Scar Gel Fact and Fiction


There are a lot of myths regarding scar gel and its ability to reduce scar tissue. Some of these myths are actually harmful to your health. It is important to understand the facts surrounding these products.

Most importantly, it is necessary to do a lot of research into the subject. There are so many brands and active ingredients to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision. Reviews, information found on product websites, and information provided to you by your doctor are all required to make an informed decision. These gels can work, but you must put forth the effort.

Scar Gel Myths


There are several myths surrounding the use of a scar gel. The following statements are usually submitted as fact, when in truth there is little to them.

  • The right gels can eliminate scars completely

  • Scar gel can be used from the first day after a wound or stitches are incurred

  • Vitamin E reduces scar appearance

  • Cocoa butter and aloe vera reduce scar appearance

  • All gel strips are created equal

If you are aiming to eliminate your scar completely, you can forget it. A bad wound or stitches will leave a scar. However, you can minimize the appearance of that scar through effective treatment. You never want to use scar gel before a wound is completely closed, as this can cause infections.

Vitamin E, cocoa butter and aloe vera in gels will not help your scar, and gels containing these ingredients should be avoided. Vitamin E can actually cause irritation to the skin that will make scars worse instead of better. Finally, keep in mind that not all gel strips are created equally, even if they have the same active ingredients. It is important to use a gel strip that is breathable. Otherwise you open yourself up to the possibility of bacterial or fungal infections.

Scar Gel Facts


There are also facts about scar gel that are often overlooked or misunderstood by those with scars.

  • The wrong gel can make scar tissue worse

  • The right gel can minimize scarring, and if used early enough can make them nearly undetectable

  • Wound care is vitally important to how much a scar shows, even with treatment

  • Gels are sometimes better than cream for scars because of the silicone element that protects the new tissue rather than just treating it

Gels that contain vitamin E or other harsh skin irritants can actually make scarring worse. However, if you use the right gel with the right ingredients and protect the area, you will have excellent results. At the same time, minimizing scarring actually begins with wound care, not with treatment of the scar itself.

 Proper wound care will ensure that the skin closes naturally and completely, and that no infection exists to make the scar worse. It is important to protect your scars from the sun and other elements while they heal to minimize the appearance of the scar. Gel alone will not do the trick. You have to protect it using strips or at least sun block.

Researching Products


When you are looking for scar gel to use to minimize the appearance of your scars, you will have to do quite a bit of research to find the right product. You should obtain a list of all active ingredients, and ensure that none of them are skin irritants. Any Keloid treatment that contains skin irritants or vitamin E should be dismissed and not considered.

Likewise, any treatment that touts claims listed in the myths section should be strictly avoided. Particularly avoid products that claim to completely eliminate scarring. This is simply not possible, and products that make these claims are selling you something that does not exist. Likely their product does not work at all.

When researching products, you need to look for scar cream reviews to help you determine the best methods and products to try. Don’t make a decision based off of one good or bad review. Look at many reviews and form an opinion of your own. You should also get reviews from several different sites. Sites that only provide reviews of one product are usually biased. Instead, look for review websites that review several different products.

Your decision should also be based off of the facts surrounding the ingredients used by the product and their claims. You can also research the claims made by the products by looking up information about each active ingredient. If the information you find matches up with the claims made by the product, it may be worth giving it a try. Largely, however, this process is about trial and error. You may purchase several gels before you find the best scar cream for you.

Talking with Your Doctor


Another source of information on scar gel treatments is your doctor. Do not discount his or her advice and recommendations. Many people avoid asking their doctor for recommendations for scar treatments because they believe that the doctor will only suggest products for which he is paid to promote. However, this is often not the case. Your doctor will likely offer recommendations of several different products that you can try. He or she should also be able to provide you with a list of likely active ingredients that will help reduce your scarring. This way you have something to go off of rather than researching from scratch.

When you have done your research and are ready to purchase a product, run your decision by your doctor to see what they say about it. They may have heard good or bad things about the product. Let them know why you think the product is the right one for you, and tell them all of the active ingredients. From that information your doctor should be able to tell you if the gel you chose is going to work well for you or not.

Again, remember that this is sometimes trial and error. If the first scar gel you use does not seem to be helping, try another rather than giving up.


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