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scar fx

Price: 34.95

Would you pay twenty-two bucks for a band-aid? Fifty Bucks? A hundred and twenty? Now add an additional cream from a company that doesn't even know how its products work. No results and no respect.

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Scar FX is an Epic Fail

You could reduce your scarring with a proven scar removal cream like Dermefface FX7 that works with the skin’s natural 28 day regeneration process and shows impressive results. Or you could blow anywhere from $22 to $120 for a band-aid proffered to you as silicone sheeting. If that’s the case be ready to add more products and wait for nothing to happen. And also, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you. Real cheap, honest.

Scar FX Review

Consumer Rating: 2.5/10 Cost: $21.95-129.95/Sheet
Results: Terrible Ingredients: Terrible
Product Type: Patch Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 30+ Days Customer Service: Below Average
Full Results: 90+ Days Guarantee: Credit Only

Scar FX Product Features:

Scar FX isn’t a scar cream, per se. Nope, it’s a band-aid, er, pardon me, a silicone sheet placed over your scar that delivers “optimal results” when used with another product from the Scar Heal stable, Scar Esthetique.

In other words, it’s a lame excuse to charge you more money. The company claims that Scar FX:

    • Works on hypertrophic and keloid scars—two of the most severe types of scars
    • Is based on the high grade medical silicone
    • Delivers results in just a few days of use
    • No reports of a scar returning after using the product

scar fxHypertrophic and keloid scars are the most severe types of scars that you can have. They are usually non-elastic, harder and have a feeling of tightness in the skin. These types of scars are usually discolored (red or purple) as well as being raised and thick. Stick a band-aid over’em and they’ll mysteriously go away, right? Well, not according to the many clients who wrote and said it’s a crock.

Don’t mistake my cynicism for Scar FX with contempt for taking risks. Scar Heal stepped out on a limb with the whole silicone sheeting theme and took a chance that it might work. Scar Heal isn’t the only company to use silicone sheeting either. Nor is it the first to tack on that whole “best results with another product from our line up”.

The problem is that it’s manipulative. Scar FX, and silicone sheeting in general, doesn’t reduce scarring. They claim it does, and they’ve thrown some pictures on their website to prove it, but no respectable clinical study in the last five years shows any half decent success with silicone sheeting. There are no links to these studies and even the company doesn’t know how its product works! They offer two theories how it works though. That’s really comforting.

What Buyers Like About Scar FX:

Customers bought Scar FX on the novelty of the technology and the promise that silicone sheeting would actually do something. You know, like, reduce scarring? Their positive praise included

    • Clinical studies behind the product
    • Before and after pictures on the website

Many clients were lured into the Scar FX trap with a series of clinical studies referenced on its website and before and after pictures. The silicone sheeting sounded sexy too. Add it up and most clients bought Scar FX because they believed it was a new, effective and cutting edge scar technology. If it worked, even better.

Their “liberal” return policy was nice as well. Scar Heal claims they have the best guarantee in the business, meaning if Scar FX doesn’t deliver, why dog gone it, you can return it at anytime and receive a full refund minus shipping and handling! That was the icing on the cake for one woman, with scarring from surgery, who bought into the silicone sheeting promise. She wasn’t happy with the results, and got that refund…in the form of a company credit.

Another customer had spent hundreds of dollars trying every scar removal treatment she could find. She bought Scar FX on the premiss of the clinical studies cited on the website and before and after pictures. No links to the studies, they’re all old and Scar FX doesn’t even explain how it reduces scarring, but they did the trick for this client and got her purchase.

A man bought Scar FX on seeing the graphic images of the product’s success with keloid scarring. No results, of course, but the images made a compelling case.

What Buyers Do Not Like About the Product

Dear Scar Heal, just how does Scar FX reduce scarring?

Well, you’ll have to look deep – real deep – into the company’s website, but eventually, if you go to their FAQ section, you’ll get this response: “continual, consistent use of the product reduces the scarred area. Clinical studies are available that explain in more detail how this process works.”

Clients who used Scar FX saw no difference in their scarring. They felt disappointed, exploited and, to be honest, angry. Their feedback was overwhelmingly negative, including:

    • No reduction of scarring
    • Manipulative marketing
    • Refunds were credit only
    • A confusing website
    • Uncaring customer service

First of all, Scar FX delivered no reduction in visible scarring. Countless customers, men and women of all ages, with scars from burns, surgery and injury, among others, tried Scar FX but nothing happened. Most of them used it with Scar Esthetique, yet no difference.

One customer did not like wearing the silicone sheet for the eight to twelve hours even if it was while she slept. She found it annoying and cumbersome on her cheek while she slept although it may have been less intrusive had her scar been on a different part of her body.

A man with surgical scarring bought Scar FX on the belief that it was, as the company claims, approved by dermatologists. On seeing no difference after use of Scar FX for two months, he contacted the company to vent his frustration was met with indifference. This from a company that is currently soliciting “new accounts” from surgeons to sponsor their products. You’ve gotta love that.

Now, about that money-back guarantee – it’s company credit only. One woman wrote in that she tried both Scar FX and Scar Esthetique believing that she could return them at any time. And she could…for another product from the company. She wasn’t alone either. Scar Heal’s “liberal” refund policy was a major source of frustration.

Finally, that website. Aside from the fact it looks like a quick design by a webmaster with a raging hangover, many clients found it confusing. When visitors arrived, it was unclear whether their scar reduction product was a cream, a silicone sheet or a little of both. If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, the folks at Scar Heal are seriously lost.

My Personal Recommendation:

Sorry, but this is a money grab. There’s no other way to describe Scar FX other than a large band-aid marketed as a scar removal system that delivers “optimal” results when you add further useless products from Scar Heal’s line up. Even then your scars won’t be less visible. Avoid.Scar FX

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