Scar Removal Creams: How Effective Are They?


keloidWhether you have surgical scars, acne scars, or scars from injuries, we all know they are hard to get rid of.

Scars can affect your self-esteem and make you reluctant to show off your legs or arms during the warm weather.

It seems like scar removal cream is everywhere, but it is expensive, and you may be wondering if it really works.

These products promise to improve the look of your scars and even remove them, but what can you really expect from using scar creams? Read on to explore more about scars and scar removal creams.

What Are Scars?

Scars are the result of your body’s healing process. When you have a wound, your body needs to close it up quickly to prevent infection. Since the process is fast, your body doesn’t make the skin like it normally does.

It basically produces a quick version of your skin that looks lighter or darker than normal skin. Scars are made primarily from collagen. They don’t have hair follicles, and they are much more sensitive to light. The scar removal cream that you use depends on the type of scar.

What Are The Different Types of Scars?

Surgical scars result from wounds that have been stitched closed. They leave you with a narrow scar that has a bumpy surface. Scar removal cream can soften this type of scar.

scar removal productsKeloid scars are clusters of scar tissue that your body continues to produce even after the wound has healed.

People with darker skins are more likely to get this type of scar. They can become red and sometimes itch. They are also hard to get rid of and tend to come back.

Contracture scars are the result of burns or other injuries that damage large areas of your skin. These scars pull the skin edges together and are not good candidates for creams.

Surgery is the best option for this type of scar. Hypertrophic scars are the scars most people get from scrapes and cuts. They respond very well to scar removal products.

What Are Silicone Gel Sheets?

Silicone gel sheets have had much success in treating scars. They were originally used on burn victims and have been proven in clinical studies to soften old scars and prevent new scars from forming.

Using them speeds up the healing process and results in less visible, softer, less painful scars. The sheets keep the scar covered and prevent evaporation. When moisture is present the skin can grow back more evenly.

What About Creams?

Creams are also an effective way of treating scars. Revitol creams can improve your skin’s health and soften old scars, making them less red and visible. Creams seem to do very well on dark scars.

The creams lighten them and make them almost invisible. They also exfoliate the scar and break down the collagen.

anti scar creamCreams also work very well on acne scars. Elevated scars are more difficult to treat. The best way to treat elevated scars is cosmetic surgery.

Creams also nourish your skin with vitamins. Your scar tissue shrinks and becomes smoother.

Blood is encouraged to circulate in the area which makes your scars heal faster and makes your skin smoother.

Creams are more affordable and can help your scar blend in with the rest of your skin. They also work wonders on stretch marks. Creams are safe to use and don’t have any negative side effects.

How Do You Use Creams?

Creams take time to work. It takes about 6 weeks to see an improvement, and the best results come after one month. You also must apply them twice a day to clean skin.

They definitely require patience, but it will pay off when you see the results. There will be a definite reduction in the appearance of your scar.

Rub the cream into your scar using a circular motion. You want to make sure it penetrates deep into your skin. This will also cause your blood to circulate which helps the cream work better. Once the cream has disappeared into your skin you can stop. This takes a few minutes.

Use the cream twice a day for the best results. Usually, the results are faster with newer scars. Older scars take longer to treat. While you are treating your scars with scar removal cream, make sure to wear sunscreen when you go out. You don’t want your scars to darken from sun exposure.

mederma-1348011882_600-300x300Scar removal creams can make a big difference in the look and texture of your scars. Use it as directed, and you will definitely see some improvement.

While it is impossible to completely erase your scars, you can minimize them. Scar removal products are definitely worth a try.

You will feel great knowing that people aren’t staring at your scars, and your self-confidence will improve as a result.


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