Scar Creams: Do They Really Work To Fade Acne Scars?

Having acne scars can be very frustrating. Therefore, people who have had acne before especially those teenagers should be treated fairly when it comes to acne scar treatments. One of the very first options that most people may opt to consider to fade acne scars is by applying topical solutions which are available in creams, fluids, serums, gels, mists and some other forms of solutions. But in this article, the main topic that is going to be reviewed will mainly focus on scar creams; what are its indications, directions for usage, what are some of its main ingredients and if they really work. Continue reading and know more about scar creams.

It’s quite easy to distinguish scar creams from other topical solutions. If it’s white, then it must be a cream. But it’s not necessary that scar cream should be white in color; it is just that most creams that are available in the market nowadays are commonly white. Some other topical solutions such as fluids, serums, gels and mists are usually colorless which makes scar creams very easy to recognize.

Most scar creams don’t indicate in their labels that creams are not intended for those people who have oily skin. If scar cream manufacturers do that, their products won’t probably sell. But you ought to know the fact that any topical solution in cream form can only aggravate oily skin which makes your skin to be even more prone to breakouts. This is another reason why topical solutions come in several forms because the product that you should use has to match your skin type. Just as some people have oily skin, some people also have dry skin, combination of both and sensitive skin. Let’s just say that scar creams are more appropriate for those people who have dry and sensitive skin.

Most scar creams which claims to fade acne scars include directions for proper usage. However, most people easily disregard these directions and tend to never read them at all. Alright, you know that all you have to do is to apply it on your face, but do you know when is the best time to apply scar cream and how are you suppose to apply it? It will be very essential for you to know these kinds of things to maximize the effects of the product.

It’s advisable to use a scar cream right after you have taken a bath or washed your face. You face is still damp by that moment and your pores are still open so it’s easier for the ingredients to penetrate the skin through transdermal absorption. Apply it directly on the affected area and use small round gentle strokes. Stop until the skin absorbs the cream or until the cream is evenly spread on your face. You should also keep in mind that you are not allowed to put a scar cream to open lesions made by your acne. It’s best to wait until it completely heals and that’s the time you can put scar cream to safely fade acne scars.

Aside from the indications and directions, it’s very important also for you to know about the main ingredients of most scar creams in the market today. Typically, you can just buy scar creams over-the-counter as physician’s prescription is not really necessary. But you have to be very careful when buying those products. Look for the labels such as ‘clinically proven safe and effective’ and ‘dermatologist tested’ and some other indications that the product is safe to use.

The most common ingredient among scar creams nowadays is AHA or alpha hydoxy acids. Scar creams with AHA are safe for personal use at certain level of concentration like 7% to 10%. But most dermatologists usually use AHA in higher levels of concentration. However, the ones that the experts use are not sold over-the-counter for it requires thorough supervision before, during and after application. When using scar creams with AHA, it’s very important that you must never overdo the application so you will not end up blaming the product. The proper way of applying scar cream with AHA is once a day and gradually increasing on the succeeding days. Keep in mind about the intervals of application as well. Some scar creams will require several days while others require a week or two before you can use them again. Stinging effects and burning sensation are just normal for these are the indications that the product is taking effect.

Another common ingredient among scar creams that are said to fade acne scars is glycolic acid which is milder than AHA. Its purpose is very similar to AHA and that is to literally remove the upper layer of the skin and eventually encourage the skin to grow better skin tissues. The effects of glycolic acid are very superficial so they are just good for those people who don’t really suffer from severe scarring brought about by acne.

The next special ingredient is hydroquinone. Although peeling is the best option, you might also consider skin bleaching or whitening as complementary treatment. Scars appear darker in color compared to your normal skin tone. For that, products with skin lightening properties can help to fade acne scars as it helps even out the color of the scar until they blend with your normal skin tone.

Onion extract which contains cepalin is another popular ingredient among scar creams. This natural ingredients doesn’t really have whitening or peeling properties but is has anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties which effectively reduce redness of the scar while keeping it soft and moisturized.

The last but definitely not that least ingredients are the so called skin vitamins namely: vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. All of these vitamins if combined together can help to fade acne scars because of their healing and whitening effects to the skin. Those vitamins can also improve the health condition of the skin and provide protection against harmful free radicals present in the environment which can worsen the appearance of acne scars.

Do scar creams help to fade acne scars? The final verdict is definitely an enormous ‘Yes!’. Most scar creams which claim to fade acne scars work provided that you also know how to properly use them. It is highly recommended not to buy too cheap products; however, too expensive ones do not necessarily mean that they are more effective either. Settle for one which price is in the middle of the road. Ensure that the scar cream you bought is from a reputable manufacturer or distributor to avoid imitated and forfeited products which can only cause adversarial effects to the skin.