Scar Removal and Keloid Treatment


Keloid treatment can be very challenging because the scar extends beyond the injured points. If extra care is not taken keloids can be resistant to treatment. Usually one form of treatment will not be effective. A combination of two or more will be required.

Unlike some of the other scars, keloids don’t go away by themselves. Medical treatment is needed. Surgery is the most preferred keloid treatment method. However, other methods may be used depending on the size of the keloid. Due to the delicacy of the treatment, it is important to deal with a medical doctor who has past experience in treating keloids.


Cortisone injection is an effective method of keloid treatment so therefore it is preferred by many. Other reasons why it is preferred include:

  • Simple to administer
  • Less painful
  • Has less side effects
  • It’s the fastest way to treat keloids
  • It’s safe

The injection is administered by a health professional and takes only a few minutes. It’s just an injection like the rest and thus it’s not painful. Only small amounts of steroids get into the blood stream. This makes it a safe method of scars treatment.

Keloid Treatment by Surgery

Surgery involves removal of the keloid by cutting it and detaching from the body. This can be rather risky, since cutting a keloid can lead to formation of a new one. For surgery to be effective, it’s used with other methods of keloid treatment. Advantages of surgery include:

  • Its less painful due to anesthesia
  • Gives the skin a new look
  • Cells removed can be replaced with new ones from other body parts
  • The skin can be modeled to give it its original shape

During surgery, the injured part can be filled up with cells from other parts of the body to speed up the healing process.

Laser Treatment

Keloids can be treated using lasers. However, you will need to attend several treatment sessions to heal completely. Some of the advantages include:

  • It’s safe
  • Not painful
  • Decreases the chances of the keloids recurring
  • If flattens the scar
  • Its effective

This is an efficient method for keloid treatment as it minimizes the chances of the keloids reappearing. It involves the use of rays which makes it less painful, as well. It’s a safe method since the side effects are minimal.

Cryotherapy Keloid Treatment

This is a method used to treat infections by using liquid Nitrogen. When exposed to liquid Nitrogen, the keloids freeze, causing them to flatten. The tissue forming the scar disintegrates. Advantages of cryotherapy include:

  • Less side effects
  • The skin color changes to normal
  • Its fast
  • Less painful

The process might be quite uncomfortable due to the cold temperatures. However it’s not painful. It’s a good way to remove scars since it has fewer side effects. The scar fades giving the skin its normal color.


This involves injecting synthesized proteins into the body so as to increase immunity. The protein antibodies fight infections thus causing the scar to decrease in size. Advantages of interferon injections as a method of keloid treatment include:

  • Fights all infections in the body
  • Less painful
  • Decreases the chances of the keloid appearing again
  • Fast

Antibodies injected into the body help to fight bacteria and other disease causing pathogens in the body. The process of injecting the antibodies is fast, less painful and safe. The associated side effects are minimal. Thus it’s a safe way to get rid of scars.

Keloids appear anywhere in the body. They can be quite embarrassing, especially when they appear on parts of our skin which are visible to other people. This can make you feel uncomfortable around others, thus, treatment is very important. Keloids don’t vanish with time like other scars.

The best scar treatment for keloids is medical intervention. Surgery is among the methods used to treat keloids. However, removal of keloids by surgery is risky. The keloid might reappear again after surgery. The scars that reappear are usually bigger and harder. Doctors usually recommend combination of surgery and injections. Injections alone can be used for treatment and are much safer and faster.

The side effects are minimal compared to surgery. Laser treatment is also an effective method of treating keloids. Many who have tried this option can confirm this. It involves application of laser beam and is thus less painful. However laser treatment is very costly. One has to attend treatment sessions every month which may last up to a year. Other methods that can be used in keloid treatment include cryotherapy and interferon injection.


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