Scar Removal


scar removalA scar is a mark on your skin that could either be permanent or temporary. Some of these marks will fade within a very short time while others might remain forever. Any injury that breaks the skin surface has a potential to leave a scar. It is important to take good care of these injured parts to promote healing and also to reduce visibility of the scars. There are several methods that can be used to get rid of scars. The choice of the method to use will be determined by such factors as your budget, nature of the scar and so on.

Medicated removal of scars

Some of the options in this category include microdermabrasions, liquids and creams. Most of these scar removal options are easily available on the counter or on prescription. Microdermabrasions allows for the peeling off of scar tissues thus allowing for the growth of normal skin tissues. Depending on the nature of your scars, you may require a combination of treatment options for better results. Liquids and creams serve to increase collagen levels and also in improving the elasticity of skin tissues around the scared region. This ensures that there is a healthy growth of skin tissues.

Natural methods of removing scars

Natural methods entail removing scars without engaging surgery or chemicals. If the scar is just forming, application of vitamin E could help to remove it. It should be applied two or three times a day coupled with a soft massage. Vitamin E promotes the regeneration of the skin while massage allows for growth of natural skin tissues. Vitamin E is effective in removing fresh scars and also in reducing visibility of old scars.

A mixture of baking soda and water can be used as a remedy for scars. The mixture is used to exfoliate the scarred region allowing for the peeling of scar tissues and giving way for growth of normal skin tissues. Exfoliate the scar with baking soda for two times a day and then rinse the region with clean water. After drying the area, apply olive oil to stimulate rejuvenation of healthy tissues.

Other natural scar removal remedies include Aloe Vera, tea tree oil and rose hip seed oil. Most of these natural remedies work by stimulating the growth of new healthy tissues and the wearing out of scar tissues.

Surgical methods of scar removal

Surgical procedures are usually applied on bigger scars and also those that have not responded to the other removal methods. It is important to note that surgical procedures are expensive but at the same time very effective. There are two main surgical methods that are used to treat scars. They include Pulse-Dye Laser and Immune Response Modifier (IRM). Pulse-dye laser involves the use of a high energy yellow light on the scared area. This treatment is effective in flattening some kinds of scars for example keloids and hypertrophic. This method may also be effective in controlling the itching and burning sensations that characterizes some kinds of scars. On the other hand, IRMs are used to stimulate the cytokines in the body. Stimulating cytokines helps to boost body’s immunity allowing it to effectively fight foreign elements in the body for example scars.


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