Scar Healing For Your Self Esteem

Scars can serve as unique representations and reminders of major events in our lives. Some of us even choose to wear them as badges of honor and use them as visual reminders of experiences we’ve been though. For me personally, the scar on my left cheek serves as a daily reminder of the time I saved my wife from a knife wielding mugger and it is something I am proud of. Men look much tougher with a scar on their face, or so my wife tells me. Speaking from personal experience, scar healing can sometimes be a painful process though. I tried a number of treatments through the years to help shrink my scar and make it not as noticeable. Some of these treatments helped and others were just a complete waste of time and money. In retrospect, I should have spent more time doing my own independent research instead of jumping on the first product I read about or saw in a store that said it would provide miracle results.

Although I’m proud of my scar, I completely understand why some people work tirelessly to have their scars removed entirely. After I received a huge gash in my face, I endured months of surgeries and painful treatments to try and heal the wound. Don’t get me wrong, my doctors did an amazing job but I was still left with a painful three inch gash running from my cheek to my jaw. Today though, with advances in medical technology and increased access to online research and support groups, many people have decided to explore new treatment options to heal their scars. Many of these treatments are not only easy enough to be done at home by those of us with no medical experience; they are also now available at a fraction of the cost of expensive surgeries.

Current Treatments for Scar Healing

Anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection can quickly and easily begin conducting research on a variety of available methods to assist in scar healing. Before beginning any type of treatment, I would advise you to consult with your physician and do your own independent research by reading objective product reviews and scouring the online forums discussing scar treatment. Some of the most common treatments that have gained wide spread popularity lately include using lotions infused with cocoa butter and vitamin E cream, exfoliation with skin stripping acids, the use of silicone sheeting, and steroid injections.

Inexpensive lotions containing vitamin E and cocoa butter are proving to be one of the most effective methods to assist in scar treatment. They work by enhancing the elasticity of your skin and assisting your body with naturally healing the affected area. Any health food store, supermarket or drug store has several top brands to choose from and all at a very reasonable price. The only downside to this type of therapy is that the lotions must be applied daily and multiple times a day to work effectively.

In addition to lotions, a technique that is also proving effective in scar treatment is deep tissue exfoliation with hydroxyl acids which aid in the removal of dead skin tissue. Although this treatment must be done by a licensed professional, it is typically offered in some form at your local spa and is usually affordable enough for the average person to have multiple sessions done throughout the year.

Recently, silicone gel treatments (also known as silicone sheeting) have emerged as popular alternatives to some of the techniques listed above. In fact, many recent studies have shown that silicone sheeting may be one of the most effective forms of scar treatment on the market today. Unfortunately, the sheeting can be a bit difficult to use for the untrained individual and is not well suited for use in facial scars. However, by wearing the sheeting for several hours a day for a couple of months, most people report positive healing results.

Another method discussed here is known as steroid injections. Steroid injections work by injecting hormones and steroids under the skin to facilitate the growth of healthy cells to replace the skin affected by scarring. Many users of this type of therapy report that their scars shrunk dramatically after just a few sessions. Just like deep tissue exfoliation, this type of procedure must also be supervised and administered by a professional in the health industry due to the potential for complications if done incorrectly. Current rates for steroid injections are extremely affordable.

In addition to the above mentioned techniques, there is a growing community who subscribe to the use of natural herbs to aid in scar treatment. Some of the more popular herbs and plants include Aloe Vera, tea tree oil and green tea extract. These natural herbs have been used for centuries throughout the world to promote healthy skin. Aloe Vera specifically is even widely used in the United States as a safe and natural treatment for severe sunburns.

Improve Your Self Image with Scar Healing

The mental anguish that a painful scar, especially one on the face, causes many people can alter their lives. Fear of being seen in public, social anxiety and depression are all common symptoms those of us who have scars of some type on our bodies experience. For many, a scar can serve as a mental reminder of a traumatic event or experience and, therefore, the removal of the scar is a top priority. However, for others, like me, a scar can remind us of an important life event that we are proud of. Despite my pride in my actions in the event leading up to my scar, I have still tried many of the procedures mentioned above to reduce the size and pain associated with it. While it is probably not possible to completely remove a scar without surgery, the myriad of treatments listed above are available to assist with scar healing. Now there is now no need to suffer in silence.

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