Scar Creams Make it Easy to Remove Scars


The ability to remove scars, both medically and through home treatment, has come a long way from where it was years ago. In decades past, treatment of scars may have been limited to applying cosmetics to cover the wound, or simply wearing clothing that hid the mark. New chemicals and techniques, however, have given new hope to those who seek scar healing.

The development of over-the-counter medications that are safe enough to be used by the average person means that scars can be treated in the privacy of one’s home. Doctors, meanwhile, are developing new techniques to remove scars that, while not ready for home use, are proving to be very effective.

How the scar removal process approached will depend on the type of scar, the extent and size of the scar and how the scar was formed. Often, injuries may be deeper than they appear and affect more than just the surface of the skin, requiring treatment from a physician.

How Are Scars Formed?

Scars can result from a number of sources, including accidents and medical procedures. How a scar is created plays a role in how the scar is treated when determining how to get rid of scars. The severity of an injury (the depth, the body part affected, etc.) will also play a role in how attempts are made to eliminate scars.

Cuts resulting from falls or other accidents

Medical procedures such as surgery

Skin conditions such as acne

In addition to these situations, scars can also be created by burns, both minor and severe. Understanding how a scar was formed is one of the major steps in treating a scar and how doctors get rid of scars. Scars can take on different forms, shapes and configurations based on the origin of the scar, the location on the body, and the person who has the injury – their gender, age and even race. This makes efforts to remove scars far from a one-size-fits-all process.

Medical Treatments to Remove Scars

Advances in science have resulted in a number of new ways to eliminate scars, even those scars that have been on the body for years. In the past, acquiring a scar meant something that would be a part of the body for life, and efforts to remove scars were few.

But as new technologies have been developed, it is now possible to reduce the appearance of a scar and even leave only the faintest trace that a scar has ever existed.

Doctor-prescribed antibiotics

Laser surgery

Plastic surgery

Injections of fillers that raise the area around the scar

Medicine injections including steroids

In addition to these approaches to treating scars, other scars treatments also include procedures to actually remove the scar itself and graft new skin on the area. Consult with your physician to find out which procedure is best for the type of scar you possess.

His diagnosis on how to remove scars will include the origin of your scar, the extent of the scar and location of the scar itself.

Home Treatment to Remove Scars

For scars that are not that severe, there are several home treatments that exist to make it possible for people to remove scars themselves. Many of the home treatments do a great job at reducing the appearance of minor scars, rather than those caused by burns or severe cuts. They involve items that are easily available at your local store to items that you might have in your home right now.

Many of these methods to remove scars are based on folk remedies that have been proven effective by scientists.

Gels and creams that are available over-the-counter

Aloe vera, a natural healer that is best applied when the scar is new

Onion extract, which is actually an active ingredient in many over-the-counter products used to remove scars

Honey, particularly raw honey, which contains a strong antibiotic

For scars that are small and relatively minor, these home remedies can help prevent them from developing into noticeable marks that become permanent. A few of them are perfect for individuals who strive to live an all-natural life style since they utilize the healing properties of naturally-grown or produced items.

Disfiguring scars don’t have to be a permanent part of your body or life. New techniques for both hospital and home use are making it possible to remove scars from your life forever.


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