Scar Removal Products – Which Type of Scar Gel Really Works

Millions of people have different types of scars. They may be caused by injury or accident, or even due to surgical incisions. Whatever may be the case; people see them as blemish that draws instant attention and adversely affect their overall personality. Many women also have stretch marks either due to obesity or due to pregnancy and they are quite concerned about them. As most of these marks are visible from distance, so they become quite embarrassing for them. Use of natural ingredients based scar gel or a cream can go a long way in removing these scars.

There are different types of scars. The most common ones are scrapes, scratches, burns, facial scars, acne scars and stretch marks among others. You can easily get rid of these scars by using natural remedies, creams, and gels containing natural ingredients. Although raised scars are quite difficult to remove, but still they can be minimized by using the right substance. Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of your old scars as well. The best way to get rid of scar is to treat it using a good scar gel as soon as it appears rather than waiting for it to heal by itself. Using right treatment at the right time can get you the desired results.

So when it comes to removing scars, what are the options available to you?

Dietary guidelines for treating scars

Vitamin E plays an important role in healing wounds. When you have injuries, you should increase the intake of vitamin E in your diet. You can get sufficient amounts of vitamin E from eggs, nuts, oilseeds, wheat germ, etc. Taking sufficient amounts of vitamin E also speeds up the healing process. Due to this, there is reduced possibility of scars remaining once injury heals. However, it is important to take vitamin E when your scars are still healing. Once your scar has formed, you won’t be able to heal it using vitamin E alone.

Vitamin C is also important for healing wounds and reducing formation of scars. Vitamin C has collagen, which is a cementing material vital for blood clotting. You can get this vitamin from sour foods, including cream. Cocoa cream is quite beneficial in treating superficial scars. Include fresh fruits and organic vegetables in your diet. Take good quantity of protein rich food for faster healing with minimal chances of scars.

Now let’s have a close look at some effective ways to remove scars:

Chemical peels – It is a process that effectively dissolves outer skin layer of skin with the help of strong chemicals. This results in new skin that is healthier and smoother. Ultimately success depends upon the kind of scarring you have and chemical peel you use. Most of the scars require strong chemical peels, and may need long recovery time, but its effects would last much longer than mild chemical peels.

Laser skin resurfacing – In this process, scarred skin cells are destroyed using a laser beam. Once this process is over, your skin will automatically replace the with healthy and new skin cells. The process is quick and would need three to four months to recover. During this time, skin has to be protected using ointment and bandage, and you should also avoid skin exposure.

Scar gel and creams – All those who are interested in less invasive, and natural approach for removing their scars can use ointments, creams, oils, lotions and gels. The success lies in looking for right ingredients in the product. If you want something within your budget and less invasive, you should consider gels and creams that can remove scars.

Before you decide which cream or scar gel is best for you, it’s important to understand what they actually do for reducing or eliminating your scars. Most of these products use natural ingredients that promote the growth of healthy skin cells that help in preventing the scars, and also make them less noticeable.

Scar gel and cream softens and smoothes out the scarred skin by reducing redness in the area and helps in blending it with the unscarred skin around it. They also reduce irritation and itching that comes with scars. Most of the ingredients promote the natural healing process and are not harmful.

Another option for reducing scars is thin silicone gel sheets. They are transparent thin, and waterproof and can be cut to fit the scarred area. They work by covered the scarred area and moisturizing it. This reduces redness and size of scar and also improves the elasticity of the skin in your scarred area.

Scar gel and creams are enriched with vitamin E and many other natural ingredients. Before using scar cream, you should consider allergies and skin sensitivity you may have. Once you find the best scar gel or cream, you should follow the directions of manufacturer and stick with it. If you have a deeper and longer scar, it may take some time for this product to work.

Some natural remedies for removing scars

Onion extract is an excellent remedy that can help in healing your scars. It’s also a popular ingredient found in many scar gels. It has good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in the healing process. Onion extract also helps in the production of collagen in the skin.

Aloe vera is a mostly used for burns, and also shows promising results in case of scars. It’s healing properties help skin in creating healthy and new skin cells thereby eliminating scars.

Honey is also a best natural remedy for treating scars. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can generate new and healthy skin tissues. Aside from that, use of local honey can also combat various environmental allergies.

Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) – It is very helpful in preventing scars. Amalki is rich in vitamin C that is necessary for cementing open wounds.

Cucumber (Curcumis sativus) – Cucumber also helps in removing scar tissues. A cucumber paste can be applied directly on the scars. This smoothens them and within few days, there will be reduction in your scars.

These are just few options available to get rid of your scars. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what’s best for you. Once the treatment is over, you’ll have beautiful and smooth skin without any scars.