Scar Cream Treatment: The Facts and the Various Options

People may want to consider having scar cream treatment when they have scars they want to hide or conceal. Scars may not be dangerous or risky for their health, but they can really affect the appearance and also people’s self confidence. When people have scars, they tend to be shy or embarrassed about it and it can really affect their self confidence. That’s why lots of people are trying to come up with the right treatment to remove the scars – for good, if possible.

Reasons for Scarring

Scars on the skin can happen for several reasons. First, it may happen because the skin is stretched too far, way beyond its natural capability, so there will be stretch marks or purple-ish and reddish marks on the skin. Most people would neglect such marks, but overtime, they will start developing consciousness about the marks’ existence, leading to self confidence reduction. Second, the skin may be injured or wounded. It is possible that the wound is too deep or the skin is too traumatized by the injury so it has difficult time to completely heal and recover to its original state. When the skin has lost its natural ability to recover, then people may need another support and assistance to cover up the scars. That’s when the scar cream treatment comes to view. They can choose to have traditional healing method or the modern one.

Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

People are free to choose whether they want to try modern method or the traditional one. if they are thinking about using modern method – like supplements or topical creams that are available in the market – they can always purchase. But keep in mind that the products should have the right substance like vitamin E or aloe vera that is believed to rejuvenate the skin condition right away. Vitamin E has been used as skin moisturizer since the 1922s. Besides being used as the main ingredients in skin care products, vitamin E is also believed to help treating scars. Most of the products are available in capsule form, which can be applied on the skin right away. Furthermore, scar cream treatment products with aloe vera are also believed to help treating the scars since aloe vera has this soothing effect that would reduce inflammation and infection. When applied on scarred skin, the important nutrients and antioxidants from the aloe vera can seep into the skin and repair the broken tissues and cells.

Vitamin E is also believed to have its own benefits. The vitamin may not be able to change the appearance of the scars right away, but it can slowly and gradually fix the appearance, especially when the vitamin E is applied regularly on daily basis. The roughness caused by the scars and the skin wrinkles due to the wound or injury can be reduced. In short, vitamin E can improve the appearance of the skin greatly – although it may take a while. When people are able to find skin care products with vitamin E and aloe vera as the main ingredients, they can be sure that their skin condition will be protected and improved. However, some people may have sensitive skin and if they use the vitamin E, they will start experiencing skin irritation. They may develop rash and itchiness, which can be annoying although it is not dangerous. In case people develop skin irritation after they apply the vitamin E on their skin, they need to immediately apply cold compress and medication for the anti itch to prevent redness.

Modern vs Traditional Creams

There are lots of scar cream treatment products available for purchase out there. People can always find the right creams from drugstores or from regular skin care products that can conceal the scars. However, they need to be really sure that the products are safe for them and the products are made of safe and natural substance. They may also have allergies or infection test first before deciding on purchasing a particular item.

If they find out that modern creams are too risky, they can always try the traditional method. They can always make home remedies scar cream treatment that is certainly safer and more natural. Here are some methods that they can try:

  • If they have fresh wounds on the skin, apply aloe vera immediately on the skin to prevent scar formation. Aloe vera will soothe the pain and the inflammation, and they don’t have to worry about having scars anymore.
  • They can make combination of rose water and sandalwood paste. Apply the paste onto the skin and let it overnight. Do this over and over until the scars diminishes in appearance.
  • Apply lavender oil essential oil on the skin twice a day with cotton ball. It should help making the scars go away.
  • Mix black gram and sandalwood powdery paste. Leave the mixture on the skin overnight. It should help the skin to recover soon enough.
  • Mix rose water, lime juice, and fuller’s earth. Apply it on the skin, massage it gently, and wait for it to dry. Once it is dry, apply another paste. After 10 minutes, cleanse it off thoroughly with cold water.

Prevention Methods

When people want to prevent having scars, there are several things they can do when they have wounds or injuries on the skin:

  • Keep the skin moisturized and clean. By keeping the skin clean and moisturized, not only it will prevent scars development, it will also prevent the possibility of infection. So the skin will stay healthy and intact. Healthy skin will have less possibility of developing scars.
  • Apply the scar cream for prevention on daily basis. By applying the cream, the possibility of scarring will be reduced.
  • Protect the skin from the sun. The sun ray will make the scars apparent because it will make the skin darker. That’s why it is better to protect the skin from the sun.

If people are able to do these steps, they don’t need to worry about scar cream treatment procedures anymore as their skin will remain clear, healthy, and flawless.