Mederma Scar Gel

mederma scar gel

Price: As low as $21

The SPF 30 helps, and if you can look past the reports of excessive itching, Mederma Scar Cream delivers noticeable, if not dramatic reduction of the scars you want to erase.

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Mederma Scar Cream + SPF 30

An All in One Skin Care System

Mederma Scar Cream has what no other scar removal cream does—SPF 30. So your scars are well protected from the harsh, damaging rays of the sun. By now, you already know that the sun can cause serious damage, or worse, to your skin. But when it comes to scars, the sun is even more of a threat because the skin on and around your scar is especially vulnerable to UV rays that can make scars look worse and cause even greater damage. It will also make your scar even more noticeable which is something you are trying to avoid.

Mederma Review

Consumer Rating: 7/10 Cost (6 Month Supply): $21/Jar
Results: Good Ingredients: Good
Product Type: Gel Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 21 Days Customer Service:Good
Full Results: 90 Days+ Guarantee: 56 Days

Mederma Product Features:

Mederma Scar Cream has features that have made it very popular with customers who are trying to get rid of their scars. Some of those features are:

    • Works on both old and new scars
    • Can be used for scars no matter what they were a result of
    • Uses a proprietary botanical extract known as Cepalin
    • Number one recommended scar removal cream by doctors and pharmacists
    • Easy to purchase at local pharmacies or drug stores

mederma scar gelMost people believe that scars that are old can never have their appearance minimized. But that is not the case—especially with Mederma Scar Cream. Even if your scars are a result of acne from your teen years or an accident you were in many years ago, this product will work just as good on those scars as they will on a scar that recently developed. And it does not matter how or why your scar was formed. This product works on acne scars, burn scars, scars that are a result of surgery or injury, or from serious cuts that resulted in a scar. It works the same on all types of scars.

The reason this product works as well as it does is because the company uses a special botanical extract called Cepalin which is easy to use, smells good and has been shown to be highly effective in reducing discoloration of scars as well as improving the softness, texture and overall appearance of your scar. Because of this fact and its tremendous effect on fading your scars, it has been given the title as the number one scar removal cream by doctors and pharmacists who see firsthand from customers how well the product has worked—not to mention the SPF 30 that also serves as a sunscreen.

What is so nice about this product is that customers do not have to order it from a special website or go hunting near and far to find it. Most major chain pharmacies or drugstores have this product already stocked on their shelves.

What Buyers Like About Mederma:

Customers are raving about Mederma Scar Cream and continue to go back for more. Some of these reasons are:

    • The product works so well as a scar removal cream and a sunscreen
    • It is inexpensive
    • It was highly recommended by their doctor and/or pharmacist

Most people do not have the benefit of using a scar removal cream that also doubles as a sunscreen. In fact, most people do not even apply sunscreen on a regular basis which can have a negative impact on their scars not to mention their skin. But customers loved that when they applied this cream, they got a two-for-one benefit and did not have to worry about applying a second product. The fact that the cream was inexpensive (less than twenty dollars at most retailers) made it easy to purchase and continue to purchase when needed. Finally, because most pharmacists and doctors recommended it, customers had a good feeling about using the product.

One customer not only loved the product, but she also loved the online reminder tool that would let her know when it was time to apply the cream. Since it had to be used three times a day to get the maximum benefits, she did not always remember if she was out and about. She carried her cream with her and got notifications on her Smartphone letting her know when it was time to apply it.

Another customer could not believe how inexpensive this great product was given how well it worked. She had spent hundreds of dollars on more expensive scar removal creams that did not work and was shocked that such a cheap option could work so well.

A woman with scars from having chicken pox as a child was afraid nothing could be done about them since they were decades old. But on a whim, she saw this cream on her drugstore shelf and decided to try it. She could not stop staring at herself in the mirror when she saw just a few weeks later how faded her scars were and how much they had minimized in their appearance.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product

A few customers were not as pleased with Mederma Scar Cream. Their comments were:

    • It did not work as well as they thought it would on their scars
    • They had an adverse reaction to the cream

For some people, their scars did not fade as much as they had hoped. Of course, there will always be some people who do not respond to a product as well as others. This is also why some had experienced some minor adverse reactions to using the cream like redness or mild irritation. People with sensitive skin or whose skin composition does not react well with the product’s ingredients will have a more difficult time than others.

One customer loved the price of the cream and purchased multiple tubes of it, but her scars did not seem to fade the way she had hoped. As she had only opened one of the three tubes, she was at least able to return the other two that were not opened.

Another customer developed some redness and itchiness where the cream had been applied and had to stop using it. She spoke to her doctor who advised her to discontinue using the cream. He had informed her beforehand that her sensitive skin may cause her to have a reaction and she did.

A buyer of the product only noticed a slight difference in the way her scars looked after using it for a month. Although she was not overwhelmed by the difference, it was still a bit better than what it had looked like prior to using the cream.

My Personal Recommendation:

Why invest in two separate creams—one for scar removal and one for sun protection—when you can have both in just one small tube of cream? Mederma Scar Cream + SPF 30 is a revolutionary product that offers maximum skin protection while minimizing the appearance of your scars.


Mederma Scar Gel

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  • Joseph says:

    For long time I have scars on my face. So far, I can understand sunrays caused this spots, as I need to go outside frequently. It is really appreciating that Mederma Scar Cream remove the old scars.

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