows-

1. Least or no side-effects- The treatment of scars involving scar creams, do not have any major side-effect. This is the safest, easiest and the most efficient technique to get rid of the unpleasant scars from your beautiful face. Other treatments like surgeries have numerous side-effects which could be a great threat for someone in future. Laser treatment and steroid injection could make the situation more critical and should not be done without dermatologist’s recommendation. There are a number of scar creams available in the market which guarantees you with their no-sideeffect formulae. It is because of this factor that these creams are so popular and widely-used in the treatment of scarred skin.

2. Brighter skin- Scar creams contain naturally regenerative agent to reduce the color mismatch of the scars. This provides you with a much brighter skin tone after the disappearance of the scars. These creams also contains moisturiziers which help you to maintain a healthy skin for youself. It also hepls to improve the skin texture.

3. Fast approach- The treatment of scars with the help of these scar creams is a very fast and easy approach. Some of these creams also contain Parmitoyl tri-peptile 3 which has a high tissue growth rate factor to boost up the healing process to a large extent. Also a seaweed known as homeostatine, influences the metabolism rate of the cells which helps to recover a scar-free skin. Anti-oxidants like alpha lipoic acids helps to combat with future skin damage. They also contains vitamin c which helps to organize the uneven disribution of collagen on the scars. Application of the scar creams on a regular basis, as recommended by dermatologists helps to get rid of the scars quickly.

4. Covers a large area of application- All these creams come with either a gel-based solution or a like normal skin creams. It covers a large area of application over our body. So it does not matter where the scars are located or how large they are in size and shape, these skin creams will deal with same efficency and effectiveness. The creams could easily spread over a large area and operate with the scars to make them vanish after a period of application.

How to apply these creams on the scars?

There are a number of product from different brands available in the market. Choosing the right one among them, needs time and knowledge about each one ofthem. Consult your dermatologist who might help you in choosing the best one which will suit your needs. Most of the scar creams should be applied two times daily on a clean skin. Wash your face with water to eliminate dirt from skin pores before applying these creams. A small quantity of scar cream should be gently applied onto the skin. New scars requires an application of 2 to 3 times a day for atleast 8 weeks, while the old scars requires these creams to be applied for approximately 6 months on a regular basis. After applying the cream, wait for the skin to rest for 15 minutes before applying make up or sunscreen lotions. The scar creams should be applied in the proper way inorder to achieve the expected result.

Are these creams safe for children or pregnent women?

Most of the scar creams nowadays are safe for children and pregnent women. But before these creams are applied, dermatological advice is recommended. This might help you to avoid any accidents involving the usage. In case irritation happens after application of any of such products, discontinue its use and consult a doctor immediately.

The treatment of scars with scar creams is the most inexpensive and effective technique to get rid of the scars. It is a fast and easy-to-use process to reduce the appearance of any type of keloid or hypertrophic scars. There are several scar creams available in the market. Choose the one which is best-suited for you and get rid of the scars to fulfill your desire of a much brighter looking skin.