What You Need to Know About Scar Healing


Scars found in our bodies are just the patch of the fibrous tissue which is formed to substitute an injured normal tissue while one heals. Any injury to a skin tissue may result from surgery, accidents or other skin conditions such as acne. The scar tissue layers are more inferior in quality as compared to the normal tissues and have different operations from the latter.

Mild scars often take a long time to disappear on their own. However, in case you have a big scar on an observable body part, then you may feel uncomfortable with its presence. Hence, individual seek scar healing solutions. Use of scar removal creams remains the simplest and safest method of scar healing. They are also cheaper compared to surgery and do work appropriately; though after a long time. They have the ability to effectively heal minor and major scars. The following paragraphs describe scar healing creams for various parts of the body.

Scar Healing Creams for Different Body Parts

For the Face

The creams used to heal scars majorly depend on the position of the scar. A scar on the face would for instance be removed by a cream with different properties and qualities from that meant for the body. Many facial scars often occur as a result of acne. A face cream is not as strong as a body cream. Creams containing alpha hydroxyl acids function as an abrasive which helps in peeling off the skin’s top rough layer and exposing that smooth underlying skin. Thus, they help lighten acne marks. Most of the creams used to remove the acne scars usually have antibacterial characteristics thus helping in the eradication of acne’s root cause. The cream needs to be gently rubbed over your skin till it’s completely absorbed in the skin. To remove the acne scars in a faster way, it is recommended that you use this cream twice daily; at night and in the morning. Avoid too much exposure to the sun since it delays the healing of the scar.

For the Body

Body scars need to be treated using stronger-quality creams as the scars are often larger and the body is a little bit more resilient. Therapeutic essential oil and Shea butter are the major ingredients necessary in these scar healing creams. You can apply these creams after surgery to eliminate the resulting marks. They do work well even on older scars. Carefully go through the online reviews or just read the product’s label before buying it to determine its contents.

For Dark Skin

Scars found on the dark skin have a blotchy, irregular look. This embarrasses several individuals hence they wish to eliminate it. Azelaic acid cream is a natural cream which effectively works on the scars that occur on a dark skin. It is often available under prescription and is able to promote the production of collagen in the skin. It has a better diffusion in the skin and also helps in the growth of new skin cells. You will certainly find this cream effective on your scars.


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