17 Scar Makeup Tips and Tricks to Help You Stay Active and Social


17 Scar Makeup Tips and Tricks to Help You Stay Active and Social

There are only a few skin care problems that are as frustrating as a scar that is stubborn. It seems like no matter how well you treat your skin, scars will always appear. These scars are caused by injury, acne or anything else that can damage your skin. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that you understand how to use scar makeup to hide the scars.

Only a few of us are blessed with perfect skin. Most people have to use concealers when they step out of the house to hide all the scarring marks caused by different factors. The good news is that the modern scar concealer products you find on the market work quite effectively in hiding these marks. This explains why most makeup bags will always have a cover-up or concealer, foundation and color-correcting palette. These tools are basically enough to hide the scars on your face.

This article will talk about how scars form and how you can use makeup to cover up the unsightly scars, so that you can regain your confidence and reclaim your social life while you wait for them to heal and/or fade away.

How Scars Form: Understand Your Skin’s Healing Process

scarringTo better understand how to use make up to cover your scars, it is important to first understand how scars are formed.

Scars are a natural part of the body, and they appear when your skin is healing after an injury. They are the result of a biological repair process of the skin and other tissues in the body. Most wounds on the skin will result in some form of scarring. Scars can be as the result of acne, surgery, accidents and different skin conditions.

When the deep thick layer of the skin, or the dermis is damaged, the body forms collagen fibers. Collagen is a natural protein in the body that is used to repair damages. When the collagen is done with the repair, the area that was previously damaged will have a different texture and will look different from the surrounding skin.

There are different scars and while most will be pale and flat, some are raised as a result of too much collagen produced for repair. Some scars can appear as though the skin is stretched. These types of scars appear when there are growth spurts or during pregnancy.

The good thing is that most scars can be treated or their appearance can be improved. Most people who have scars in visible places, such as the face might be stressed, especially if the scar alters their appearance.

Caring for Your Skin: Tips and Tricks to Use Scar Makeup to Cover Scars

If you are dealing with acne or other scars on your face, you must have thought about covering them with makeup. Scar makeup cover up may seem like a basic process but there are a few tricks that you can use to hide the scars better.

The following are some of the easiest tips that you can follow for a great look.

1. Concealing Your Scars Starts with Proper Skincare

your faceIn all circumstances, prevention is always better than the cure. Before looking at how to hide or treat scars, it is important to understand why taking care of your skin is crucial. Your face is an important part of your body, because this is your identity. Always use safe products to avoid skin damages that might result in scars.

Though taking care of your skin is important, pimples and blemishes might be unavoidable. To reduce the effect of these elements, you should clean and moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Clean it in the morning before applying your makeup and then use it after removing your makeup in the evening. Keep in mind that only using a cleanser is not enough, because it will only clean the makeup and not the dirt and bacteria that might be left on your skin.

The biggest element of skincare is the careful selection of skincare products. If you are applying something that is not suitable for your skin, you may end up having to face drastic consequences. In one research study, scientists found that the use of inappropriate skincare products for the treatment of acne is one of the leading causes of acne leaving behind permanent scars.

Here are some tips that can help you choose skincare products that are best for your skin:

  • Understand Your Skin’s pH: What should and what should not make it to your skin is largely determined by your skin’s pH. You should always look out for products with pH closer to that of your skin. However, if you are unsure about your skin pH, products falling within the pH range of seven to eight are generally safe to use.
  • Understand the Sensitivity Level of Your Skin: What works for others is not necessarily meant to work for you, too. Likewise, products that are absolutely safe for other might turn out be disastrous for you. Therefore, it is important that you determine your skin’s sensitivity before applying anything. An easy way to do that is to perform a skin spot test.To perform that test, wash your hand thoroughly with tap water. Take a small amount of the product you want to use and apply it on the back of your hand. Wait for half an hour before washing off the product. Look out for signs of redness, itching or swelling. If that’s the case, the product is not safe for you and should be avoided.
  • Live a Healthy Life: Your skin is like a mirror that reflects your overall health. To keep it healthy, make sure you:
    • Eat a balanced diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, fresh juices and lean meat.
    • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water daily.
    • Keep away from pollutants, contaminants and processed items.
    • Talk to your doctor if you suspect of a medical condition.

2. Getting Ready the Right Way: Prepare Your Skin Before Applying Makeup

It is important to apply the makeup to a clean and moisturized skin. When you apply makeup on moisturized and clean skin, the makeup will stay longer and enhance your appearance. After you clean and moisturize, use a makeup primer to enhance the staying power of makeup. Primers have silicone bases which help in filling lines and enhance the skin’s evenness. This process will make sure your makeup lasts longer.

