Scar Creams and Related Scar Treatments


Different types of scar creams are available for any type of scar treatments that a person might seek. There is nothing that bothers us more than a huge, ugly scar somewhere on our body where everyone is able to see it.

There are all types of scar creams on the market for fading scars. In fact, there seems to be quite an industry of creams, plus other types of healing products for the removal or fading of scars, including some that are quite old and ugly. Many of these products for the removal of scars work quite well and help the scars to fade over time.

Scar Cream and Benefits

Pharmacological scar cream is a recent advancement in scar management technology, combined with other new technologies. A major factor with these creams being successful is the fact that the cream stimulates production of collagenase that is an enzyme in the body that eliminates and digests the tissue of the scar. Benefits of these creams include:

  • Non-invasive and all natural home therapy
  • Ingredients of high quality at a cost that is low
  • Promotes healing of scars that is permanent
  • Eradicates any pain or itching of scars
  • Greaseless and easily absorbed

This cream fades scars no matter how big or how old the scars are.

Benefits of Scar Cream Treatment Kits

ReJuveness scar kits combine Hyper Heal scar cream and silicone sheeting into a regimen to use daily. Both of these products encourage the healing process naturally in various ways and offer the best way to remove scars. These kits come with both non-adhesive and self-adhesive sheets of silicone. Benefits of these kits include:

  • Smoothes, flattens, and softens any scars that are raised
  • Non-invasive treatment at home
  • Healing of the scars is permanent
  • Less costly than other methods

This kit costs less and works as well as spa treatments.

Derma Rolling for Skin Conditions

Derma rolling or micro-needling of the skin is a common procedure that is cosmetic and treats many conditions of the skin, on both women and men by motivating both elastin and collagen production. It is effective for all types of scars, especially for those that are hard to heal such as acne scars, atrophic white scarring and stretch marks. The benefits consist of:

  • Results are similar to chemical peels, laser treatment and derm-abrasion but at only a fraction of the cost
  • Hyper Heal scar healing has greatly improved effectiveness
  • Home treatment with no side effects as well as fast recovery

Derma rollers consist of Titanium alloy needles.

Derma Stamps

This is a form of skin micro-needling and is a common cosmetic process that is increasingly being used for the treatment of many conditions of the skin by stimulating elastin and collagen production. This stamp is directly applied to the skin, with the needles penetrating the skin pores straight-down, but they do not rotate into place like the roller does. This has the same effects as the derma roller, but with much less pain and it works well for the locations that are very hard to treat using a roller.

The benefits of derma stamps are as follows:

  • Improves all acne type scars including raised, pitted, and discoloured scars
  • Anti-aging treatment that improves skin that is aged, with fine lines and wrinkles
  • Results are similar to chemical peels, laser treatment as well as dermabrasion at just a fraction of the cost
  • Improves greatly the effectiveness of topically applied skincare products, with no side effects and recovery that is quick. Just another product in the arsenal of products for fading and healing skin scars.

Medical Tape

The speciality product of Rejuveness is the medical tape that is designed specifically for scar healing with silicone sheeting. Options for additional tapes are used with ReJuveness silicone sheeting or when holding bandages in place is needed. The benefits include that it gently pulls from skin; is hypoallergenic, pliable and soft and can be worn while showering. This is an excellent tape to help with the skin scar healing.

Hyper Heal Scar Cream is some of the best creams on the market and its breakthrough cermide technology quickly repairs scars and restores the skin to its natural color and texture. With older scars, however, it is important to be patient. Scars that are old can take longer to heal – sometimes up to 6 months.

Keloids treatment also takes longer to begin flattening but when that starts it continues rather dramatically and does not reoccur. ReJueveness also has a scar conditioning cream that works wonders, especially when used in conjunction with silicone sheeting. This scar cream is safe to use on young children.



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