Rejuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream Review

rejuveness scar scream

Price: $79.95

Consumers said it was greasy and didn't do much for their scarring either. And with no discounts to speak of or clinical proof that it even works, you can do better than Rejuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream.

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Rejuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream

is No Match For Serious Scarring

Consumers who buy scar reduction products aren’t a difficult group to understand. They want a product that’s safe, easy to use, explains how it works and provides something that passes for science behind results you can see. If it delivers fast results, that’s a bonus, but visible results are non-negotiable.

Strange that many scar removal creams don’t grasp this basic logic. And Rejuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream, though it gets points for a 90 day money-back guarantee, just doesn’t get it.

If you buy a car, the concept is you can drive it, right?

Though it’s not a total write-off, Rejuveness Scar Cream did not deliver visible reduction of scarring to the clients who tried it and wrote in with their experiences. Greasy, and with no discounts, you can certainly do better.

Rejuveness Hyper Heal Review

Consumer Rating: 5/10 Cost: $79.95/Bottle
Results: Poor Ingredients: Poor
Product Type: Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 30 Days Customer Service: Below Average
Full Results: 90+ Days Guarantee: 90 Days

Rejuveness Hyper Heal Product Features:

Rejuveness Scar Cream does at least understand the niche it’s in and the competition it faces. To that end, it promises the basics, including:

    • Collagen production
    • Fast absorption
    • Treatment for most kinds of scars
    • 90 day money-back guarantee

rejuveness scar screamCollagen production is at the foundation for any scar reduction cream. After all, it’s what keeps skin looking young, plump and able to bounce back from trauma. The caveat here is that too much collagen is the guilty culprit in raised scarring. Therefore, a scar reduction cream needs to strike a delicate balance between collagen Type I & Type III. Rejuveness doesn’t clarify this important distinction.

Rejuveness also claims the product is quickly absorbed into the skin and is not greasy. There are conflicting reports with this. Some said it was quickly absorbed, but most consumers said it lingered on their skin and felt like vaseline. That was a major gripe for some.

The 90 day money-back guarantee was nice because many consumers used it to swap Rejuveness Hyper Heal for a scar cream that delivered better reduction of scarring.

What Buyers Like About Rejuveness Hyper Heal:

Rejuveness Hyper Heal Cream had a few sporadic positive reports, which included

    • Free shipping in US on orders over $75
    • The ninety-day money-back guarantee

At fifty bucks for a 17 gram (0.7 ounce) tube of Hyper Heal, the product is neither cheap nor exorbitantly expensive. Clients liked that if they bought the larger tube, at 54 grams (1.9 ounces), Rejuveness covered shipping costs within the United States.

One woman who recently had knee surgery did not like the scar that was quickly developing on her knee and down her leg where the incision was made. She used the product immediately after surgery once she got her doctor’s approval and reported a slight improvement thanks to Rejuveness Hyper Heal.

Another customer and mom of a two-year old used it on the child’s chin after a bad fall had left him with a scar. She did not want her son to be left with this reminder throughout his life. And true enough, she claims his scar is less visible now than it was before, though she spent over $450 on a six month supply of Rejuveness for these modest results.

A man tried Rejuveness Hyper Heal to reduce a scar he’d developed as a teen ager. And in a rare positive report for Rejuveness, he says that it’s less noticeable these days.

Many customers were also pleased with the 90 day money-back guarantee. With so many reports of clients returning the product, I give Rejuveness credit for the relatively painless return process for the full three months.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product

The biggest issue with Rejuveness Hyper Heal was a lack of visible results. Clients just didn’t see them with Hyper Heal. Problems included:

    • The product did not work for their scars
    • Greasy consistency
    • No discounts
    • Lack of clinical proof

Biggest issue first. Little to no reduction of scarring is not a good thing when you buy a scar removal cream. Yet sadly, this was a common issue with Rejuveness Hyper Heal. One woman bought it to reduce her acne scars, another to get rid of scarring from surgery, still another bought it for injury-related scars. The common denominator? Rejuveness Hyper Heal didn’t reduce their scarring.

Another problem – that lack of discount packaging. Eighty dollars is a lot to put out for an ineffective scar removal cream, and clients used more of it when they saw no results in their attempt to expedite some form of results. No results, or very modest at best, with costs that often eclipsed the $500 mark for a seven month supply. A new mother did just that as she tried to get rid of her surgical scarring. The cost had a major impact on her household budget.

Many clients said Hyper Heal was greasy. One woman writes in that she tried Rejuveness to reduce scars she’d worn since her childhood bout with chickenpox, yet the product did not absorb and remained a constant bother, with no scar reduction to show for it.

The lack of clinical proof didn’t help either. Some consumers took a chance on Rejuveness Hyper Heal yet expressed frustration when, on seeing no reduction after two to four months, claimed they’d no longer use a scar removal cream without studies to prove that it worked.

My Personal Recommendation:

While it’s not the worst scar remover, Rejuveness Hyper Heal doesn’t scream value either. The product is greasy and is basically akin to putting vaseline on your scar, with vaseline having a better chance of scar reduction than this tube of lard. Nope.Rejuveness Hyper Heal Scar Cream

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  • Jason says:

    I am skeptical about products of this type as a whole. I am firm disbeliever that there is a solution to scars that only involves a product. From my personal experience scars can only be treated (not fully) while they are recent. Once they form, removing them with a product is near impossible.

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