Scar Removal Ayurveda Treatments That You Should Try


Ayurveda TreatmentThere is an ancient Hindu form of medicine that has been used for thousands of years.

Unlike modern medicine which focuses on creating pharmaceuticals in order to treat ailments in the body, they are focused on using natural treatments and herbs that can help bring balance back to the body.

There is a thought that illness is the result of a lack of balance in the body, which can pertain to hormones, diet, and your frame of mind. When everything is brought into balance, it is possible to maintain proper health, and also resolve ailments that you may have.

There is actually a treatment that is based on Ayurveda thinking that can help with scars. It actually works very well, and although it may not have the immediate results of laser treatments, dermabrasion, or some of the more popular acids that are used, it is a healthy and natural way that can produce excellent results.

Why Scars Form Instead Of Regular Skin

The reason that scar tissue forms is because it is a natural process of the body, it’s way of healing from injuries or wounds. For some reason, through the process of evolution, the exact replication of the tissue that was once there is not replaced exactly, but instead with thicker collagen fibers, and usually more melanocytes, giving them the dark appearance that most have.

Some scars are gscar on bodyoing to be flat, and this is something that you can prompt by using silicone gel pads on top of the injured area.

This allows the area of your body that has been injured to heal much more efficiently, and as a result, the scar tissue will be minimized. If too much collagen is used in the repair process, this could lead to what are called hypertrophic scars.

Also known as keloid scar tissue, they will have a raised darker appearance, something that forms more prominently on people that are younger and also those that have more pigmentation. If you have ever had acne before, and it was severe, you may have a pitted complexion.
The underlying structure of the skin, in these cases, was damaged, and therefore it has recessed beyond the surface level.

These are called atrophic scars and there is little that can be done other than using dermabrasion or lasers to slowly level out your skin so that the indentations begin to disappear.

In regard to Ayuvedic medicine, it is not possible to use the herbs and remedies to help reduce the appearance of hypertropic or atrophic scars, but you can use these ancient treatments for reducing the scars appearance, making them much lighter in color.

How To Remove Scars

hypertrophic scarWhen scar tissue forms, it is the regrowth of skin in one direction. The scar tissue can either be very light if the melanocytes were damaged, or extremely dark when too much melanin is produced.

When products like Tretinoin or hydroquinone are used, they can help lighten up scars very quickly.

Although the surface area of the scar may not change which could be something you would want to fix if you have atrophic or hypertrophic scarring. You will need to have different procedures done to bring the skin together to fix holes, common with acne scars, or reduce the excess skin that has occurred due to the healing process. In regard to Ayurveda treatments, there is one in particular that seems to work better than all of the others which we will now present.

Ayurveda Treatments For Scars

In order to treat scars with natural Ayurveda methods, one of the most highly recommended is using aloe vera. This gelatin like substance which comes from the aloe plant is used with people that have recently burn themselves, allowing the regrowth of the skin to be much more even and natural.

ScarIt can also have an effect on the appearance of scars, which is why many people will use this for scars that have been on their body for quite some time.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and can also help with the removal of dead skin cells, of which the darker material of the scars can gradually be removed with multiple applications.

Ayurveda treatments, just like all of the other natural ones that are available, are not going to produce instant results. They are designed to help with the healing process, and with scar removal, it may take several months or longer. Other natural remedies include using honey which has many positive medicinal properties, lemon juice which has been known to lighten the color of skin, and almond oil which may also be helpful.

The combination of all of these, when used together, can create dramatic results. Anyone that is apprehensive about using hydroquinone which has known side effects, might want to try this natural treatment first. Banking on the knowledge of thousands of years of medicine based on natural remedies, these Ayurveda treatments might be exactly what you need to help minimize the appearance of the scars that you have on your body.


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