3. Priming Your Face: How to Apply Your Foundation

The best way to conceal scars, especially those caused by acne, is to first apply the foundation before the concealer. As you will find out, applying the foundation after the concealer will rub off some of the concealers, especially if you are using a sponge or brush. To save yourself the time and the products, just start with the concealer.

4. Match Your Complexion: Going for the Right Concealer Color

Choosing a concealer that is not in line with your complexion will only make the scars stand out. You might want to consider a concealer color that will match your natural skin. If there is no exact match, a shade lighter is the best option. You should never choose a shade darker because it will not work well in hiding the scars.

5. Less is Best: Avoid Too Much Concealer

concealerIf you apply too much scar concealer, the makeup might look too cakey or it might make the scars more visible. Always apply just enough concealer on the area you want to cover and spread a light layer. While you can add more, removing what you have already applied can be a difficult affair.

6. Wash Your Hands: How to Use Your Fingertips to Apply the Concealer

You might want to use creamy concealers because they will be warmed up by the fingers making the application easier. The concealer is best applied using the ring finger because it applies the right amount of pressure. Use light but quick tapping motions that will evenly spread the concealer. As you do this, make sure your hands are clean.

7. Fight the Shine: Reasons to Use Powder to Set the Concealer

Use powder to set the concealer for ultimate staying power and enhanced concealment. The powder will allow the makeup to stay in place and hold throughout the day. Before you start applying the powder, make sure you are done with the foundation and concealer blend. When you apply the powder, everything you applied will be there to stay.

8. Color Smarts: Why Green Will Always Cancel Red

If you have a blemish that is red in color, try concealing it with green concealers before you use the regular concealer. When green and red are combined equally, they cancel each other out because they are complementary colors. You will only need a small amount of green because you do not want to have green spots. If there are greenish spots, use a foundation of regular concealer on these spots.

9. A Blank Canvas: Reasons to Try Using a Toner

scars on your faceThough there are debates about the use of toners, you can use them to cover scars on your face. The toner helps in eliminating residue left by the cleanser. This will give you a clean slate that will be perfect for the application of the scar makeup cover up. A small amount of toner on a cotton ball will work just fine.

10. Hydration Heaven: Always Moisturize Inside and Out

It might seem like a lot of work to wash your face and use the toner only to apply the facial cream. In case you do not moisturize, there will be more sebum production or oil and this will make things worse. Massage your face gently using a lightweight moisturizer and allow it to soak for some time before you start applying the scar concealer.

You will not have the flat and smoothed scars discolored or redness that compromises your look. The moisturizing will penetrate deep and this will get rid of the itchiness or flakiness that leads to damaged skin. This is why you should always keep your skin moisturized. You can help your body stay hydrated, which will make your skin look plumper and fresher by drinking lots of fresh water throughout your day.

11. Scar Creams: Do They Really Work?

Yes, some do – and some don’t, so be sure to read the reviews on them. You might even have come across those commercials advertising scar creams. These creams are designed to help in the breaking of scar tissues and reducing the appearance of the scar. You should use a little of the cream every night prior to going to bed. Though the cream will not work overnight, you will start seeing the results in a couple of weeks.

One such product is the Skinception Dermefface FX7. This product can help in diminishing acne scars, burn scars, injury scars and chicken pox scars. According to the results indicated on the Dermefface website, this product has the potential to eliminate or reduce the appearance of the scars. The site claims that the results will start showing in just four weeks depending on the type of your scar.

acne scarsDermefface FX7 has ingredients which are clinically proven. It contains 10 potent antioxidants and five super moisturizers. These ingredients will reduce the scars by quickening the healing process through the remodeling phase. The product will help in pushing the scarred cells to the top of the skin where they are sloughed away. With the use of this product, the scarred cells will be replaced by normal cells and this will eventually get rid of the scar or reduce its size.

12. Consistency Counts: How to Stick to your Routine

As much as you want to get rid of the scars, you should follow a daily skincare routine, even if the scars seem to have disappeared. The first point here is to take care of your skin. When your scars start to get less noticeable, you should not forget about the intense care you were giving your skin. Always ensure that you wash your face every day and use products that are safe. This will ensure that you do not get new breakouts that might lead to scars.

13. Avoid the Cake: Layer Up Lightly

When you have already put on the foundation and the concealer and you still require more scar cover up, you should layer up. Keep in mind that there are always lines that should never be crossed because you will end up looking cakey. You should just use as much as you need to cover whatever you want to conceal. After you are done, powder up to finish the look. You will notice the difference.

14. The Big Guns: Filler injections for Deeper Scars

If you are dealing with deeper scars, scar makeup might not be enough to cover the scarring. In that case, the filler injections are more permanent solutions. These injections are effective for people with indentations on their skin. The fillers are injected into the skin and this will raise the indentations to level the skin surface. You might want to get injected again once the filler wears off but they will help in keeping your skin surface level.

15. The Process of Elimination: The Quest to Find Your Perfect Scar Make Up

scars that have indentationsIt is important to get the right coverage without crossing the line that leads to the cakey look. Keep in mind that this does not work for everyone, but it is always worth a try. Some people who are dealing with scars that have indentations will see results. While some people will be happy with the cover up, some may feel and appear like they are wearing too much makeup. The best approach is to try it out and see what works for you.

16. Be a Smooth Operator: Use Silicone-Based Primers

Using silicone based primers can help in concealing indentations that come with scars, especially those that are caused by acne. This helps in smoothing the base and making it easy for you to work on it. With this primer, your foundation will not pool in the indentations. The filling up of the indentations will greatly help in concealing the scars.

Even if you have been having problems with blemishes and scars, you will easily eliminate the flaws with the primer.

17. Fighting Those Stubborn Streaks: Scar Makeup Tips and Tricks

The tips above are important in hiding the scars on your face. It is important to watch or read a scar makeup tutorial as this will help you in achieving the scar makeup effects you are looking for.

The following are some more important tips that will help you in dealing with scars and understanding how to apply, injury, acne, surgery or burn scar makeup:

    • Always be Patient: Whether you got your scar from acne, injury, burn or surgery, it is important to be patient. The injuries or scars need time to heal. The body has natural means of healing itself and this is what you should wait for.You can use the Dermefface FX7 to quicken the healing process because the product has ingredients that can help in eliminating the scarring. If the body cannot naturally heal the scar, you can start using the product and conceal the scars with scar makeup.
    • Protect Your Skin From the Sun: Exposure to the sun will not only damage your skin, it will also worsen your scars. The cells responsible for pigment production are overactive when the skin is healing. This explains why scars are darker.Sun exposure will tan the skin and this makes the scars darker. If you are planning on being under the sun for a long period, it is important to protect it with sunscreens. The sun can inhibit the skin’s immune response and this will result in improper or delayed healing.During the healing process, you want your skin to be at its best because this will result in quick healing which will encourage the growth of healthy skin. Delayed and improper healing will most probably lead to scars which will compromise your look.
    • Always Use Gentle Products: Harsh products can worsen your scars. You should, therefore, stick to gentle products that will not make your scars stand out. Choose cleansers that are mild and infused with plant extracts. There are also water-based moisturizers with ingredients such as chamomile and aloe. These will keep the scars from flaring.
    • Never Apply Makeup on Dry Skin: You have to agree that applying makeup on the dry flaky skin is just horrific. The foundation will only highlight these flakes. The foundation will sit on the flakes instead of blending with the skin. You can fix this dryness with exfoliation which will get rid of the flake and moisturizing. A smooth skin means you will have a smooth application and this will give you a great look after makeup application. You should exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This will also help in eliminating the dead skin on scars.

best for your skin

  • Experiment to Find What Scar Makeup That Works for You: There is no universal makeup application that will work for everyone. This is because people have different types of skin, different complexions and different scars. You should, therefore, experiment with different shades to find the one shade that works best for your skin and conceals your scars better.The only important thing to keep in mind is that you should choose products that are gentle to your skin. This will prevent further damage that might lead to scars. If you have a burn, an injury or a wound that is in the healing process, you might want to give it time to heal. Using Dermefface FX7 will help in quickening the healing process and this can eventually reduce or eliminate the scars.
  • Seek Professional Help: If you are dealing with a condition such as acne that is scarring your skin, stopping at the local pharmacy might not be the best solution. You might want to talk to a medical practitioner or a dermatologist for this matter. Talk to them for advice on how to eliminate the condition and how to deal with the resulting scars.It is always important to talk to a professional before you start using any new product, especially if you are prone to skin allergies or have any other skin issues. In the meantime, you can hide the scars using a scar makeup concealer.


Having to deal with facial scars can be a traumatic experience for many people. Getting rid of stubborn scars seems almost impossible, as they can take a long time to fade away. In that case, you need to get help from whatever sources possible. Scar makeup is one such strategy that gives you almost instantaneous results.

Stop missing out on life just because of a scar. Take care of your skin and find the right products and regimen to make you feel and look better. Now you can conceal your scars, and go out with heightened confidence and improved self-esteem.


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